Thinking how to attract your youngsters from holing up in your rooms playing video games or searching the internet all day long? Well, introducing them to dust bikes might be one method of doing it!

The exhilarating thrill and also joy the a dirt bike uses is an impetus that few kids deserve to refuse. Hence, to teach them exactly how to drive one in a competent, safe, and efficient method will assist you score two advantages.

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Number one, the enhancement of a healthy regime to her child’s everyday lazy lifestyle.

And number two, the development of motor skills and safe riding instincts. That’s why, we’re gonna Coolster 70cc dust bike review, which is among the peak dirt bikes out there. Let’s uncover out if this is the best bike for your kid.

Coolster 70cc dirt Bike Review


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Provided girlfriend want safety and security cautions to be an pure maximum, I would certainly recommend you to go for the Coolster 70cc dust bike.

Aimed for 7 come 13-years-old children, this is just one of the ideal “not-so-fast” mini bikes for beginners looking front to enjoying their first few months of dirt biking experience.

Incorporated through 4-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder engine, the bikes v its 30+ MPH speed market stylishly sturdy design, stiff feather suspensions, huge wheels, and also no clutch fast kick-start comforts amongst other features.

All that which makes it an ideal companion to embark top top mud play or trace riding journeys confidently.

SPECIFICATIONSMaterial: Plastic bodyDimensions: 8″L × 24.8″ W× 32.5″HHeight up to Seat: 24.5″Fuel Type; Capacity: Gas-powered; 1 gallonWeight Load: 130 lbs max.Appropriate for: 7 come 13-year-oldsEngine Type: 70 cc 4-stroke, single-cylinder engineHorse Power: 5.5 HP or 5800 rpmSpeed: 30+ MPH (maximum 36 MPH)FEATURES

We’ll introduce you to the key features of this bike here.

1. An effective Engine

Equipped with a 70cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine, the Coolster it is provided a maximum speed of 36 miles every hour. Although no the fastest dirt bike in the industry taking a beginner’s practice right into consideration, this rate is an ext than for sure sufficient.

Still, if friend harbor some bookings for the speed then problem not! As, the claimed engine, through its lightweight and also easy come cool mechanism, makes up because that the rate by providing superior power and also acceleration dynamics.

2. North Brakes

One that the superior security features included in the bike; the steadfast and dependable north bikes offer progressed braking system. The is exactly how the large disc brakes permit the driver to sluggish down or make quick stops virtually instantaneously.

3. Brakes

Both the front air shock and the rear mono-shock suspension occupational together to administer a comfortable smooth riding experience, with least bump encounters even on the toughest terrains.

4. Quick Kick Start

The beginning system of this bicycle is adapted from the famous Honda technology. In various other words, this ensures boosted performance reliability together with a hassle-free fast kick begin to strength up easy to regulate mechanism.

5. Semi-Automatic Transmission

The dust bike is equipped with no-clutch, semi-automatic infection to facilitate the lull of shifts between gears.

There is additionally a kill-switch located conveniently ~ above the handlebar. At time of distress or accidents, this can act as a safety backup mechanism by immediately shutting down the engine.

6. Big Steel Wheels

Made the heavy-duty steel, the wheels are complemented v knobby tiers. So, enhanced in strength and balance, the all at once wheels of the bike space seen come withstand also the toughest that terrains with the smoothest of riding experiences.

THINGS ns LIKED about IT70cc powerful engine30+ MPH speedQuick kick begin mechanismKill switch for instant engine shutdown.Great bike for beginnersIdeal for dirt playThe bike come 90% assembledTHINGS ns DIDN’T LIKEUnusual gear change pattern.May no appeal to those wanting to learn actual gear shifting techniques.

Critical Analysis

From a technical suggest of view, this dirt bike can be pronounced together an adaptation the the Honda CRF50F. That course, that goes with discussing that the bike doesn’t contain any type of original Honda parts.

This resemblance to the famous brand ensures that the Coolster is equipped with above-average features and that too, there is no incurring the cost connected with optimal brand names. The only criticism that this otherwise satisfactory dust bike for youngsters remains in its equipment shift.

Instead of the traditional 1 down 3 up mechanisms, the Coolster opts for the fourth gear come go straight down and the very first gear to move all up. Currently this, as discussed before, is no a valuable enough technique to discovering actual gear shift technique that is essential for real-life driving.

Why her Child must Use this dust Bike?

This dust bike is the perfect equipment for parental looking front to encouraging your kids’ thrill-seeking sporting activities aspirations. Well, in ~ affordability, the bike’s manufacturing dedication is satisfyingly command towards safety provisions.

For example, the bikes with only 36mph top speed come v a factory-installed governor (removable) to limit the rate to 20mph. This permits room for parents to oversee and also decide the appropriate time because that their children to work-related on high speeds safely.

Inclusions of more reliable features like lightweight semi-automatic engine, low-slung seat, hydraulic and mono-shock suspensions, with each other with big tiers and also drum brakes also make the the most suitable maker to be taken on by youngsters through efficiency.

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Final Words

This bike, along with being a beginner’s overview could likewise be conveniently supplied as a transitional cycle for children who have mastered the 50cc yet are not yet prepared to take it on high powered dirt bikes.

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All in all, this 70cc dust bike is the perfect companion for youngsters to practice and improve their motor skills.