I"m rewiring a a small component of a wall and I"m confused about a combination of the NEC and also the commodities that I"m able to find.

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I"m functioning on a 20 amp circuit (with 12g cable of course). I"m connecting 4 receptacles every in their very own box, 15 amp receptacles for normalcy. However the terminals don"t seem to accept 12g wire, even on the screws. My very first reaction was to make pigtails 14g pigtails, so the the 14g insanity goes directly to the receptacle and also is not used to feeding the rest of the circuit. 12g in the box, 12g out of the box, and also 14g inside package only.

Is that form of splice allowed, or need to I look harder for a 15 amp outlet that can much more easily expropriate 12g wire?

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I would certainly say 14 gauge wire all over on a 20 amp circuit is no OK. The objective of the breaker is to reduced off power before the wiring overheats. If you plugin several devices on one outlet that complete 20 amps, you will exceed the safe functioning capacity that the 14 gauge wire without tripping the breaker. (You may be under 15 amp because that each separation, personal, instance outlet but in between the 2 outlets top top a duplex receptacle you deserve to exceed the 15 amp rating the 14 gauge wire).

12 gauge wire is a small tougher to work with but I"ve never had much of a problem getting the attached to outlets. (Working v the extra stiffness & bulk in the junction crate is the issue I"ve typically noticed.) However, perhaps you have the right to pick up part 20 amp receptacles, even if you don"t anticipate using any kind of 20A appliances? clearly a 20A receptacle demands to support 12GA wiring...

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National electrical Code 2008

Article 210 Branch Circuits

II. Branch-Circuit Ratings

210.19 Conductors — Minimum Ampacity and also Size.

(A) Branch Circuits Not an ext Than 600 Volts.

(2) Multioutlet Branch Circuits. Conductors of branch circuits supplying much more than one receptacle for cord-and-plug associated portable tons shall have an ampacity the not much less than the rating that the branch circuit.

Which method in her case, you"ll need to use 12 AWG conductors for attaching the receptacle.note: A duplex receptacle actually counts as two receptacles follow to NEC

However, over there are situation were 14 AWG conductors can be provided on a 20 ampere circuit.

(4) various other Loads. Branch-circuit conductors the supply loads other than those mentioned in 210.2 and other than cooking appliances as spanned in 210.19(A)(3) shall have an ampacity enough for the lots served and shall no be smaller sized than 14 AWG.

Exception No. 1: madness conductors shall have actually an ampacity adequate for the fill served. In addition, they shall have an ampacity that not much less than 15 because that circuits rated less than 40 amperes and not much less than 20 for circuits rated at 40 or 50 amperes and also only wherein these tap conductors supply any kind of of the complying with loads:(a) individual lampholders or luminaires with taps expanding not longer than 450 mm (18 in.) past any section of the lampholder or luminaire.(b) A luminaire having tap conductors as detailed in 410.117.(c) separation, personal, instance outlets, other than receptacle outlets, through taps not over 450 mm (18 in.) long.(d) Infrared lamp commercial heating appliances.(e) Nonheating leads of deicing and snow-melting cables and also mats.

Check the Device

Click for bigger view

Push in #14 CU solid cable for 15A branch circuit only.

Installation Screw Terminal > #14 - #12 AWG CU wire Only.

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Notice top top the ago of this 125V 15A duplex receptacle, it claims that you deserve to use 14 AWG or 12 AWG copper wire when terminating in ~ the screw terminals, yet that 14 AWG copper have to be offered when terminating at the push in terminals. It also says that if you"re making use of the push in terminal, and 14 AWG copper, it can only be provided on a 15 ampere circuit. If you"re installation this ~ above a 20 ampere circuit, with 12 AWG wire, you"ll have to use the screw terminals.