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Julie Chen(Julie Suzanne Chen Moonves) is one American Journalist at this time working together a news anchor and also producer at CBS. She is the organize of the American version of the CBS reality-television program, large Brother. In addition, Julie is the longest-serving hold of any type of country’s variation of the show. Prior to that, she operated as a co-anchor of the Early present on CBS.

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Julie Chen Age

She to be born top top January 6, 1970, in Queens, brand-new York City, United States. Julie is 51 years old.

Julie Chen Height

She is a woman of above-average stature. Julie is slightly tall and also stands in ~ a height of 5 ft 8 in (approx. 1.73 m).

Julie Chen Family

She to be born to her parents and raised in Queens, new York City. She mother, Wang Ling Chen, to be born and also raised in Rangoon, Burma while her father, David Chen, was born in China, and also later fled to Taiwan following the Chinese civil War. In addition, Julie has two siblings, Victoria and Gladys.

Julie’s Photo

Julie Chen Husband

She is married to she husband Les Moonves. The pair married ~ above December 23, 2004, in a private wedding organized in Acapulco, Mexico. The pair also shares a son called Charlie.

Julie married Les 13 work after the court had granted her husband very early divorce from her ex-wife Nancy Wiesenfeld Moonves. Nancy filed for divorce in Los Angeles exceptional Court citing irreconcilable differences. However, the divorce proceedings to be delayed for practically 2 years because of financial settlement disagreements.

Julie Chen kid | children | Kids

Julie and her husband have actually four youngsters Charlie, Adam, Michael, and also Sara. Charlie is Julie’s only son, and he to be born on September 24, 2009. She is because of this a stepmother Adam, Michael, and also Sara from her husband’s previous marriage.

Julie Chen Education

She attended small high institution in the Whitestone area that Queens and graduated in 1987 indigenous St. Francis Preparatory School. Subsequently, Julie graduated in 1991 from the university of southerly California v a bachelor’s degree in transfer Journalism and also English.

Julie Chen huge Brother | Season 1

She join CBS News in 1999 and also in 2000 Julie ended up being the organize of the American version of large Brother. She earned her nickname, Chenbot, throughout the an initial season the the show in 2000. Julie to be criticized for heavily scripted interviews on the live programs as well as wooden distribution in her communication with the studio audience thus earning the nickname.

Additionally, Julie suggested in 2 interviews that she takes no an individual offense at the term. She also included that it might derive from her an exact on-air style which comes from a desire to be objective. Moreover, Julie yet again confirmed the nickname in a segment top top The beforehand Show. This happened while she discussing mugs made in she likeness as soon as she confirmed to it is in Chenbot.

Julie Chen The Talk

She was the moderator and also Co-host that the CBS Daytime talk show which to be premiered ~ above October 18, 2010. However, Julie announced the she would not be return to The talk on a prerecorded tape on September 18, 2018. This was since she required to spend much more time at home with her husband after there was a number of sexual attack allegations surfaced against her husband Les Moonves.

She began her job in June 1990 as an intern working at CBS Morning News alongside Andy Cohen. Julie later moved to alphabet NewsOne while tho in school, and also worked together a workdesk assistant. In addition, she was advocated to work-related as a producer native 1992 to 1995.

From 1995 to 1997, Julie operated as a regional news reporter for WDTN-TV in Dayton, Ohio. During her time in Dayton, Julie revealed in 2015 top top The speak that her news director had actually told her the she would never end up being a news anchor. This he stated was as result of her Asian eyes. Luckily, she had actually a surgical procedure to minimize the epicanthic folds of she eyes. This was her after the “big-time agent” agreed and advised she to gain plastic surgery.

She worked as an anchor because that CBS Morning News and also News anchor of CBS This Morning. In addition, Julie held The at an early stage Show together with Jane Clayson, Hannah Storm, Bryant Gumbel, harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez, Rene Syke, and Erica Hill. Notably, she worked there from 1999 come 2002.

Julie Chen Quits The Talk

She do the notice in a prerecorded ice cream on September 18, 2018, the she would not be returning to The Talk. Julie claimed that she required to spend more time at residence with she husband. This to be after over there were several sexual assault allegations surfaced against her husband Les Moonves.

Julie Chen v No Makeup

Together v the women of The Talk, Julie took the phase at the CBS talk display without makeup in February 2018. Moreover, they all look amazing. Julie go ahead and said that appearing on TV without make-up is especially daunting. This she said is due to the fact that what world see on screen is various from what they see in genuine life. However, there is no information about her going to phase without make-up lately.

Julie Chen Salary

She is working for CBS News and there is no doubt, therefore, she is earning a kind salary. Julie earns an mean salary the $112,700 annually.

Julie Chen network Worth

She is a veteran reporter who has been working for much more than 3 decades. Julie has over the years accrued a quite exceptional fortune indigenous her successful career. She has actually a network worth the $1.6million.

Is Julie Chen still Married

She is a wife to Les Moonves and also the pair space happily living with each other as husband and also wife. Julie seems to be happy v her marriage and enjoys being through her dear husband Les Moonves. Moreover, the pair wedded top top December 23, 2004.

Does Julie Chen have actually A Child

She has one son, Charlie, with her husband Les Moonves. However, Julie has a full of 4 kids including 3 adult youngsters from her husband’s vault marriage.

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Is Julie Chen quiet Hosting big Brother

She is still the organize of the CBS News program big Brother. Julie is likewise the longest-serving hold of any kind of country’s variation of the show. Moreover, ~ a series of sexual misconduct allegations versus her husband Les Moonves, in 2018, she began using her married name, Julie Chen Moonves.