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Even though Velveeta is not genuine cheese however a brand name, most people use this term because that it. Basically, this product is a processed or so-called cooking recipes cheese.

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When Kraft foods items made it because that the very first time, the name described the beautiful and smooth velvety product texture. Now, it is time to find does Velveeta cheese go bad and also how lengthy does Velveeta cheese last. Let’s see.

Does Velveeta Cheese go Bad?

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Unlike other cheeses girlfriend can find on the market, Velveeta cheese is a well-processed, heat-treated, and also pasteurized milk product. However, the can’t last forever and also will come to be spoiled eventually like any other cheese. The an initial sign that spoilage is discoloration, and then the turns right into a solid item with a changed texture.

Even despite it will certainly smell bad, friend will rarely see any type of mold ~ above its surface, making this product different from various other cheeses. In most cases, cheese parts are not edible no longer after drying out. It is a gradual process and constantly a an outcome of poor wrapping.

How long Does Velveeta Cheese Last?

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Velveeta cheese is a product made of pasteurized milk heated at 150 F (65.5 C). Throughout that process, the becomes complimentary of harmful bacteria that deserve to compromise your health. Plus, included preservatives significantly prolong this cheese lifespan.

Even new unopened Velveeta cheese deserve to go bad, yet it won’t occur quickly. In general, this product has a long life span, and you can use the fearlessly for approximately fifty percent a year native the packaging date. Since it contains many preservatives, girlfriend don’t should store the in the fridge!

You can expect the an initial signs of spoilage only after this duration when that is quality and also freshness begin decreasing gradually. As soon as opened, Velveeta cheese will be edible for at the very least two months when stored as necessary in the fridge. Take treatment to pave it effectively to stop direct call with air.

Velveeta cheese shelf life

Velveeta cheese

Unopened2 to 3 weeks/



2 come 3 days2 months

6 months

Always read the best-by date printed ~ above the label before using this cheese. Usually, the product will be usable also a couple of weeks after that moment, however you need to examine its quality prior to eating. The ideal solution is to throw it far if you space not sure around the quality.

5 tips to tell if Velveeta Cheese has Gone Bad

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Even despite the manufacturer constantly prints the product’s best-by date on the label, it will lose quality over time. Together I have already mentioned, you deserve to usually use Velveeta cheese much much longer after checking a couple of primary features before consuming it.

These indicators can display you whether her grocery is quiet edible:


Velveeta cheese is a recognizably pale yellowish product. As shortly as this shade changes, it is time to litter the product away.


You have already known the Velveeta’s smell is subtle. An uncomfortable odor is constantly a warning sign as soon as it comes to any kind of cheese, including Velveeta. In fact, any readjust in smell means your Velveeta cheese is spoiled and inedible.


If you store Velveeta cheese for too long, its taste will certainly worsen over time. Any taste various than the one friend are supplied to is wrong, so friend shouldn’t consume such a product.


Velveeta cheese has a soft, mushy consistency. Once the texture i do not care watery, the product is not safe come consume. Top top the other hand, dried and also hardened areas result from poor storage.

Basically, together cheese is for sure for eating, however its quality is compromised. If friend spot such a change, reduced off the dried-out part and keep using the rest without any type of worry.


Since this cheese type underwent pasteurization and contains a bunch of preservatives, it is not most likely to view mold growing on that surface. If you notification such a thing, don’t hesitate because that a 2nd because the product is for garbage only.

4 advice to store Velveeta Cheese

Unlike natural cheeses, one unopened Velveeta cheese pack has actually a distinctive storage system. Because this product is pasteurized, ​it doesn’t require refrigeration even if it is you buy it in blocks or slices. You deserve to safely store it in a few ways:


It is reasonable sufficient to save Velveeta cheese in original packaging in ~ room temperature, and also expect the to keep the top quality for a long. Make certain to keep it far from heat and also moisture.

Sitting top top the countertop away from an oven and sink is constantly an acceptable solution. Because it is shelf-stable, that is consistency will stay the same, and also your cheese all set for usage at any kind of time.


