The age-old myth of holding in a hit of weed acting is said to do you feel higher. However does science ago up these claims? check out on to find out what hold a struggle does to her body.

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Surely you have actually witnessed this many times. Probably you also do that yourself. Firing increase a joint, taking a couple of hits, and also holding the in stronger than the vaults at ft Knox. You continue to happen the joint follow me to your friends while holding the hit in, mimicking Houdini’s underwater escape.

It is the traditional no-cost approach to acquiring higher, right? host the smoke in for longer, and the body will have actually extra time to absorb more THC with the lung’s alveoli. Unfortunately, regardless of the evident logical thinking behind this notion, this concept does not hold up.

Air contains around 20% oxygen. Our lungs on average deserve to hold 6 litres of waiting in one breath. As soon as we exhale, the air the escapes our human body holds around 15% oxygen. We are not all that effective at taking in oxygen and also expelling carbon dioxide, and that is why us breathe rhythmically and do not organize 6 litres of air for several minutes to absorb as lot oxygen as we can in one go.

The very same principle uses to smoking cigarettes weed.

BUT i SWEAR that THE longer I hold IT, THE higher I GET

Regrettably, the is no what is walking on. The lungs deserve to transfer gas in very small quantities at the nanosecond level. It occurs nearly instantly. According to some sources, 95% the all feasible THC is soaked up near instantly upon inhale.

If you host in your toke, you may feel it access time you stronger, however what is really going ~ above is you space depriving oxygen contents to your brain, making you feeling a tiny lightheaded. If you add carbon monoxide and also toxins from burning to the mix, this lightheadedness is intensified.



You can quickly test this because that yourself. If friend smoke tobacco, think about taking a joint-like hit and holding the in as lengthy as girlfriend can. You will feel the same tingling or slim dizziness happen, even though there is no weed in the mix.

If friend don’t exhilaration cigarettes, sit on a chair, foot parallel. Grab your legs and also put your head between your knees, looking down. Take it a few good deep breaths, climate exhale as much as girlfriend can and hold it because that as long as you can. Right prior to releasing, pull yourself earlier into typical sitting place as you let yourself breathe. If you perform this vigorously enough, not just will you feel dizzy, girlfriend may even faint! for this reason make certain to do this under the clock of a friend and also take that easy.

There is a video game where children induce fainting indigenous oxygen deprivation. Same principal as the chair exercise, they stand back against a wall, exhale, then an additional kid puts their hand on the victim’s chest, applying slight pressure. In as little as 30 seconds, youngsters would go lights out, as with when you get a whitey from cigarette smoking cannabis.

THEN WHY perform I feeling THIS WAY?

The much more you host your breath, the more elevated the heart rate gets. Blood is pumped quicker to compensate for the short oxygen levels. This has a compounding effect as you hold your breath, because there is no oxygen available. The body starts reaction to this brand-new emergency warning sign. Adrenaline starts obtaining released to prepare for a flight-or-fight response, i beg your pardon only rises the in its entirety “high” sensation.

Another symptom that oxygen deprivation is the study abroad sensation of your skin and face - often also falsely linked with gaining extra-blazed.


SO, HOW have the right to I GET higher THAN HIGH?

If you desire to acquire extra high, the answer is quite straightforward. Smoke more weed. Or smoke more powerful strains, or even consider concentrates. If friend really desire to achieve brand-new levels of psychotropic euphoria, try edibles. However be aware; they will certainly hit you in different ways, and are frequently quite strong.

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Consider vaping and also dabbing concentrates. These space the the very least harmful techniques of inhaling THC and other cannabinoids. Together there is no combustion happening, you will certainly not breathe in carbon monoxide, tar, and also other toxins. V a vape, you will be able to smoke a much larger quantity of weed without the harmful oxygen depriving interception caused by carbon monoxide.