One of my friends had brought a painted turtle, and also he asked me how big an aquarium have to he required to get. I said that a tortoise should have at the very least 10 gallons for every when inch the its body. Because that instance, a 12-inch red-eared slider will require at least 120-gallon tank. Then he request me how fast do paint turtles grow? ns knew the painted turtles might get up to 10 inches, but I didn’t understand how quick they grew.

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After researching through several journals and forums, I have the answer for how fast do painted turtles grow. My research led me to know that several factors played a function in how conveniently a painted turtle deserve to grow. In this article, I have tried my finest to answer that query.

How quick Do Painted turtles Grow?

If criteria like water quality, diet and environment room met, climate a captive painted turtle can grow everywhere from 2 to 4 inches in their an initial year. Climate they grow about 0.5 inches every year till they get totally developed, i.e. 5–6 inches for a male and 4-10 inches for a female.

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Stages In A Turtle’s Growth


It comes with 6000 hours lifespan and a six-month warranty. So far, I’m really happy v the product!

Swimming Space

For swim space, your painted turtle requirements at least 10 gallons that water during its infant stage. When it grow to 2 inches, friend will require a 20-gallon tank. Remember the every customs of expansion in a turtle needs an extra 10 gallons that water because that them to thrive.

So it will be a way decision to acquire a enlarge tank indigenous the start. Also, the tank requirements lengths have to be much longer than its upright height. This will offer your painted turtle a lot much more space for swimming.


Age is one more aspect that affects the growth of a painted turtle. An child turtle grows from 2 to 4 inches in a year; however, one adult painted tortoise which is sexually energetic will just grow about 0.5 inches in a year.

How to Measure your Painted Turtle?

While measure up a turtle, measure its plastron and not head or limbs. Measuring her turtle is a an excellent thing come do since it lets you recognize whether her turtle is getting enough nutrition in his diet.

Here’s just how you have to measure your painted turtle.

First, you should flip her turtle upside down. Please don’t do any sudden movement, as this will just scare her turtle and also make him anxious. If you are doing it gently, your turtle won’t hiss or bite you. Take it the measure as quickly as you can.

Have a measuring tape or range ready and also measure the from the pointer of the plastron to the bottom.While measuring, friend can likewise measure his carapace.

How To identify A Painted Turtle’s Age?

As I have mentioned earlier, period plays critical factor in determining exactly how much your turtle has grown in a particular period. An infant painted turtle grows quickly in its beforehand years, conversely, the growth rate drops considerably once that enters the adult phase.

That is why you require to determine a painted turtle’s age. Here’s just how you have the right to evaluate.

Flip her turtle upside down. Sometimes turtles gain anxious and might attack. The is why you must be quick, careful and also gentle.Check for an abdominal muscle area in its plastron. There, girlfriend will watch 8 sections. Look at for 3rd section and also this section has 2 halves.There will be rings on this halves. Counting all the rings existing in that single half.Subtract one ring from the total number of rings, and that is the age of her turtle.

You require to know that this isn’t the exact age of your turtle, but this will give you near about the actual age of her painted turtle. This method works just on the turtles in captivity and not in wild turtles as there can be a expansion spurt.

Which Painted tortoise Grows Faster? pet Painted tortoise Or Wild Painted Turtle?

The prize is, that course, a pet painted turtle. The is mainly since of two reasons, i.e. Food and also temperature.

Turtles room cold-blooded animals, and also they cannot create heat together we mammals do. That is the reason the turtle needs to hibernate throughout winter. And during the hibernation period, their growth procedure is almost at a halt.

However, pets turtles space cared for by humans, and also we love our pets so much that we carry out them with every care and preferable atmosphere for living. We use heater and also UV lamp in our tortoise tank. Therefore, castle don’t need to hibernate throughout winter, too. So, the right temperature can aid pet painted turtle grow quicker than a wild painted turtle.

Another reason for a pets painted turtle cultivation faster than wild turtle is since of food. In the wild, hunting for turtle is a herculean task, together you can tell the by how easily they move. Every fish is quicker than them, so your diet comprises mainly plants in the wild.

For pet turtles, we carry out them through meat and also feeder fish, which in the wild can have been virtually impossible for turtles to catch. This well balanced diet consisting of protein and calcium undoubtedly speeds up the process of development in a pet painted turtle when compared to a wild one.

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Final native On How rapid Do Painted tortoise Grow

Now that you’ve been aware of how fast the painted turtle grow, you need to focus on his diet and the habitation that you can create in her home. Ensuring this will make your painted turtle healthy and robust.