Getting native Jerusalem come Bethlehem is not as an easy as the quick distance in between the 2 cities suggests. Nonetheless, v a little preparation, the is easy and also quick, with various options available to fit every budgets and travel styles. They are simply a couple of kilometers apart, and also in fact, the 2 cities practically join together. However, accessibility between the two is minimal by the truth that Bethlehem is under Palestinian control and also therefore enntrance gate to the city requires crossing a border checkpoint. Because that this reason, we recommend do the journey by tourism or personal vehicle. There room bus services available for those who room comfortable v this option. Please keep in mind that because you are crossing through a checkpoint, passports have to be lugged at all times.

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Tours are one of the most renowned ways for travellers to take trip to the city the Jesus’s birth. With guaranteed tours departing every day, they are convenient., lock are also cost-effective and have the included bonus of being guided. You have the right to just relax and also benefit native the worth of a local overview taking you direct to the significant sites. We sell a number of an excellent tours below:

Shuttle indigenous Jerusalem to Bethlehem

Tourist shuttles room currently accessible every afternoon, leave Jerusalem at 15:30, and also leaving Bethlehem in ~ 17:30 (also dropping turn off in Tel Aviv). Perfect because that a quick visit or because that those who are searching for an overnight stay.

Private Vehicles

Because Bethlehem is part of the Palestinian Territories, it is not feasible to take a taxi there; Israelis space not allowed to enter. However, a private car can be arranged to collect you indigenous your attend to and escort you to the city of Bethlehem. Vehicles of all sizes are available (from 3-passenger car to huge buses) relying on group size, and is obtainable every day. Inspect here for transfersfrom Jerusalem come Bethlehem.

Bus native Jerusalem to Bethlehem

There is a publicly bus organization from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and two possible ways to obtain there by bus. The Palestinian bus agency operates a public heat from eastern Jerusalem Bus Station. Bus 21 is the most popular, over there is no timetable available but company is frequent. The price is about 5 NIS, and also journey time varies (there have the right to be lengthy delays as this local route does not bypass the queues at checkpoints together tourist transfer usually does).


All significant Israeli car rental companies carry out not insure their vehicles for take trip within the West Bank. Therefore, taking a rental come Bethlehem is not possible.

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