To transform a kilowatt-hour measurement come a joule measurement, multiply the energy by the conversion ratio.

due to the fact that one kilowatt-hour is equal to 3,600,000 joules, you can use this an easy formula to convert:

How countless Joules room in a Kilowatt-hour?

There space 3,600,000 joules in a kilowatt-hour, which is why we usage this value in the formula above.

1 kWh = 3,600,000 J

Kilowatt-hours and joules room both units used to measure energy. Keep analysis to learn much more about every unit that measure.

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A kilowatt-hour is a measure up of electrical energy equal to one kilowatt, or 1,000 watts, of strength over a one hour period. Kilowatt-hours room a measure up of electrical work performed over a period of time, and also are often used together a means of measure energy intake by electric companies.

Kilowatt-hours room usually abbreviated together kWh, although the formally embraced expression is kW·h. The abbreviation kWh is additionally sometimes used. For example, 1 kilowatt-hour deserve to be written as 1 kWh, 1 kW·h, or 1 kWh.

In formal expressions, the centered dot (·) or room is used to different units used to indicate multiplication in an expression and to protect against conflicting prefixes gift misinterpreted as a unit symbol.<1>


The joule is the power equal come the pressure on an object of one newton at a street of one meter.<2> One joule is equal to the heat energy dissipated by the existing of one ampere through one ohm of resistance for one second.

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One joule is also equal to the energy needed to move an electrical charge of one coulomb through a potential distinction of one volt. In addition, one joule is additionally equal to the one watt-second.

The joule is the SI obtained unit for energy in the metric system. Joules can be abbreviated together J; for example, 1 joule have the right to be created as 1 J.

Kilowatt-hour come Joule counter Table

Kilowatt-hour measurements converted come joules Kilowatt-hours Joules
0.000001 kWh 3.6 J
0.000002 kWh 7.2 J
0.000003 kWh 10.8 J
0.000004 kWh 14.4 J
0.000005 kWh 18 J
0.000006 kWh 21.6 J
0.000007 kWh 25.2 J
0.000008 kWh 28.8 J
0.000009 kWh 32.4 J
0.0000001 kWh 0.36 J
0.000001 kWh 3.6 J
0.00001 kWh 36 J
0.0001 kWh 360 J
0.001 kWh 3,600 J
0.01 kWh 36,000 J
0.1 kWh 360,000 J
1 kWh 3,600,000 J


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