When it involves recipes involving delicious peanut butter, measure up it no so easy, and also that reasons many to wonder, “How many cups the peanut butter in a pound?” Read and also find the end below.

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Why american Love Peanut Butter?

We don’t require a rocket scientist to explainpeople’s love affair with peanut butter, the yummy spread out made indigenous ground,dry-roasted peanuts. The is eaten approximately the globe and especially, right here in theUnited States, and also we have the fascinating proof:

In 2019, statistics proved that 297.06million Americans spend peanut butter. Those numbers were based upon the U.S.Census data and also the Simmons National customer Survey (NHCS).

Folks love eat the smoothable snack andenjoy baking and cooking with peanut butter. If it weren’t a renowned snack,then October 31st would most likely never it is in the same since Reese’s PeanutButter Cups remain the favourite Halloween treat in inspection after inspection evenbeating the top Snickers chocolate bar.

How numerous cups of peanut butter in a pound?

Some could be rapid to answer the thereare two cups of peanut butter in a pound, yet that would appear to be simply abit too much of the spreadable snack.

Remember that when it comes to ounces,fluid volume ounces are not the exact same as in load ounces. For this reason that way that aone-pound (16 oz.) container doesn’t constantly equal 2 cups.

Just looking in ~ peanut butter, we can seeit is much denser than a liquid choose water.

We must use a weight to volume, lb tocup conversion an approach in answering the question, “How countless cups that peanutbutter in a pound?”

The right answer is this one: there areapproximately 1.9 cups of peanut butter per lb or specifically 1.8908 us cups,according come the calculation that deserve to be uncovered online with a Google search.

Knowing this essential bit the informationwill offer you well when using peanut butter recipes. Because that example, makingpeanut butter fudge is a standard that usually calls because that 1 1/4 cup of creamypeanut butter.

In turn, we would should purchase a16-ounce jug of peanut butter to make the recipe, and also we would have actually some peanutbutter left over in the jar.

Peanut butter is no only distinct in exactly how itis measured but also in just how we scoop it out for measuring. If you have actually everused the smooth spreadable in recipes, it can stick come measuring spoons, cups,knives, etc.

Some of the best bakers have actually come up with asimple tip for ensuring a perfect measure and making sure that every small bitis used in a recipe for best accuracy and also taste.

Non-stick cooking spray is the answer.

You have the right to spray the inside of her measuringcup to prevent the peanut butter from sticking to the inside. Perform the exact same withyour spatula or spoon as well make it slippery and prevent the peanut butter fromgetting stuck on it.

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Let’s be honest. Peanut butter is adelicious snack, a an excellent source the protein and also loaded through heart-healthy fatswhether it’s sweet from lb to cup or piled high top top a spoon.