Browsing with the chapter recaps will carry out you v an chance to setup ahead, and also assist you through reviewing because that quizzes and also exams. Whether you need to preview the novel or you’d choose to evaluation for exams, these Esperanza Rising chapter summaries cover the necessary parts native each component of the novel.

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For students, while this Esperanza Rising chapter summaries are effective for evaluation of the novel, they will not change what you stand to obtain by actually analysis the novel. Text evidence from quotes, vocabulary acquisition, character analysis, and also a examine of themes and other literary elements are only some the the plenty of useful an abilities you will obtain by reading past these Esperanza Rising chapter summaries.

Prologue (Aguascalientes, Mexico 1924)

While walking with the vineyard, Esperanza Ortega’s father shows her just how to listen for the love of the neighboring valley by pressing her ear come the ground. She grow impatient, not hearing anything, however he reminds her the patience is rewarded. Soon, she too can hear the love of the valley.

Las Uvas (Grapes)


It is currently six years after the prologue and it is time come harvest the grapes. Esperanza is vested the respect of slicing the an initial stem because she is the just child. In three weeks, Esperanza will celebrate her thirteenth birthday. She thinks about the future, about the time she will turn fifteen and also have a presentation party. On the night of her birthday she sits waiting in the rose garden for her Papa to come home. She choose a rose and also pricks her thumb through a thorn. The blood does no stop and her very first assumption is this is a authorize of bad luck. Tío Luis and Tío Marco, Papa’s step brothers, display up in ~ the ranch later that night with Papa’s silver belt buckle. Finally, Miguel and Alfonso return. Papa’s body is in the earlier of the wagon. He has been murdered.

Las Papayas (Papayas)

Esperanza wakes native a dream thinking her father and also others are exterior her home window serenading her since today is her thirteenth birthday. Mr. Rodriguez, your neighbor and family friend, has brought the basket the papayas because that the birthday feast which will certainly no longer happen. Only days ~ the funeral does Esperanza remember to open her gifts. Her favourite is the porcelain doll she received from her father. Esperanza’s uncles visit the ranch every day, and also after the analysis of Papa’s will, they discover the land has actually been left to Tío Luis and also the home to Mama. Luis provides this time come propose marriage to Mama together a systems to their residential or commercial property conflict, yet he is planning to operation for governor and he’d secretly like Mama’s affect to help him win the campaign. Mama refuses. Miguel finds Esperanza in the garden and also tries to comfort her, however she is awkward by your contact.

Los Higos (Figs)

Esperanza wakes to uncover the house is top top fire. Miguel rescues Abuelita. She has actually twisted ankle if retrieving she crocheting. The next morning the tíos go back to offer Mama another chance at marriage, i beg your pardon she accepts. Esperanza walk not discover until later that quickly she, Mama, and every one of Hortensia’s family members will escape come California to work-related in the fields. Abuelita will remain with her sisters, the nuns, until she have the right to join her family members once more. Abuelita instructs Esperanza to continue working top top the ceiling they started together.

Las Guayabas (Guavas)

Under covering of night, Esperanza and her family members walk to Mr. Rodriguez’s surrounding ranch. Castle escape indigenous Aguascalientes in the earlier of a wagon extended with guavas. Esperanza remembers escaping bandits once she to be younger, how Miguel conserved their lives, and how Papa had actually rewarded them v a train ride. At the train station in Zacatecas, Esperanza cannot recognize why they did no board the an intricate car. She hides her doll from a poor tiny girl, an act which earns she mother’s scorn. Her mom reminds she to think prior to she looks down her nose at bad people, for they are just like Hortensia and also Alfonso, the human being to who they are currently indebted. They accomplish Carmen, a negative woman who claims to it is in rich because she has actually the best of the an easy things in life.

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These Esperanza Rising thing summaries, while helpful for review, room not a substitute for analysis the novel.

Los Melones (Cantaloupes)

The travelers finally reach the united States. ~ a scare at immigration, they continue through California ~ above the train come Los Angeles. Alfonso’s brother and also his household meet them and also drive them back to the mountain Joaquin Valley. When the family members stop to eat lunch, Esperanza wanders away, think of she father, and also learns the Miguel likewise misses him. Just prior to they reach their destination, they stop to choose up Marta, a ar worker top top a neighboring farm. Esperanza is automatically uncomfortable roughly Marta because she is rude come Esperanza. This is the an initial time Esperanza learns around the living conditions for farm yard workers.

Las Cebollas (Onions)

At the farm, Esperanza and also Mama settle right into their brand-new home with Alfonso and Hortensia. Esperanza is automatically frustrated and also resistant come the obvious readjust and comparison from her old living conditions. The following morning anyone wakes beforehand to start occupational out in the field. Esperanza and Isabel stay behind come take care of the pair babies. Isabel introduces Esperanza to some of Melina and also Irene. Later, she teaches her just how to to wash diapers. Esperanza’s other job is to sweep the platform, but she no know just how to use a broom. She runs earlier to the residence after Marta and also some various other girls laugh in ~ her. Miguel teaches Esperanza just how to sweep. After, Esperanza admits come Isabel there are numerous things she must discover if she is to take care of the babies by herself as soon as Isabel goes earlier to school.

