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im fairly mechanically inclined and also have done a few small points to my auto (knock sensor, fuel filter, starter, alternator). Im not certain if the time belt has ever before been changed so ns was walking to open up it up and also take a peek. Which supposedly seems choose kind of a huge deal even just come look in ~ it and once you gain to the seems favor you could as well adjust it, and also the water pump and the idler bearings... ...maybe the oil pump...anyway, how long execute i require to collection aside because that something prefer this? a day? a weekend? more? fwiw that is a 30th anniversary outback i m sorry i think has the 2.5.
I would certainly say at the very least a day if its simply the belt. Weekend if you room going come do more unless you get real lucky and also nothing fights you.I walk mine while replacing my leaky electronic came bearings. I have a 96 v a 2.5. Several of the bolts can be an extremely stubborn relying on age. Especially if you decide to replace your water pump, that provided me a fit.If you just want to take a peek, top top mine at least, the cover is three parts, one in the middle and one on each side. The one ~ above the appropriate side (facing engine/drivers side) is relatively easy to acquire off and also look at the belt for obvious wear or broken teeth.
right on, okay take an additional look in ~ the cover. It didnt look favor any part of it would certainly come off without yanking the pulleys turn off at least.
right on, okay take another look at the cover. It didnt look choose any component of it would come turn off without yanking the pulleys off at least.
Have a 96 with 160,000 simply bought. Fortunately had the service records from previous owner. Had actually HD done, struts done, drivelines done but no whereby c one I uncover receipt because that timing belt. I think ns am to run on borrowed time so about to carry out it. Native what I have read, time belt and also pulleys should be adjusted every 70,000 miles. Risking a belt failure is walk to expense a brand-new engine. 275 for kit off Amazon cheap insurance.

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Its no that bad.. However I would say collection aside a weekend.. Because this is your very first time doing this friend will want take her time and also NOT rush IT.. That nothing come be fear of yet you want to check and also recheck and recheck that you walk correctly.. I honestly think I ended up re checking around 10 times.. Ns did the belt, rollers, tensioner, waterpump it came in a kit.. However the kit which was claimed to be because that my engine had actually the wrong type of tensioner. The was a main long hold-up getting the parts. An excellent luck

first time, whatever goes smoothly, I"d speak 4-5 hours.I walk mine such the , if ns needed, I had actually the complying with day on which I could run to gain tools or parts. Didn"t need to, yet things didn"t go perfectly and I essential a coupla more hours 보다 expected and also had to innovate a little.try to read some procedures and also watch 2-3 youtube videos.
Flat rate to r & r front engine covering is 2.2 hrs. If ns was doing an additional I"d get the gates TCKWP277A kit ( time belt, idler, tensioner and water pump) and I"d gain a prior crank seal and also the o ring behind the oil pump, and a brand-new subaru thermostat & gasket. Are there any signs of oil leaks
the prior of the engine or indicators that the electronic came seals room leaking?? If so it doesn"t take lengthy to adjust them, simply make sure you rest the camer sprocket bolts loosened before noþeles else( other than I"d traction the pan 1st, than the external covers and also check for indications of leaking electronic came seals and also if you see any signs, rest them loose than if possible. I"d than drain the coolant and than rest the crank pully loose, pull her accessory belts and the a/c tensioner ,roll the crank end a line up every the timing marks, 보다 pull the crank pully and center cover. As soon as you traction the belt begin by pulling the reduced P/S idler and also when you reinstall whatever that"s the critical idler to go on. I"d arrangement on a full day if it"s your 1st one, but you might get happy & acquire it done in about 4 hrs. Or you can take a gamble and just do the timing belt. That"ll still take