When a recipe calls because that lime juice, you much better not skip it. A tiny amount the lime juice can bring the food to the wanted balance. Thus, having a bottle of lime juice at your disposal is constantly a great idea.

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But how long walk lime juice last? fresh squeezed lime juice doesn’t have actually a lengthy shelf life for evident reasons. It must be offered within 2 to 3 days. Store-bought lime juice, top top the other hand, lasts very long – approximately 6 months past the printed date if unopened and also up to 6 come 12 months once opened and refrigerated.This write-up is all around lime juice. Whether you prefer fresh or store-bought lime juice, you will certainly learn whatever you should know around its storage conditions and also shelf life.

Table that ContentsDoes Lime Juice go Bad?How to store Lime Juice?Store-Bought Lime JuiceFreshly Squeezed Lime JuiceHow long Does Lime Juice Last?Can You freeze Lime Juice?Signs that Lime Juice has actually Gone BadCan Old Lime Juice do You Sick?

Does Lime Juice go Bad?

Naviya/Shutterstock.com A splash of lime juice bring so much freshness and lightness to dishes. The is also good in drinks. But what happens to a party of lime juice sitting in the fridge for months?

Lime juice does go bad if girlfriend don’t keep it properly. Depending upon how often you use it, you may have to think about whether it is precious buying a bottle of commercially developed lime juice or having actually a lime or 2 in the fridge will carry out the job.It must be noted, however, that store-bought lime juice lasts rather long also after gift opened. So, lock are fairly cost-efficient. Yet on the upper and lower reversal side, no store-bought juice ever before can be contrasted with freshly squeezed lime juice and its herbal intensity. Thus, if you space using lime juice only when in a while, girlfriend may take into consideration opting because that the fresh juice and buying limes rather of bottled lime juice.To amount up, yes, lime juice does walk bad, even if it is it is store-bought or fresh squeezed. The last lasts much shorter due to the lack of preservatives yet it does have actually its services too.

How to save Lime Juice?


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 Lime juice is supposed to add freshness to dishes and also enhance the flavor of the rest of the ingredient used. Because that this reason, it is important to store lime juice appropriate in bespeak to preserve the fresh of the juice itself.Depending on even if it is you buy bottled lime juice or use freshly squeezed juice, the storage conditions will contempt differ. If you are a lemon juice kind of person and have uncovered the right way of save on computer it, then you i will not ~ have any kind of issues with lime juice. The storage problems for lime juice are nearly the very same as because that lemon juice.

Store-Bought Lime Juice

Lime juice is practically always offered unrefrigerated in stores. Thus, friend don’t should store that in the refrigerator as soon as you bring it home. Keep unopened lime juice in a cool kitchen cabinet or in the pantry. The key is keeping the juice away from warm sources. Temperature fluctuations will likewise have a an adverse impact on lime juice.

It is likewise important to store lime juice in a dark place. When lime juice doesn’t usually come in translucent bottles, darker party don’t completely protect the fluid from the sun. Thus, always keep lime juice somewhere dark in order not to accelerate the destruction process.Once opened, you have to keep lime juice refrigerated. While lime juice is acidic and also often acts together a organic preservative, you should keep the refrigerated otherwise it will certainly go bad.The primary rule of keeping lime juice in the refrigerator is making sure that the bottle is tightly sealed. It is essential to minimization the call of the liquid through air otherwise the will conveniently lose its qualities.If the initial packaging the the juice is damaged, move it into one more bottle that you have the right to seal tightly.

Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice

Freshly squeezed lime juice should always be save in the fridge. Keep lime juice in a glass bottle or jar that seals tightly.While having actually fresh lime juice all set in the fridge is rather handy, we don’t introduce doing this in development as a method to save time if cooking.Homemade lime juice is ideal when it’s fresh squeezed. Additionally, it doesn’t keep nearly as long as bottled lime juice from the supermarket.So, nothing squeeze all your limes in the make the efforts of having actually a bottle of homemade lime juice in the fridge. If you have leftover lime juice, do refrigerate it to usage it within a job or two.