Las Almendras (Almonds)

Alfonso and also Miguel surprised Esperanza and also Mama v a tiny shrine they’ve developed using one old washtub, a frostbite of our Lady the Guadalupe, and also cuttings native Papa’s climbed garden. The following morning during bath time, Esperanza is embarrassed due to the fact that she acts prefer Hortensia will bath her, but Hortensia is no longer her maid and also she have to now do for herself. At the Jamaica, Esperanza observes Marta rallying the other workers come strike. She learns an ext about migrant camp living conditions and also why Marta is so angry. She likewise learns about other migrants comes from across the joined States. Finally, as everyone is asleep, Mama praises Esperanza for the changes she’s made and for all the she’s learned.

Las Ciruelas (Plums)


On her very first day alone with the babies, Esperanza feeds them. Once the babies acquire sick to their stomachs and also she must change their diapers continuously, Esperanza forgets around the bean she was supposed to stir. The beans burn, but Esperanza remembers a cure for upset stomach and also manages to assist the babies recover. ~ above her 2nd day, Esperanza goes external to chat through Melina and also Irene, however soon ~ a dust storm blows across the farm. After ~ the storm, the rather return spanned in dust and coughing. Mama is the only one who does not prevent coughing. Once she does not wake up, a doctor is sent for, and Esperanza soon learns Mama has contracted sink Fever.

Las Papas (Potatoes)

Esperanza looks after ~ Mama, yet Mama is no recovering. The medical professional recommends Mama walk to the hospital. Mama is currently depressed and ill. Once Mama is in the hospital, Esperanza resolves to discover a task in the packing burned with Miguel’s help. While she is cut potato eyes, Esperanza learns around repatriation. A few nights before Christmas, Isabel asks Esperanza to tell her around celebrating the Christmas season in Aguascalientes. The memories relocate Esperanza come tears. She marvels how Isabel could be so happy through the simplest things. Once Esperanza visits Mama, she has actually nothing however a pretty rock to provide her and also the promise that she will take care of she now.

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These Esperanza Rising chapter summaries, while valuable for review, space not a substitute for analysis the novel.

Los Aguacates (Avocados)


Esperanza notices the toll fee of cold and work on she hands. The following time Esperanza visits she mother, the doctor informs her that Mama now has pneumonia. A couple of days later, Miguel cd driver Esperanza come Mr. Yakota’s market. Indigenous Miguel, she learns around society’s prejudice against Mexicans. Impulsively, she decides to buy Mama a piñata. ~ above the method home Miguel and Esperanza see Marta and her mom walking along the next of the road and offer castle a ride. Esperanza notices how Marta and also her mother hold hands and also which renders her miss out on her own mother. In ~ Marta’s camp, Esperanza is horrified by the living conditions she witnesses. A poor family technique the truck and ask for help. Esperanza fills your hat through beans and also gives the candy-filled piñata to the children. A few nights later on Miguel’s family members celebrates because Miguel has finally found a project with the railroad.

Los Espárragos (Asparagus)

At occupational the following day, Esperanza, Hortensia, and also Josefina need to cross the picket present to get into the pack shed. Together the strike goes on for days, the strikers try to deter the workers by sneaking snakes, rats, and broken glass into the asparagus bundles. One day the chanting stops because immigration officials have actually arrived. They round up the strikers, fill them onto a bus, and send them earlier to Mexico. Esperanza discovers Marta hiding behind part crates. Rather than turn her in, Esperanza decides to help her. Esperanza is relocated by the injustice of repatriation, and also the next day she asks Miguel to journey her to Marta’s camp, but they find it has been cleared out. Only the cheat piñata, insides ripped out, continues to be hanging native a tree.

Los Duraznos (Peaches)

Isabel shares she desire to it is in crowned Queen of the May. She is the only student who has met every one of the qualifications, yet the teacher have to choose. Upon finding out that the Oklahoma migrants will have actually a new camp with a pool, Esperanza grow frustrated once more with the injustice of your existence, particularly when she hears that Miguel’s task was provided to people from Oklahoma that were no qualified. Esperanza and also Miguel argue: she cannot know his optimism, the cannot understand her absence of patience. The next morning Miguel is gone. Isabel comes house from college that afternoon in tears. Esperanza consoles her by giving her the last porcelain doll she father offered her. The following time she visits the hospital, Esperanza learns Mama deserve to now come home. Upon she arrival in ~ the farm, Esperanza walk to present her mom all the money she has saved. That’s once Esperanza discovers all of her money orders space gone.

Las Uvas (Grapes)

While pack peaches one day, Alfonso comes to the shed and tells Hortensia and also Esperanza he has actually heard indigenous Miguel and they are to meet him in Los Angeles in ~ the bus station. Esperanza is astonished to watch Abuelita emerge from the bus. Miguel has brought her ago from Mexico. Earlier at the camp, Esperanza and also Abuelita surprise Mama when she is resting in the the shade under a tree. Abuelita shares just how Tío louis responded come Mama and also Esperanza’s disappearance. Esperanza tells your story come Abuelita follow to the growing seasons. A few days prior to her birthday, Esperanza and also Miguel drive to the foothills to watch the sunrise. They both lie level on the soil to listen to the heartbeat the the valley. Esperanza turns over and also envisions herself gliding high over the ground, however instead of gift afraid and also losing control, she feels cost-free and empowered. ~ above the morning of she birthday, Esperanza is serenaded through Alfonso, Miguel and Juan. She watches as Abuelita teaches Isabel come crochet her an initial stitch and also instructs her to not be afraid to start over.

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