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It’s the time that year. Crops are ready for harvest, and you’re more than likely ready because that a fresh chaos of corn and other vegetables. You don’t want to wait too lengthy after harvesting to shuck and store your corn, and you don’t desire to acquire much more than you have the right to put up and eat before it walk bad. Therefore, you need to know how long corn top top the cob lasts. We’ve done the research for you and outlined the answer below.

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The lot of time corn top top the cob will last depends on if it’s shucked and whether it’s cooking or raw. Corn the is unshucked and uncooked will last for approximately one to three days. If covering properly, shucked corn will stay fresh just as long. When you have actually cooked her corn ~ above the cob, it will last in the frozen refrigerator for around five days. 

While this are general guidelines, there are ways to further prolong the life of your corn ~ above the cob. Keep reading for an ext information on the best ways to store corn ~ above the cob to do it critical longer, consisting of ways to freeze her corn.


How lengthy Does Corn ~ above the Cob Last?

Whether you’re choose the corn you yourself or buying from the farmer’s market, you need to be ready to prepare it quickly after getting it home. Unshucked corn will only last for about one to three days. Shucked corn the is left uncovered should be offered the exact same day. However, if you wrap the shucked corn in plastic or foil, it need to last for the very same amount that time. Frozen corn will certainly last longer and will be disputed later.


How come Tell if Corn has Gone Bad


Eating corn that has actually gone negative can make you really sick. Therefore, it’s crucial to recognize what makes corn go bad and how to tell if it has actually spoiled. Exposure come moisture permits bacteria to grow. Humidity can get underneath the husks, yet it can also collect top top shucked corn.

For this reason, you have to not to wash the corn prior to placing that in the fridge. If you notice discoloration that the husks, silk, or kernels, you need to discard it immediately. Sometimes, the corn will have a foul smell but not display signs the discoloration. Corn that has been ruined will smell rancid and also moldy.

Does Uncooked Corn top top the Cob must be Refrigerated?

According to LiveStrong, uncooked corn should be refrigerated. The cooler you save it, the longer you will keep the sweetness and freshness of your corn. However, you have to avoid just sticking the in the refrigerator without preparation. Avoid rinsing the corn, and also leave the husks intact.

You have the right to remove many of the husks as lengthy as the corn is still extended by one or 2 layers. This will save the corn from acquisition up too lot space. As soon as preparing, balance is key. You desire to wrap the corn tightly enough to keep it from dry out, but you don’t want to wrap that so tightly the moisture it s okay trapped, causing mold to grow.

How Long deserve to You save Fresh Corn in the Fridge?

As discussed above, new corn will last approximately one to 3 days in the fridge. If cooked, it need to keep for about five days. The longer it continues to be at room temperature, the more sweetness it will certainly lose. Colder temperatures assist the corn retain the sweet taste that renders it therefore delicious. Protect against leaving the corn outside in warm temperatures.

How far in development Can ns Shuck Corn?

According to LiveStrong, you should avoid shucking corn in advance. If you execute shuck corn in advance, execute not leave it out. Shucked corn have to be retained covered in the refrigerator. Leaving corn exposed without husks allows bacteria and moisture to collect on the surface, raising the opportunities of the product making you sick.


How lengthy Does Corn top top the Cob critical Unshucked?

While shucked corn cannot be left out, unshucked corn is for sure to leave at room temperature for a short period of time before refrigerating. However, the longer it is left at room temperature, the much less sweet it will be and also the much less fresh it will certainly taste.

However, if you are not choose the corn straight from the stalk, remember the it has currently been sit on the shelf in ~ the farmer’s market or grocery store for part time. Therefore, if friend aren’t choose it yourself, you need to store that as soon as you obtain it home. Corn can lose increase to half of its sweet after simply a couple of hours of sit at room temperature.


How to keep Cooked Corn on the Cob

So far, we have actually only questioned storing corn in the refrigerator. If you like to purchase corn in bulk and also store that for lengthy periods that time, freeze is the finest method.


Freezing Shucked Corn

One of the finest ways to keep corn sweet and fresh is by shucking it prior to freezing. Don’t simply shuck the corn and place that in the freezer; there is a little an ext to it 보다 that. You’ll should blanch the corn. Before blanching, take it the following steps come prepare her corn:

Remove the husksRemove silkCut any type of damaged end from the cobs

It deserve to be complicated to acquire all the silk from the cob. Many civilization use toothbrushes to aid get an ext silk off; however, you deserve to purchase a corn de-silker indigenous Amazon. It provides the process very easy.


Get your corn desilker by following this link to Amazon.

How to Blanch Corn

Now that your corn is ready, it’s time to blanch that to assist preserve the flavor. Blanching is a very simple process. First, girlfriend will lug a pot of water come a boil. Ar the ears into the boil water for approximately seven to ten minutes. While it’s boiling, prepare a pan that icy water.

Once time has actually elapsed, eliminate the ears from the boiling water. Carry it immediately to the ice cream water, allowing it come soak for around four minutes. Make sure to permit the corn dry prior to wrapping it. As soon as the blanching process is over, placed the corn in freezer bags.

Ideally, you need to write the date on the bag. As lengthy as you save your freezer listed below 30 levels Fahrenheit, the corn should stay fresh for around a year. If you keep your freezer in ~ 30 degrees, the corn will usually remain fresh for about ten months.

How to frozen Unshucked Corn

If you space running quick on time or simply don’t desire to take the time to shuck the corn, you can freeze it through the husks still attached. As with shucked corn, girlfriend will should trim roughly one inch from each finish of the cob. Execute not leave all the husks intact. Instead, remove the an initial layer from each ear.

Once you finish that process, it’s time to place the corn right into freezer bags. Unlike the above method, friend will should seal the bags tightly, removing every air. Compose the day on the bag, and also put the in the freezer. As soon as stored this way, corn must stay new for 2 to three months. When you’re all set to chef it, you’ll remove the corn indigenous the bags, enabling it come thaw for much easier shucking.

How to remove Corn native Cob and Freeze

If friend love fresh corn yet don’t want to eat it from the cob every time, you can reduced the corn native the ears and freeze the in bags. You’ll start by shucking and also cleaning the corn similar to other methods. Once you blanch the corn, it’s time to eliminate the kernels native the cob.

You can use a knife to carry out this. Reduced from top to bottom, utilizing a sawing motion. However, you deserve to use a corn stripper to do the process both easier and also safer. When the kernels are off the cob, location them in freezer bags. The corn will continue to be fresh for approximately eight come ten months making use of this method.


You can uncover a corn stripper ~ above Amazon by clicking this link.

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Fresh corn ~ above the cob is sweet and also tasty. However, as soon as purchased, it need to be stored immediately. As soon as stored in the fridge, it just lasts for about one to 3 days. If you want to share up on new corn before the season ends, over there are number of freezing approaches that will store it new from 3 months come a year.