If we fold acircle over any type of of that is diameters, climate the parts of the circle on each side of the diameterwill match up illustrating thatthe components of the circle on each side that the diametermust have the same area. Thus, any kind of diameter that a circle can be thought about as a line of symmetry for thecircle. We can inspect whether an object is symmetrical or no if we space able to divide things into 2 symmetrical components by drawing a line. If a heat divides an object into twosymmetrical parts, thenthe thing is claimed to be symmetrical. An item can have actually zero present of the contrary or it can have boundless lines that symmetry.

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1.What is symmetry of any type of Circle?
2.Solved instances on the contrary of any kind of Circle
3. Practice Questionson the contrary of any type of Circle
4.FAQson the contrary of any Circle

What is symmetry of any kind of Circle?

We understand that the diameter that a circle is a heat passing v itscenter. So, the diameter acts as aline of the opposite dividingthe circle right into two parts with equal area. There is one infinite variety of lines passing v the center, hence acircle has an infinite variety of lines of symmetry.

Symmetry ina Circle

A circle is symmetrical around any of its diameter. Bysymmetrical, we median that the circle deserve to bedivided into two congruent partsby any kind of of the diameter. Look at the figure given below!Thecircle with facility Ois symmetrical about its diameter AB.


When a figure is rotated about itscenter allude andstill shows up exactly as it wasbefore the rotation, thenit is claimed to have actually rotational symmetry. A circle has actually rotational symmetry. The order of the the contrary in a one is infinite. That way ifwerotate the circle by any type of degree that angle follow me its diameter, itwill alwaysbe symmetrical about the diameter.

Lines of the opposite ina Circle

A circle has its diameter as the heat of symmetry, and a circle have the right to have one infinite variety of diameters. Hence, a circle has actually infinite linesof symmetry.


Thinking the end Of the Box!

How countless lines of symmetry go a human body deserve to have?Is her mirror picture symmetric come you?

Important Notes

A circle has infinite axesof symmetry.A circle has actually rotational symmetry.If any object contends least one line of symmetry, climate it is said to be symmetrical.A circle is symmetric about its diameter.

Topics regarded Symmetry of any Circle

Solved Exampleson the contrary of any Circle

Example 1: Kristine told her friends that a chord that a circle can be a line of the opposite of a circle. Is she right?


The diameter is the heat of symmetry for a circle. The diameter is the greatest chord that the circle. Hence a chord deserve to be the line of the contrary of a circle only if that is a diameter. Therefore, Kristine is right.

Example 2:Determine the variety of lines of symmetry for thefigure offered below.



We recognize that a circle has infinite present of symmetry yet as per the given figure, a circle has been inscriptions in a square. A square has actually 4 present of symmetry. Therefore, the given figure has 4 lines of symmetry.

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Practice concerns on symmetry of any kind of Circle

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FAQs onSymmetry of any Circle

Can a Circle it is in Symmetrical?

Yes, a circle is symmetricabout that diameter and also a circle deserve to have boundless lines of symmetry.

Which Shape has Only One line of Symmetry?

An isosceles triangle issymmetric along the bisector the the vertical angle and thushas one heat of symmetry.

Where can you find Symmetry in Nature?

In real-time, we come throughout many symmetry objectsaround us, such as abutterfly issymmetricaland the Taj Mahal is a perfect instance of symmetry.

Is the one Symmetric to the Origin?

On illustration anaxis of the contrary passing v the origin,the circle mirrors symmetry around that axis. Thus,acircle is symmetric aboutthe origin

What is the Axis of the contrary of a Circle?

Acircle has actually infinitely many lines the symmetry. Any type of line with its facility (that is, any type of diameter) isan axis the symmetry. The x-axis is just the heat y = 0, and the y-axis is simply the heat x = 0.

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Does a circle have actually 360 currently of symmetry?

A circle is consisted of of 360 degrees. To display or prove themultiple present of symmetry, just drawan axis suggest (the center of the circle) and then turn it by a particular angle. Acircle has actually an boundless symmetry the is as result of the truth wecan attract an infinite number of diameterson the circle and also that represents the line of symmetry.