Getting from Jerusalem to Bethlehem is not as easy as the brief distance between the 2 cities argues. Nonethemuch less, via a small preparation, it is simple and quick, with miscellaneous alternatives accessible to fit all budgets and also travel formats. They are simply a couple of kilometers apart, and also in reality, the two cities practically sign up with together. However before, access in between the two is limited by the reality that Bethlehem is under Palestinian regulate and also therefore entrance to the city involves crossing a border checkallude. For this reason, we recommend making the journey by tour or exclusive automobile. There are bus services available for those that are comfortable via this option. Please note that because you are crossing with a checksuggest, passporting activities should be brought at all times.

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Tours are one of the most well-known methods for visitors to take a trip to the city of Jesus’s birth. With guaranteed tours departing every day, they are convenient., They are additionally cost-efficient and also have the added bonus of being guided. You can just relax and benefit from the worth of a regional guide taking you direct to the major sites. We sell a number of great tours below:

Shuttle from Jerusalem to Bethlehem

Tourist shuttles are currently obtainable eextremely afternoon, leaving Jerusalem at 15:30, and leaving Bethlehem at 17:30 (also dropping off in Tel Aviv). Perfect for a quick visit or for those that are searching for an overnight stay.

Private Vehicles

Since Bethlehem is component of the Palestinian Territories, it is not possible to take a taxi there; Israelis are not allowed to enter. However, a exclusive auto can be arranged to collect you from your attend to and escort you to the city of Bethlehem. Vehicles of all sizes are obtainable (from 3-passenger cars to huge buses) depending upon group size, and is accessible eincredibly day. Check right here for transfersfrom Jerusalem to Bethlehem.

Bus from Jerusalem to Bethlehem

There is a public bus service from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and also two feasible methods to gain tbelow by bus. The Palestinian bus firm operates a public line from East Jerusalem Bus Station. Bus 21 is the many famous, tright here is no timetable accessible yet business is constant. The expense is around 5 NIS, and also journey time varies (tbelow deserve to be lengthy delays as this regional course does not bypass the queues at checkpoints as tourist carry typically does).


All significant Israeli vehicle rental carriers do not insure their vehicles for travel within the West Bank. Because of this, taking a rental to Bethlehem is not feasible.

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