Seeing these concerns in our inbox at HOPE, us sensed a trend. Therefore many world have a bath tub of very delicious humus in your fridge, and also it’s not surprising they would certainly likely have questions around their hummus shelf life.

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There are different facets to this question, because many factors impact hummus expiration. How long you leaving it unrefrigerated will influence microbial growth. Homemade dips will differ native its store-bought cousin; yet even among store-bought brands, there have the right to be a broad variance in between hummus expiration dates. Past that, the expectation of unopened store-bought brands will certainly shorten as soon as it is opened. And last but not least, there is a difference in between how long is hummus an excellent for when opened and in the fridge vs. The freezer.

Let’s jump best in, shall we?

1. Just how long deserve to hummus be left out?

The FDA typical on just how long it can be left the end is 4 hrs at room temperature. Once the dip is left open and also unrefrigerated, that is exposed to assorted bacteria and microbes that might accelerate the spoilage, and also it does go bad if left the end for too long.. If you setup to store some for later, the is best to minimization the quantity of time the spends unrefrigerated, and try to store it cost-free of contamination.

2. How long is hummus good once opened?

For starters, homemade humus will practically always damn faster due to the fact that store-bought, i m sorry is prepared in sterile and contamination-controlled environments. Homemade arrays will typically last anywhere from 3-4 days, whereas store-bought brands typically lasts 6-7 work after opening. These approximates assume that it maintains a refrigerated temperature; together we discussed already, the shelf life of hummus is diminished greatly if it does not stay chilled.

3. In respect come brand, how long is hummus great for?

It is essential to inspect your dips’ expiration date… no one desires to be eat expired hummus! For most brands, hummus shelf life in ~ refrigerated temperature has tendency to be about 1 month indigenous purchase, offer or take a week. In shop with bigger food brand names, this is a fairly stable estimate. HOPE, which takes benefit of unique in-package High-Pressure Processing, has almost double that, through a 2-month expiration date that we achieve without utilizing heat-treating ours product or making use of unnatural preservatives.

4. Exactly how long walk hummus last in the freezer?

If you desire to considerably lengthen the shelf life of hummus, you have the right to put it in the freezer and expect the to last for up to 4 months… however only if you perform it right! the is basic to just throw that in the freezer, however you might wind up with a dryer, more tasteless emboldened if you execute it without proper technique! If you space interested in freeze it choose a pro, check out our blog top top 6 straightforward Steps to freeze Hummus for the best ways come ensure your stays tasty and also smooth.

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How long is Hummus Good? does Hummus Spoil?

As you deserve to see, there are many variables that influence exactly how long is hummus great for when opened , however the 2 biggest components are opened the package, which exposes that to more microbes; and refrigeration, the lack of which have the right to accelerate microbial growth. Clearly you are going to want to open your dip increase the moment you get it home (!!!), which will location a 6-7 day limit on exactly how long humus keeps if you monitor the basic guidelines of not letting it stay warm and keeping it totally free of undue contamination. And if you desire it come stay an excellent longer, prepare it and also pop the in the freezer for expanded life.

If you have any type of questions about our favourite dip the you’d prefer answered, send us an email or give us a call. We’d love come answer your inquiry personally, or perhaps even feature it here! and also as always, cheers and good eating!