Pet turtles space popular because of exactly how easy it is to treatment for them. Among this certain family the reptiles is the yellow-bellied slider, among the most common pet turtles.

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Even though this pets are straightforward to take care of (besides your tank maintenance), you must remember the they have the right to live up to 40 years in captivity. They room a permanent commitment.

If friend are getting ready to adopt one of these turtles, here is all the you need to know about their setup and maintenance.

Quick Facts about Yellow-Bellied Slider

Species Name:Trachemys scripta scripta
Care Level:Easy
Temperature:75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit
Color Form:Yellow-bellied, green, dark shell
Lifespan:20 to 30 years
Size:8 come 13 inches
Minimum Tank Size:75 gallons
Tank Set-Up:Part terrestrial and part aquatic

Yellow-Bellied Slider Overview

Yellow-bellied sliders are closely related to other renowned turtles, like the red-eared slider. They have a native variety throughout the southeastern U.S. Yet are maintained as pets roughly the world.

These tortoise are used to a wide selection of environments due to their spread out throughout phibìc America. They space what ecologists speak to “habitat generalists.”

As a pet, lock are simple to care for because they don’t need highly specific environment specifications. Your adaptability method they carry out well in bondage as long as you accomplish their basic needs.

The most far-ranging part of this species’ ongoing maintenance is their tank. This tortoise can grow up come 13 customs long and needs lot of of space. Your minimum tank size need to be 75 gallons, and that is if you have actually only one turtle.

How much Do Yellow-Bellied Sliders Cost?

It is finest to embrace a yellow-bellied slider native a trusted breeder so girlfriend ensure the they space captive-bred. You don’t want a wild-caught slider since they aren’t likely to adapt as well to a captive environment. Lock will additionally appreciate taking care of even much less than captive-bred turtles.

On average, you deserve to expect come pay in between $10 to $20 because that a yellow-bellied hatchling slider. Adult tortoise cost much more because of the survivability rate of a hatchling. Adults cost in between $60 and also $100.

Typical behavior & Temperament

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Almost every slider turtles, consisting of the yellow-bellied slider, space diurnal turtles. That means they room most energetic during the day. That provides them an exciting reptile come watch due to the fact that there are plenty the are only nocturnal.

Turtles tend to eat best away in the morning and then spend most of the continuing to be sunlit hours basking.

It is good for brand-new turtle owners to realize that their turtle will certainly never become cuddly choose a pet puppy. When they feel threatened, they will more than likely bite. You are more likely to get a much more docile turtle as soon as you embrace a captive-bred specimen from a breeder.

Over time, girlfriend can build up your turtle’s yongin for handling. However, be mindful that they never prefer it.

Appearance & Varieties

There are numerous different kinds of sliders and even much more variety when talking around turtles in general. However, over there is just one kind of color pattern for this specific breed.

A yellow-bellied slider has an apt name due to the coloration on the bottom of their shell, dubbed the plastron. Their plastron is spanned in shining yellow and also has black spots.

The peak of this turtle’s covering is dubbed a carapace. Top top this turtle, it has a subdued color palette. It generally is black or dark brown. There could be colorful yellow markings that add further visual interest.

The actual human body of the tortoise is quite exciting as well. They have actually yellow and also black striping almost everywhere their skin, v patterns that typically meet at their nose.

This turtle’s feet are additionally engaging and demonstrate their amphibious nature. Your feet have long claws for helping lock crawl roughly on land. In ~ those, they have webbed toes the make them excellent swimmers.

Image Credit: Chikilino, Pixabay

How come Take treatment of Yellow-Bellied Slider

Habitat, Tank problems & Setup

Before you adopt a yellow-bellied slider, friend should have actually their enclosure wholly collection up and ready come go. That is the most influential component of your lives, and also without the ideal setup, they can quickly come to be quite ill.

Tank Setup

The minimum tank size for a solitary yellow-bellied slider is 75 gallons. If you intended on having more than one, friend should include at least 10 gallons to the size. They need to have actually plenty of an are to relocate around, also if they seem pretty stationary.

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You need to provide a basking dock and also plenty the clean water for her turtle. If you plan on breeding your turtle, you require to prolong their basking area to include a nesting place.