What would be a realistic number of arrows because that an archer to have/carry/bring through him? Dozens or hundreds?


If we"re talking around how numerous arrows an archer have the right to carry, I"d say it"s minimal only by transferring capacity - if you desire to fill your backpack up through arrows, good for you.

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I doubt what you desire is: how numerous arrows can an archer fire in one encounter? (Keeping in psychic that gaining an arrow from a quiver is essentially "free", together opposed come retrieving something native a pack). At the point, I"d probably preeminence you"re restricted to 2 quivers - one on the hip, one top top the back. If girlfriend don"t have actually a backpack, I"d more than likely let you have actually a 3rd (on opposing shoulder). When you"ve exhausted those, then I"d speak you"d need to take actions come retrieve another quiver from her pack.


Going through the pathfinder weapon stats here, a quiver has 20 arrows and also weighs 3 pounds. Therefore, you should be able to bring as plenty of as you have the right to carry, which counts on your transferring capacity and an approach of transportation.

Edit: A computer archer, by third level, have the right to probably carry enough arrows with them (using a mount, a strong friend, a ship, or similar for what"s come bulky for themselves) and has enough gold the it is no worth tracking how countless arrows lock expend in most cases.


Having carried 10 arrows per quiver with 1.5" diameter heads, and also three quivers usably, doing SCA wars... And also knowing that real combat arrows are under 1/2" diameter, one could reasonably shove 30+ arrows every quiver. Note that the second and 3rd quiver was not draw-ready, yet was wherein I could re-sling it on the ar to draw from.

So, in theory, I"d say most likely 120-160. Yet you"re not going to want more than 30 in a quiver, and also that quiver is several inches in diameter. It"s no that heavy, yet it is bulky.


I would certainly say 20 every quiver. Ns did not uncover something certain in the rules but reading the summary of efficient Quiver it seems that a regular quiver includes 20 arrows:

This appears to it is in a typical arrowhead container qualified of holding about 20 Arrows. It has three distinct portions, each v a nondimensional room allowing it to keep far more than would normally be possible. The an initial and the smallest one have the right to contain as much as 60 objects the the same general size and also shape as an arrow. <...>

I would then say the if you have a backpack you can bring no an ext than one quiver

Matteo, the dominance is 20 arrows per standard quiver. As soon as you play, friend should additionally consider the logistics the a quiver"s size, not simply its weight. In real life practicality, a typical adventurer can really only bring one or two quivers at a time, make a helpful limit of 20-40 arrows lugged without using a mount or a henchman.

There space magical helpers together well, such as the reliable Quiver that
Matteo discussed (known as a Quiver of Elhonna in DnD editions), i beg your pardon can rise the volume 3x or more.

Though rules differ or don"t exist in the assorted rule-sets, our group frequently will beat a dominance that 50% of arrows that don"t hit their intended target room recoverable/reusable, which tends to diminish a tiny bit the problems associated with only being maybe to bring a finite variety of arrows. Also, gift able to scavenge arrows from beat enemies helps as well.

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How numerous arrows is one archer intended to fire by the finish of the Tyranny of dragons pair that adventures?
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