How long Does Lime Juice Last?


Richokphoto/Shutterstock.com Store-bought lime juice has a an extremely long shelf life. If unopened, commercially produced lime juice will last up to 6 months past the published date. The ‘Best by’ date on lime juice is merely an estimation of exactly how long it will keep its best qualities. Previous that date, the juice starts come deteriorate progressively until the becomes totally unsuitable for use.It wouldn’t be logical for commercially created lime juice come last much shorter than this together lime juice is really intense and you need to use the in very small amounts. If girlfriend don’t feeling comfortable v letting the juice sit in the refrigerator for months, buy the smallest bottles of lime juice so the you can end up them in a shorter period of time.

Opened lime juice save on computer in the fridge will be good for at least 6 months. In particular cases, friend may uncover that the juice is still an excellent even because that a year ~ it has been opened.The secret of store-bought lime juice lasting so lengthy is not only its organic acidity but likewise the fact that manufacturers include preservatives to do the juice maintain its features longer. Additionally, store-bought lime juice is typically pasteurized.Homemade lime juice is finest used in ~ 24 hours. However, it have the right to be maintained safely in the refrigerator for 2 come 3 days.Fresh limes last up to 15 job in the fridge. Thus, if you room someone that prefers homemade lime juice over store-bought citrus juices, we recommend maintaining fresh limes in the fridge rather of squeezing the juice and also keeping the in a party as an alternate to the store-bought versions.

Can You frozen Lime Juice?


mark beevers/Shutterstock.com Freezing lime juice is a great idea. When store-bought lime juice has actually a quite long shelf life and also may not require refrigeration, homemade lime juice will certainly certainly advantage from it. Freezing will certainly make fresh squeezed lime juice last as much as 4 months. The juice will store for much much longer so lengthy as the temperature in the freezer is stable. But it will keep its ideal qualities for the first few months.The most convenient way of freeze lime juice is doing that in ice cream cube trays. To water equal quantities of juice into each cube. As soon as frozen, eliminate them and transfer them right into a zip-top bag to save room in the freezer.Smaller cubes that lime juice won’t take lengthy to thaw. Additionally, castle are good for utilizing in cocktails and water.

If you understand you will be using all of the juice at once, you can freeze that in a plastic container with a tight lid. Once using a container to freeze the juice, make sure to leaving some an are between the lid and the liquid as the latter expands while freezing.Defrosted lime juice has a shelf life of 2 come 3 days. Perform not refreeze lime juice.

Signs the Lime Juice has actually Gone Bad

Cristian Zamfir/Shutterstock.com The main sign of bad lime juice is the off-odor. If the liquid smells off-putting and also not refreshing and also ‘clean’ together it should, the time for another bottle the lime juice or a new squeeze.

Moldy lime juice is a rare occasion. Yet if you happen to watch mold in the bottle through juice, discard it.People are frequently concerned about the juice changing its color and getting darker. If there room no other signs of spoilage, color transforms don’t mean that the juice is spoiled. Moreover, this is a natural process, and also not a authorize that lime juice has gone bad.As much as the odor is concerned, lime juice doesn’t necessarily must go poor in bespeak to shed its flavor qualities and also intensity. This happens gradually until the juice reaches a allude when the no much longer makes feeling to use it.So, her lime juice is great so long as there space no indicators of spoilage, and also the taste is there.

Can Old Lime Juice make You Sick?

Consuming any kind the expired or old product is not safe. If the lime juice has actually been sit in your fridge for as well long, even if it is it’s store-bought or homemade, it might be contaminated with bacteria or save on computer toxins. These can lug forth symptom of food poisoning.

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Always exercise food safety and inspect the products prior to using them, specifically if friend have had them much longer than the day on the packaging suggests.