I was able to shave 100 calories turn off the timeless recipe for tequila sunrise, and in this post I will share my tips to a short calorie tequila sunrise drink.

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Most tequila sunrise recipes call for calorie and also sugar heavy ingredients. But what if you offered fresh orange juice and greater quality tequila sunrise grenadine?

You’d finish up through a reduced calorie, much better tasting recipe because that tequila sunrise Patron (or any type of brand of tequila).
This write-up will re-superstructure my straightforward to make, far better tasting, short calorie recipe because that tequila sunrise. Plus it comes through a purchase list, printable recipe card, nutritional label, and more…This low calorie tequila sunrise recipe is 100 calories less than the typical recipe!

Tequila Sunrise Recipe

This tequila sunrise cocktail cooking recipes is both refreshing and also potent! Plus, we’re removing about 1/2 the the sugar, so you’re less likely to obtain a hangover!
I do this tequila sunrise basic by omitted the cocktail shaker. This tequila cocktail get’s its surname from the separation of color in the glass. Providing it the sunrise hue… ns lean top top this to both do beautiful cocktails with tequila basic to make, and also stunning come look at.

This write-up will share those in a tequila sunrise, including a purchase list. Supply you with a low calorie recipe card, and also so lot more.

Here’s What You’ll find in this Article:

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail ingredient (shopping list!)How to make a Tequila SunriseTequila Sunrise recipe (printable cooking recipes card!)Tequila Sunrise Calories and also Nutrition

This recipe for tequilla sunrise have the right to be whipped up in a flash. In the complying with sections I’ll show you exactly how to make this recipe for tequila sunrise drink with nothing much more than a spoon!In the next section you will discover out what is tequila sunrise do of, including a valuable shopping list!This an easy tequila sunrise cooking recipes comes v a shopping list, printable cooking recipes card, nutrition label, and also more…

Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Ingredients

In this section you’ll discover out what’s a tequila sunrise made of, uncover a shopping perform for tequila sunrise ingredients, and even find some links to include them to her shopping dare from the comfort of home.

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The best tequila for tequila sunrise is Patron… But any kind of middle to height shelf tequila will certainly make a wonderful cocktail with tequila.


The following tequila sunrise cocktail ingredients can be choose up in stores and online.We recommend taking a display shot that the ingredient list on your phone so you have actually it handy the next time you go to the store.

Tequila Sunrise to buy List:

TequilaFresh squeezed orange juiceHigh quality grenadine syrupOrange sliceCocktail Cherry

Now that you understand what walk in a tequila sunrise, I can share that in the cooking recipes card below you can select how many tequila sunrises you want to make. The recipe card will perform the ingredient mathematics for you and tell you exactly how lot to pour.

This easy tequila sunrise recipe is make with just 5 ingredients! up next, exactly how to make a tequila sunrise…

How to make a Tequila Sunrise

Tequila sunrise drink recipes are exceptionally easy to make… you don’t have to shake, or also stir the recipe.The hardest component is drizzly the grenadine under the next of the glass so it pools at the bottom. And let’s it is in honest, if this component does no go according to plan it will still taste the same, and also still it is in delicious!

This next section will display you exactly how to do tequila sunrise cocktail. This easy, short calorie recipe for tequila sunrise have the right to be made through no an ext than a spoon!

How to do a Tequila Sunrise:

In a glass filled v ice, to water in the tequila and orange juice.Use the earlier of a spoon come drizzle the grenadine syrup down the next of the glass, permitting it to work out at the bottom.Garnish v an orange slice and cocktail cherry.It is my personal belief the the best tequila cocktails space tequila sunrise drink recipes! currently that girlfriend know just how to make them, and also have your shopping perform from the part above, us can get to the sharable recipe card.Tequila sunrise recipes room so much an ext than just orange juice and also tequila. This well-known cocktail likewise known as a sunrise top top the beach is stunning and refreshing… and also perfect because that a homemade happy hour!
The sharable cooking recipes card below can help you calculate how numerous tequila cocktails you want to make. With just a click the a button the measurement math is done for you!

Tequila Sunrise Recipe

Low calorie cocktails v tequila can make for a exorbitant homemade happy hour!Make some homemade guacamole, chips and salsa, and also put your feet up. You’ll want to make one of these an easy tequila sunrise drink every Friday afternoon!

Tequila Sunrise Recipe

Lose load By Eating
This low calorie tequila sunrise recipe is simple to make!
This tequila sunrise drink is likewise low in calories. At only 135 calories, you deserve to enjoy this cocktails v tequila without blowing your diet!