The lot of time that takes you come cycle 20 miles depends on your health, the kind of bike you have, the course you’re riding and the eco-friendly conditions.

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Google Maps will conveniently tell you that – in mine area – to travel 20 mile by bicycle will certainly take friend 1 hour and also 48 minutes.

You shouldn’t really count on that ETA.

As per an short article I read on, Google Maps’ estimated time of come “are based upon a selection of things, depending on the data available in a certain area.

These things variety from official speed limits and also recommended speeds, most likely speeds obtained from roadway types, historical average speed data over certain time periods (sometimes simply averages, occasionally at details times that day), actual travel times indigenous previous users, and also real-time web traffic information.

They mix data indigenous whichever sources they have, and come up through the best prediction they deserve to make.”

You can see that plenty of factors add to their ETA. And also that additionally applies to just how long it will take you to cycle 20 miles.

It will certainly be identified by many factors.


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Let’s watch at several of the things I think you need to think about when make the efforts to number out exactly how long that takes to cycle 20 miles.


Your health

An crucial factor in just how long it will certainly take girlfriend to take trip 20 miles by bike is her health.

On flat terrain, the average experienced cyclist can reach 28 mph. They’re cycle a mile in simply over 2 minutes.

Add some hills and that same cyclist, on average, maintains a rate of 25 mph. Meaning it take away a little bit over 3 minutes to perform a mile.

I’m basing the information over on some fast internet study I did.

The mean person can bike in ~ a rate of around 17 mph – on a level surface. That’s 4 minute to do a mile.

If the terrain has actually hills, that average cyclist’s time have the right to drop to 7 minutes to carry out a single mile.

So, in mine opinion, it’s safe to say the healthier you room the much better you’ll do.

And because that “healthier” beginners, I would certainly argue that even if you’re in good shape – uneven you’re currently conditioned – friend shouldn’t really be assuming professional cyclist speeds just yet…


The sort of bicycle girlfriend ride

Something else to factor in, as soon as figuring out just how long the will take to bike 20 miles, is the type of bicycle you’re riding.

And in details the tires.

By the way, it’s a provided that if you’re speak an electric bicycle you will have a speed advantage over who pedaling.

In general, hybrid bikes and also road bikes are quicker than hill bikes.

On a flat route, someone who is talk a hill bike – with knobby tires – can expect to be slower 보다 someone on a hybrid bike by about 3 mph.

This is mostly because of the slim, high push tires, hybrid and road bikes tend to use.

It’s same to say the a mountain bike is heavier 보다 a hybrid or road bike, however, the extra weight just comes into play at the start.

Meaning, once you obtain going the additional weight doesn’t have actually much that an effect on your speed.

Tips for making use of a hill bike ~ above a long commute

~ If you want to use your hill bike for lengthy cycling commutes, ns recommend switching your tires come slim and slick tires that fit hill bikes.

~ You should also collection your suspension to be together stiff as feasible or lock it the end completely.

The complying with two clues are rapid to cover yet play a huge part in determining the time it bring away to big 20 miles.


Your route

The path you travel has actually a direct impact on your speed.

For example, you have the right to cover 20 mile on a straight, flat, led surface road much father than on a twisting, hilly, gravel path.

To me, that’s simply a “no-brainer” but it is worth mentioning.


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The weather conditions

Then there is the weather.

On a pretty sunny, patience day you deserve to cover 20 mile on a straight, flat, paved surface roadway pretty quickly.

Throw in wind, rain or snow (or some other weather-related thing) and also 20 miles on that very same straight, flat, paved surface road will take it you longer to do.

On the confident side, if you obtain a nice tail wind you’ll cover the 20 miles lot faster.

I love it!


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Cycling 20 miles depends on a variety of factors.

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As I view it, it’s really determined by your health, the kind of bike girlfriend have, the route you’re riding and also the ecological conditions.