When you room a real-life wanderer and also you spend your time trailing across the nation in your beauty of an RV, you’re more than likely living her life to the fullest. What’s more, you’re most likely the form of person who doesn’t need much.

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However, living and also traveling in an RV has some limitations. There’s a lot come think around — electrical power usage, for one.

Cooking is among the favourite pastimes while traveling in one RV. Still, you always have to store an eye out on electricity usage when making use of your crock pot come prepare delicious on-the-road meals. It is why we’ve prepared a short overview of average crock pot power consumption.

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Using a crock pot in the RV
How much electrical power does a crock pot use?
How many amps does a crock pot use?
Cooking on the roadway — crock pot power consumption

Using a crock pot in the RV


If us look in ~ the median crock pot power consumption, it’s around 250 watts. Slow-moving cooker wattage implies that crock pots are real money-savers. However, is that the reality when we are talking about usage in the RV?

Slow cooker wattage ranges from 70 to 250, relying on the model and also the warm settings. There room usually number of settings. The mathematics is an easy — the lower the settings, the reduced the sluggish cooker wattage. To identify the crock pot power usage for each setting, you deserve to use a wattage monitor.

Once you perform that, you’ll know what sort of a crock pot wattage inverter girlfriend need and also how strong it has to be. There really is no possibility of you cooking a roast in her crock pot for eight hours without draining her battery. That’s why you require a generator or a crock pot inverter.

You deserve to use a DC to AC power inverter in your RV to prevent your battery native powering every appliances and draining itself. That’s just how you can run many appliances at once, just like at home. The crock pot converter will reduce 120 volts the DC come 12-volt AC.

Unlike a converter, the crock pot wattage inverter, or any kind of other inverter for the matter, take away the 12-volt current and also converts it ago to the 120-volt current so the appliances prefer the crock pot can be charged. Crock pots need a 120-volt AC charge, so a crock pot wattage inverter is a must-have in any kind of RV.

How countless amps does a crock pot use?

On average, a crock pot supplies 2.2 amps. Friend can conveniently calculate how numerous amps her crock pot uses. You simply need to divide the crock pot wattage through the heat voltage. Therefore, if friend have, stop say a 250-watt crock pot ~ above a 120-volt line, her crock pot amperage is 2,08.

Since a crock pot has a various wattage for different heat settings, with this calculation, you deserve to determine the crock pot amperage at any given time.

Cooking top top the road — crock pot power consumption


So over there you have actually it. Food preparation while ~ above the roadway doesn’t have to be a nuisance. Every you need is a crock pot, part imagination, and a crock pot wattage converter. V these things, you can cook a whole plethora of meals when driving to your dream destination.

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Crock pot power usage does warrant a little of caution, the course. If you’re on the road and plan to remain somewhere wherein you deserve to plug in her RV because that the night, then you must keep an eye the end for crock pot amps and also general sluggish cooker wattage. If she planning to chef a delicious roast for 6 hrs on a slow heat setting, climate you need to make certain your crock pot wattage inverter is solid enough to handle it.