If you have a too hot kitchen or the temperatures over there fluctuate as well often, the far better option for storing Velveeta is to location it in a pantry. The is generally a cold and also dark place, making it an ideal selection for this purpose.


If friend haven’t had any kind of other encourage option, you can store even an unopened Velveeta cheese in the fridge as soon as necessary. On the other hand, when you open the packaging, you must refrigerate that is leftovers.

The vital thing is to seal the product thoroughly prior to refrigerating. Letting the opened up product at short temperatures always results in drying and also hardening the sheet parts. Another problem is that this product is at risk to take it on the smells the the bordering food.

Since girlfriend can’t seal the initial packaging, the ideal solution is to put opened up Velveeta in a freezer bag or also an airtight container. Then, you need to store it in the fridge where it will store its quality for up to 2 months.

Some world like mix Velveeta cheese v Rotel. In such a case, this product deserve to keep its high quality for around 5 come 7days. Any combination with conveniently expiring foods or meat will remain edible because that at least 2 come 4 days.


The manufacturer Kraft foodstuffs recommends avoiding freezing Velveeta cheese. ~ above the various other hand, plenty of consumers buy bigger quantities of this product at once. The is expected since the product price is significantly lower when buying a an ext considerable amount.

It is feasible freezing this food, however the critical thing is come seal the appropriately. Never ever keep Velveeta in the original packaging once placing it in the freezer. A far better option is to put it in a freezer bag prior to storing that this way.

When you need Velveeta for cooking, it will be sufficient to relocate the product right into the fridge and let it thaw overnight. Unfortunately, its texture will most likely change, make the using choices pretty limited.

The threat of spend an Expired Velveeta Cheese

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Velveeta is not legally cheese yet a cheese product all set by pasteurization. It was developed in the 1900s to deal with the Monroe Cheese Company’s trouble with misshapen Swiss cheese.

The typical product’s shelf life is 210 days due to the fact that most the its ingredients space artificial, and its ingredient list is a bit scary:

Milk, whey, and waterMilk and whey protein concentrateMilk fatCheese culture2% of saltAnnattoSodium and also calcium phosphateSorbic and lactic acidSodium citrate and alginateEnzymesColor apocarotenal

Velveeta has actually 9.3% lactose, i beg your pardon is negative news because that lactose-intolerant people. It is one engineered and manipulated product pumped v preservatives and also enormous calorie, fat, and also cholesterol content.

All the considered, you might conclude how harmful this product deserve to be for her body.

Eating handle food comprise high salt level will increase the danger of stroke and also heart disease. That is approximated that consuming much more than 4 servings of processed food a day rises the opportunity of fatality by 62%.

Can You frozen Velveeta Cheese?

Freezing is not wonderful solution for keeping Velveeta cheese under any kind of circumstances. Even the producer no recommend this means of storing. The factors are an altering its texture and also destroying major ingredients after exposing the product to short temperatures.

However, these transforms are not severe, and also you have the right to still use such cheese for making a grilled sandwich.

If you decide to try saving this cheese this way, you have to remove the from the original packaging. The can’t defend Velveeta cheese due to the fact that it is not enough for save in the freezer. Then, double wrap the product in cling wrap, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil.

After placing the in a freezer bag and also squeezing out the air, you should seal the bag tight prior to putting the package in the freezer. This way, you have the right to store this product for approximately six months.

Once you decide to thaw her cheese, let that sit at room temperature overnight. Never ever refreeze it. Sometimes, girlfriend will notice a grainy or mushy texture, an altering taste, or water developing over its surface after thawing. It’s as much as you to decision whether come consume a product favor this.

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Velveeta cheese is a pasteurized milk product with sufficient preservatives to enable a lengthy shelf life as soon as stored appropriately. Always keep an unopened product in the pantry and also place open packaging in the freezer. Friend can even freeze this cheese in some cases, however it will affect its quality and also taste.