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It is not often we obtain to say nice things around celebrities. Usually when they’re act something good, we see it together an plot of self-promotion and little else. Or probably we’re simply a tiny jealous of their lifestyle and are being generally unkind. We will leave that for you to decide.

However. This week, us would prefer to carry to your fist someone who we space delightfully surprised to be providing the title of Language Hero. And here is why.


Photo via Flickr / Flickr

Language hero: Cristiano Ronaldo

Where our hero is from: Portugal

Native language: Portuguese

Spoken languages: Ronaldo himself states that in the locker room, he speaks a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and German, and also there are many videos the end there top top Youtube the him speaking Russian. The is fairly the eclectic mix! for those of girlfriend not currently in the know, French, Spanish and Portuguese space Latin, or romantic languages, English and German, Germanic, and also Russian, Slavic. The is three totally separate language root to master, i beg your pardon is fairly a feat indeed.

Best well-known for: uneven you live under a rock, you’ll already know the Ronaldo is touted as being among the finest football football player of every time. And captaining his aboriginal Portugal in worldwide matches, he at this time plays for real Madrid in Spain together a forward.


Photo via Flickr

Why he is our language hero this week: This video clip warms our hearts and also makes us think a little much more fondly of Ronaldo than we previously have actually done. In the clip, a boy is attempting come interview the in Portuguese, i m sorry is no the boy’s aboriginal language. The young is stuttering, and also murmuring, concerned in front of his hero and plainly falling over his words.

What happens following is magic. The press are tittering in the mocking method that castle do, and the general noise level is growing louder and an ext disruptive. Ronaldo calmly turns, turning the laughter ~ above the journalists themselves, and also asks why they are laughing, due to the fact that the young is doing well, and much more importantly, he is trying. There seems to be genuine bafflement indigenous him as to why they would laugh at someone actually providing a foreign language a try.

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What we particularly love around this video is the it reflects encouragement for language learning from an unanticipated source. Ronaldo is already well-known as a football function model, that goes there is no saying. However in this case he’s also a duty model for learning languages. By supporting the boy throughout the interview, that is mirroring both him, and also a more comprehensive audience, that making language mistakes are perfectly okay; just as lengthy as you keep on trying. That is so important to have such remarkable language ambassadors; what better way to motivate you to discover a language than to have one of her heroes cheering girlfriend on?

Setting one example

Ronaldo is additionally a perfect instance of how good you can obtain at a language by proceeding to practice at it. After ~ all, friend don’t end up being semi- or completely fluent in 5 languages next to your own mother tongue, without placing a little effort in, now do you?


Photo via Pixabay / Pixabay

There are many videos out there making fun of Ronaldo when he himself was acquiring to grips v English; and look how much he has come. Possibly he is not perfect. However he isn’t afraid to try, i beg your pardon is key. That is pretty remarkable to watch his at an early stage attempts v English in post-match interviews, when compared with exactly how comfortable he is offering them today.

Ronaldo’s perseverance with his own mastery of language just reinforces how vital it is to save trying, even if you perform make mistakes. Currently if that isn’t the perfect prompt for you to gain your teeth right into a little language finding out yourself, we really don’t understand what is!