At DrinkWell we have actually searched market to find you lower calorie choices and the 2 below are the ones we think you will love!!

Is over there a short calorie Gin different in the UK?

Here at DrinkWell we market two premium alternatives that have actually noticeably reduced calories per 25m serving than continuous gin.

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LoCa Bev - Minus 33

The very first one, LoCa Bev Minus 33, is an incredible juniper infused spirit with 46 calories per 25ml serving. V an ABV that 33% (hence the name), this details bottle can"t official be classified as a gin, seeing as gin has to have one ABV of at the very least 37.5% – as stated above. Nevertheless, it is absolutely perfect for those that you searching for a reduced calorie heart that tastes the same as gin - if no better, through its clues of citrus, lavender and also elderflower. Therefore, if you’ve no tried the yet, grab you yourself a party of Minus 33 - the gin the isn’t a gin - and also combine it through a slimline tonic or a lighter tonic to save as countless calories as possible.

Luxlo - for Gin Lovers

The 2nd premium gin alternate we share is LUXLO. New come market, LUXLO is a premium lower alcohol gin alternative in ~ 20% ABV the is juniper led v nine closely selected botanicals. V 28 calories per 25ml serving, LUXLO has 56% fewer calories 보다 the average party of gin.

Beautiful inside and out, the finished product is exquisitely balanced, smooth, light, crisp and refreshing. This truly is a gin different with for sure no damage on flavour, but permits for those wishing to moderate your alcohol and also calorie intake native alcohol. Make certain to grab you yourself a bottle whilst our stocks last.


LUXLO Ginny - because that GIN lovers 70cl
Nutrition details (per 25ml)

Be sort to yourself through LUXLO Ginny for GIN lovers - a premium, deliciously natural, lower calorie, reduced alcohol spirit.

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With worldwide Gin & Tonic Day occurring later this week (19th October), us take a look in ~ the calorie in this famous concoction and consider the difference that opting because that a lower calorie gin and a lighter or slimline tonic can make to the volume of calories you consume whilst drinking alcohol.

How plenty of calories room there in a 25ml offer of gin?

Recent statistics exit by the Wine & heart Trade Association revealed that the revenue of gin in the UK has grown more than any kind of other spirit. Mirroring this, the number of gin brands in the market has much more than doubled since 2010.

With such a huge an option to pick from, i m sorry of the gins accessible contain the lowest number of calories:

Tanqueray Old Tom Gin - 98 calorie (25ml)Greenall’s Gin - 96 calories (25ml)Junipero Gin - 87 calorie (25ml)Gordon’s Sloe Gin - 83 calorie (25ml)Aviation Gin - 70 calories (25ml)Beefeater Gin - 67 calorie (25ml)Tanqueray Gin - 67 calorie (25ml)Plymouth Gin - 62 calories (25ml)Copperhead Gin - 60 calories (25ml)Bombay Sapphire - 56 calorie (25ml)Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin - 56 calorie (25ml)Botanist Gin - 56 calorie (25ml)Brockmans Gin - 56 calorie (25ml)Pickering’s Gin - 56 calorie (25ml)Brockmans Gin - 56 calorie (25ml)Skol Gin - 54 calories (25ml)Hendrick’s Gin - 54 calorie (25ml)Gordon’s one-of-a-kind Dry Gin - 52 calories (25ml)Sipsmith Gin - 52 calorie (25ml)Opihr Gin - 50 calorie (25ml)

Evidently, there is a vast spectrum when it pertains to the number of calories contained in the UK’s most popular brands that gin. Across the gins provided above, though, the average number of calories in a typical 25ml serving is 64.

But aren’t we forgetting something? before we acquire too carried away we require to recognize the affect of the tonic water.

How numerous calories room there in tonic water?

Although starting out as carbonated water, tonic water also contains quinine together with a sweetener of some kind. Whereas timeless tonic water may contain high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar or just sugar, diet tonic waters make use of fabricated sweeteners.

Comparing the traditional range of tonic water through its respective diet version, the distinction in calories included can be quite dramatic:

Schweppes Tonic Water - 21 calories (per 100ml)Schweppes Slimline Tonic Water - 2 calories (100ml)Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water - 28 calories (per 100ml)Fever-Tree normally Light Tonic Water - 15 calories (100ml)Fentimans Premium Tonic Water - 29 calories (per 100ml)Fentimans naturally Light Tonic Water - 18 calories (per 100ml)

Of course, there space those that wouldn’t dream of an altering their wanted accompaniment come gin, however to a much less discerning palette, the calorie saving above is fairly self-evident.


How walk gin and tonic compare to other alcoholic beverages?

When looking in ~ the average number of calories had in a conventional measure because that each that the key categories of alcohol addict beverages, gin and also tonic is fairly noticeably lower.

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Beer - 215 calorie (pint)Cider - 210 calorie (pint)Red wine - 160 calorie (125ml)White alcohol - 159 calorie (125ml)Rosé alcohol - 147 calorie (125ml)Gin & Tonic - 90 calories (25ml gin; 100ml tonic)

Regardless of any type of calorie saving, moderation must constantly be worked out - perhaps even much more so with gin i m sorry to be classified together gin needs to have an ABV of at least 37.5%.