Every pet owner knows the battle of leave a pet alone when going because that a vacation. Once trying to uncover advise virtual all you hear is ‘NEVER leave her pet alone!‘. Although that is not much away from truth with various other mammalian pets, the is no the case with hamsters.

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Of course, when we are talking a long vacation lasting 2 weeks, climate leaving her pet alone is not an option. A hamster left alone without owner’s fist can end up being untamed again. No to point out the threats of running the end of water and also food.

However, if you room going away because that a weekend, then perhaps leaving a hamster alone is not a big deal? us all understand that rental a pet sitter have the right to be quite costly. Also, you don’t desire your pet to feeling nervous approximately a brand-new person.

So, is it feasible to leave a hamster alone for a weekend?

Hamsters keep their food, therefore you can leave them unattended for a really short period of time, like a weekend. Instead of eating food all at once, hamsters ration your food. Carry out the sufficient amount of water and also you deserve to leave a hamster alone for a weekend.

In this blog write-up you will discover out what you should do before leaving a hamster alone for a weekend. Girlfriend will also learn wherein you have the right to leave your hamster when you walk on a holiday.

How come take treatment of a hamster once on vacation?

Ideally someone should come in and also check on your pet. Ask someone from her friends or family. You likewise want to make certain that her hamster is familiar with the human to avoid stress. However, if the is not possible, v the proper planning and prep you deserve to leave a hamster alone because that a weekend.

Step 1 – fill the food dish together usual

If you space going away because that a weekend, then to fill the food dish together you would usually do. Make certain NOT to include perishable foods. If the food is about to go bad, then your hamster will certainly eat it all on the very first day. Hamsters just store non-perishable food stuff.


When going away it is a great idea to fill the food dish v seeds, grains and nuts. I would personally continue to be away from putting any veggies or treats. I generally go for 1 heaped teaspoon of combined seeds, grains, nuts or hamster pellets.

Step 2 – Refill water bottles

That need to be self-explanatory. However, I would advise gaining a enlarge water bottle than usual come make certain that her pet has adequate water supply. Alternatively, you can add a second water bottle. The is no a surprise that a hamster deserve to knock end a water bottle.


Also, you need to dual check the the water party doesn’t jam up or get blocked. Top top the various other hand, a water bottle deserve to start dripping until is it totally empty. That is why the is important to have a backup water party in the cage. Be all set so the your pet continues to be safe and you can enjoy your holiday.

Step 3 – No deep cleaning before leaving

Many owner underestimate the importance of deep clean a hamster’s cage. And I am no talking about cleaning it extensively every week. It deserve to actually make the cage smell worse. Deep cleaning the cage right prior to you leave can make your pet stressed.


If you space worried that throughout the weekend your hamster will stink up the room, you are wrong. An altering the bedding is additionally not a good idea together you will certainly discard the food the your pet stores. Alternatively, you have to scatter part food inside the cage to store your pet busy.

I placed together a overview which speak you specifically what to carry out to eliminate hamster smell in your room. Prior to leaving because that a weekend I generally just point out clean the cage. The is also a good idea to use a cage liner under the bedding for leak proof protection and odor control.

Step 4 – certain the cage

I have heard numerous stories whereby hamsters regulated to escape when the owner was away. Make certain that girlfriend lock the cage before leaving. A sneaky pets can control to gain the cage open up if the is no locked. That is yes, really dangerous if her pet locks itself out of it.

A cage should likewise be secure native your other pets. It is critical that other animals can’t have access to the cage once you are away. That is why i close the door come the room whereby hamster’s cage is located. Out of all rodents hamsters are solitary animals and also prefer spending time on their own.

Where have the right to I leaving my hamster as soon as I go on holiday?Friend’s/family member’s/neighbor’s houseBoard hamster with a vet/pet shop/breeder/animal shelterHire an animal sitter

If acquisition a hamster v you because that a trip is no possible, climate the best scenario would be asking a girlfriend or a household member come come in to check on your pet. I constantly leave a note of the pet’s food, water and also bedding requirements. Also, make certain to placed down your vet’s telephone number.

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Always leave the supplies close to the cage, so these are simple to find. Instruct a human on how to clean the cage. It is likewise a good idea to demonstrate how you room doing it, for this reason they don’t lose your furry friend or make it scared. If you space going away for much less than 2 weeks, just ask them to clean the damp corners.