Kimberly Denise Jones, who is better known together Lil" Kim, is a rapper and also a songwriter. Few of her most renowned songs encompass No Time, no Tonight (Ladies Night) and also Crush ~ above You. She has likewise appeared ~ above TV shows, including Dancing v the Stars, and also in films, such together Zoolander.

From her music to she fashion, she is a true symbol who has been entertaining the human being for years. And on June 9, 2014, she included another location to her resumé: mother. Yes, she has a daughter called Royal Reign… a daughter who is in the spotlight and already seems to be dressing in cute ways and also appearing ~ above red carpets, as with her mom!

the being said, we put together 13 sweet photos that present Lil’ Kim and also Royal power doing everything from eating candy and dressing in costumes to acquisition selfies and also celebrating holidays. The course, over there are also pics that display this boy riding her bike and taking naps - she is only five years old, after ~ all!

No matter what they room doing, though, it is clear that these two space bold, bright, and also beautiful ladies...and us can’t wait to check out what is following for them.

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13 She to be Born In 2014

First, let’s learn a bit of background about this celebrity baby, royal Reign. Together mentioned, she to be born in June 2014. Imperial Reign"s dad is likewise a rapper named Mr. Papers. We wonder if she will certainly follow in she parents’ footsteps, by getting into the human being of music and also building a effective music career…?

12 Now, She Is Five and also Walking Red Carpets

every little thing she go in her future years, she is currently in the spotlight...and walking red carpets through her well known mom! Not numerous five-year-olds can say they have actually done this, and there aren"t as well many youngsters with renowned parents that look as stylish as Royal power does top top the red carpet.

11 She costume Up In Costumes through Her Mom

Lil’ Kim and also Royal Reign perform “normal” points together, as well, such together dressing up in costumes now and also then. Just look at these punishment outfits…they space too adorable.

"Mini" versions of clothes are constantly great, as are corresponding mommy-and-me ensembles. No one does twinning like these two.

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10 They go To liquid Shops

Another an extremely cute picture of these two mirrors them with candy. We room sure this was a dream come true for royal Reign, but both of lock look like they are having a an extremely sweet time. They are both put on white dresses v flouncy skirts that space too fab.

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9 lock Celebrate Holidays

One year at Christmastime, Lil’ Kim made decision to have a themed photo shoot v her daughter and also the results were amazing. Indigenous the festive red outfits and also the bright blow up decorations come the version looks ~ above both of your faces, these space some an excellent ones.

8 and also They posture Pretty because that Pictures

because of Lil’ Kim’s career, that is most likely that she and also her daughter will certainly have numerous chances to obtain all dolled up and also then posture pretty for the cameras. And it looks choose they both already have that down very well! that doesn’t issue where they room here…all we know is the they look therefore pretty.

7 the Course, over there Are also Bike Lessons

She is a celeb child, so fans have obtained to see photos that present Royal power doing some fun things, such together riding she bike. That is an essential lesson that plenty of learn at a young age, also if the kid is the daughter the two well known rappers.

6 And New Clothes

Lil’ Kim is frequently praised for she risky and also bold fashion choices, and she is already dressing Royal power in part super remarkable outfits. The feathers, the tutus, the twinning moments…all these points make united state excited to check out what they will certainly wear next!

5 There room Fashionable Accessories

don’t forget the accessories! people of all ages finish off their looks with items such as bags, jewelry, hats and belts, and buying tiny versions of these things for babies is yes, really fun.

Therefore, the is always entertaining to check out the "cherries ~ above top" of royal Reign’s outfits.

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4 There room Social short articles To Share

Everyone and their dog is on social media, and for celebs favor Lil" Kim, that means sharing everything, from BTS moments the involve full-on glam come videos and also pictures of she daughter singing and playing and also living. Fans love that all and can’t acquire enough!

3 and also There are Naps

there is naught sweeter 보다 a resting baby, and Lil’ Kim shared these adorable image of Royal power napping. Sure, people are interested in celebrity children like royal Reign, and cute outfits are always nice, but any and all napping kids are just so precious.

2 Yes, This Is One Lucky tiny Girl

Yes, this small girl is definitely starting to have some memorable moment that may differ native the typical child’s life. However she is still just a boy who enjoys biking and also playing and also hanging out through her mom…as well as posing on red carpets.

1 who Proves That good Looks & style Run In The Family

when Royal power enjoys her formative years, she is prove that good looks and also style operation in the family. The evidence is in this adorable and also amazing pics of these two! we can’t wait for an ext from rapper Lil’ Kim and also her darling daughter, royal Reign. Looks choose Kim is loving motherhood!

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