We will certainly be driving throughout Kansas ~ above our means to Colorado on I-70. Any suggestions on places to protect against to break up the drive? i heard there to be a small House ~ above the Prairie site, but I likewise heard that wasn"t worth avoiding - any type of thoughts? We"ll be going in July, have actually two children (ages 4 and also 8), and have time to avoid for several hours. Thanks.

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Jun 24th, 2002, 07:46 AM
If you like animals you might want to protect against at the roll Hills Refuge for Wildlife. Www.rhrwildlife.comIt is located just eastern of Salina, Kansas.
Jun 24th, 2002, 08:12 AM
We live in Kansas and go to Colorado frequently with our kids. We virtually always avoid at the Sternberg Museum in Hays. If your children like dinosaurs (huge moving animatronic ones), fossils, snakes, etc, lock will prefer this place.It additionally has a children"s exploration room. You deserve to see it all in 1-2 hours.I"m sure it has a website, however I don"t understand the address...
Jun 24th, 2002, 08:21 AM
The small house on the Prairie website I understand of is method south that I-70.If you feel lik driving tiny while north in the direction of Manhattan over there is an skipping of the Konza prairie, you may be able to see Buffalo (although usually you can"t see them). I can"t yes, really think of anything that would be amazing to a 4 and also 8 year old appropriate on I-70. Over there is a zoo in Manhattan, yet its a means of I-70 and the zoo isn"t very big. Hutchison has actually the cosmosphere (www.cosmo.org) yet that"s a little south the I-70. I understand there"s part stuff in Hays, however I don"t know what the is.
Jun 24th, 2002, 08:27 AM
Jun 24th, 2002, 10:18 PM
Other than avoiding in Hays, the most amazing thing the your children will carry out on this godforsaken stretch that highway is to sleep and also hopefully have sweet dreams. Friend will never ever be therefore happy to view a state line in her life!
Unfortunately what the poster says about the Kansas state line is false hope. That is quiet a LONG method to DEnver!! Don"t be fooled--but you have the right to make an excellent time!! publications on tape are a help. Over there is an Indian college in Lawrence, Kansas that has a museum i believe. I have never been able to take the moment to uncover it however.
Lawrence KS in beautiful, very steep hills and also green, they have a good Natural background Museum(small) - on KU"s campus, probably 20 min stop.My childrens favourite stop?? any Walmart to buy a brand-new video because that the automobile tv and also somw an ext snacks.there are indicators for miscellaneous sights along the way, cowboy this and also cowboy the - a waste of time!!
Don"t forget to see the world"s biggest prairie dog, if it"s still, uh,..."alive". That is if anything made of concrete could be taken into consideration alive.
There is a liquid plant (I think Russel Stovers) somewhere on I-70. That"s allright come stop and see, but not for hours - 30 come 40 minutes would be the really most.
If you enjoy American history, avoid in Abilene and also go come the Eisenhower Center. Several historical artefacts to see, plus the President and Mamie are buried there. There isn"t much in Kansas....good luck.
Thanks for all the replies. Can anyone call me around how plenty of hours that will require to drive throughout the state? Mapblast"s time estimate seems high. Thanks again
Rent a VCR for the kids! It"s a loooooooooooooooooong drive. Lawrence is quite nice yet it"s only an hour indigenous Missouri. The bad stretch is after ~ that. Good news is it"s a right shot ~ that.Abilene does have the Eisenhower museum, etc.
I have driven from Salina to Denver. The took about 6 or 7 hours. Mapquest puts the control time at virtually 7 hrs from KC,Ks to Goodman. Ns think you have to expect the control time to be approximately 6 hours. You can think about breaking up the moment at a hotel if this would certainly work. Lawrence is really a nice location to stop, but you have most of her Kansas drive in front of you. Even into colorado, the journey is the exact same for an hour or two. That is interesting to check out the hills coming increase though. There truly is not alot of areas to stop.

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Dear Laura,Kansas Isn"t really that bad.
I execute recommend a protect against at roll Hills Wildlife Refuge in Salina Kansas. The youngsters should enjoy it.Abilene has actually a ~GREAT~ location for Homestyle cooking! it is the Brookville Hotel. The best Fried Chicken Dinners in all of Kansas! through Homemade Mashed Potatoes, cream corn, rolls, coleslaw, fruit trays and also homemade vanilla ice cream to height it off! Yum!And Hey as soon as I to be a little kid i LOVED going to the Prarie Dog Village. LOL They had a pit that rattlesnakes, six-legged cows, and also a donkey that fell in love v me and also followed me everywhere. There really is a prairie dog swarm with the cute tiny fellows hopping out of their holes.After you cross the state line, there"s a pretty neat carousel in Burlington, CO. Expect this helps! have Fun!~Tiff
Is there anything in Abilene around the old cattle trails/Chisholm Trail? Didn't it walk to/from/or through right here to fort Worth?Sylvia
Saying "Kansas isn't that bad" is like saying Mrs. Lincoln really did gain the play and also Jackie Kennedy thought the motorcade in Dallas was fun.

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