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Medication management Refresher CourseThis course is precious 1.0 CE upon perfect of the test.In an initiative to maintain proficiency in medicine administrationI have come up with this refresher course and exam because that you come takeat her leisure. Please read the following information and also then take it the test to get 1.0 CE.

FOR STARTERSFormulas that might be beneficial:Calculating doses and management ratesMicrograms/kilograms/minute:mL/hr =mcg ordered X kg X 60mcg/mLmcg/kg/min =mcg/mL X mL/hr-60-kgMicrograms/minute:mL/hr =mcg bespeak X 60mcg/mLmcg/min =mcg/mL X mL/hr60

Calculate one IV drip rateX = IV bag volume X mg notified X gtt setDrug in bag X 1 min. X 1mLExample:find the gtts/minOrdered: 3 mg lidocaine/min IV dripOn Hand: 2 gm lidocaine/5 mLBag: 500mL D5WX = 500 X 3mg X 60X = 45 gtts/min2000 mg X 1 X 1
Find the ConcentrationX = Solute (gms or mgs that drug)Solvent (ltr or mL of volume)Example: 1 gm the lidocaine has been added to 250 mL the D5WX = 1gm250mLX = 1000mg (converted to milligrams)250mLX = 4mg/mL
Amount of SolutePercent of solution X volume of solution = variety of gramsExample: How many grams the dextrose room in a 250mL bag of D5W?5% dextrose in water = 5 grams that Dextrose in 100 mL.X = 5% or 5gms X 250100X = 12.5g5g : 100 mL : : (X)g : 250mLMD orders 500mg that 10% solution CaCl.

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How plenty of mLs do you give?10 g/100 mL or 10 X 1000 = 10,000mg/100mL10,000mg/100mL = 500mg/(X)mL10,000X = 50,000X = 5MD orderes Isuprel infusion 2 mg/500mL D5W. What is the concestration per mL?2mg5002mg : 500mL : : (X)mg : 1mL2 : 500XX = 0.004mg or 4 mcg/mL
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