While Galveston beach is no the closest to the city, it’s Houston’s most famous beach destination. It’s situated on Galveston Island, which features 32mi (51km) that beautiful beaches and also enough entertainment venues and tasks to fill multiple holidays. The main beach attributes a long stretch the sandy shoreline and a promenade, however if that doesn’t take your fancy, you’re in ~ walking distance of a beach because that every kind of holidaymaker. It just takes one hour native Houston by auto to with this island paradise of countless entertainment.

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One that the smaller sized beaches in the area without entertainment venues nearby, El Jardin is a small gem – a quiet oasis far from the noise and crowds the the larger and an ext popular beaches. The perfect for world who seek peace and quiet and want to lay on a coast towel and also maybe dip your toes in the water. Take it a 40-minute journey from main Houston to truly feel like you’ve escaped the bustling city.


Situated top top 5mi (8km) of shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico, the Sea pickled in salt State Park lets you paddle, kayak and also have all sorts of funny in the relaxed waters. Girlfriend can also camp ~ above the beach at certain times that the year. It’s additionally home to countless acres that marshes, which friend can discover along the Gambusia Nature follow Boardwalk. However, the marshes’ waters are off-limits come the public because of the alligators hiding simply under the surface. A two-hour journey from central Houston leads you come this seaside gem.

Rather than nature reserves, boardwalks, hiking routes or any other extras friend can find at beaches around Houston, Sylvan coast Park provides white sand, no seaweed and calm waters. That perfect if she after an easy pleasures. It’s also the closest beach to Houston, at just a 30-minute drive away, so your escape native the city jungle is just approximately the corner.


Well well-known for that festivals and also concerts, eastern Beach is among the biggest beaches in Texas. Together it’s one of the couple of beaches that permits alcohol, it does have actually a reputation as a “party beach” and has a an excellent number of amenities, consisting of restrooms, restaurants and also bars. It’s terrific choice for anyone trying to find a an ext lively atmosphere and is an hour’s drive from main Houston.

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Stewart beach is a perfect choice for families, together alongside its broad, clean, sandy shores is a organize of facilities, such as showers, restrooms and also plenty of locations to buy food and also drinks. The patience waters and lifeguard patrols likewise ensure this is amongst the safer choices for teams with younger members. This coast is additionally located on Galveston Island.

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