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Question: i stage control a local theatre"s youth conservatory in Teaneck, NJ, and also I shot to encourage actors by make them feeling as much like a Broadway cast as possible. Top top average, how long is the rehearsal procedure for musicals prior to their opening night, and also how regularly does a cast rehearse after ~ a display opens, if at all? — Jason Kooistra

A Broadway show, prefer Rome, isn"t built in a day. The writing and developing that a play or musical deserve to take years. As soon as it it s okay the green light to open up in a Broadway house, things rate up considerably. In between the very first day that rehearsal and the first preview, usually no more than a month or two pass.

lot of this schedule is dictated by the contract that exists between Actors" same Association, the stage performers" union, and the Broadway League, the producers" profession orgnanization. A common rehearsal duration for a Broadway show, said Equity spokesperson Maria Somma, is 6-8 weeks. And there room even more specific guidelines in ~ those weeks and also days. "Actors" equity Association has considerable rules negotiated into its Broadway contract through regard to rehearsals," said Somma. " because that example, throughout the rehearsal period and prior to the first paid public power ("ppp"), rehearsals execute not exceed 7 out that eight and one-half consecutive hours per day. In the last seven days leading as much as the an initial ppp, rehearsals can"t exceed 10 the end of 12 hours per day."

the course, there are exceptions. Some mirrors (usually musicals) are so complicated and ambitious the a just six-to-eight weeks won"t do. A major example is currently in rehearsal. The Julie Taymor show Spider-Man turn Off the Dark, which has music by The Edge and also Bono, recently started rehearsals, yet it won"t begin previews on Broadway until Nov. 14. Because of "the needs of the show," claimed spokesman rick Miramontez, the present will rehearse because that a full 16 weeks.

What go that average as far as equity is concerned? "A production have the right to rehearse much longer than the normal 6 to 8 weeks there is no seeking permission," stated Somma."There is a formula for earnings — if a dramatic manufacturing enters its nine week that rehearsals, then the value goes from the minimum to the contractual.For musicals principals walk from minimum to contractual value in the tenth week and also chorus earnings go to contractual in the eleventh week. Prior to those triggers, everyone makes the minimum salary."

Frequently, a present will proceed rehearsals also after beginning previews, and, sometimes, a present will rehearse also after it has actually officially opened. The former is a usual practice; particularly for shows that open up cold ~ above Broadway, through no out-of-town tryout, a item will be honed as much as feasible right as much as the minute the movie critics take their seats. The last process, of rehearsing after opening, is an ext unusual. It is generally the decision of the manager or producer, who may feel that the manufacturing still needs some tweaking, or room reacting to reviews that show the show might use improvement. Again, there are Equity dicta room such occasions.

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"There space rules describing the rehearsal hrs after a present has started performances but prior to opening night, and rules administrate costume calls, publicity, remainder periods and breaks. After a show has opened, rehearsals can"t exceed eight hrs weekly."

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