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Our experimentation method

The testing an approach is actually pretty simple. Android has a data security tool in the OS already. However, because that the services of verification, we likewise used Google’s Datally app and also GlassWire. Both apps also record data intake in nearly real-time. That method we have actually three total sources for this reason we deserve to compare and also average outcomes for better accuracy. Otherwise, it’s simply watching a video and seeing what the data apps all say.

We provided this 8k, 60FPS, HDR video tour that Peru due to the fact that Peru is a beautiful ar and likewise this video had every easily accessible resolution on YouTube at the fastest possible frame price with HDR. We regarded the video at a locked resolution for three minutes and measured the data. Unfortunately, no all resolutions room always easily accessible on mobile. Thus, for 4k and 8k, we supplied the windows data monitor along with, well, GlassWire due to the fact that it’s available on pc as well. It likewise helped confirm continuity between platforms.

We also ultimately measure up all easily accessible resolutions ~ above PC because we could and also used Google’s Stats because that Nerds option by right-clicking the video clip for the bitrate numbers. We additionally sourced YouTube’s bitrate recommendations due to the fact that they most likely encode videos in those birates anyway.

There were part troubles. The computer I used had actually no problem playing the 8k video. However, my screen doesn’t support HDR so ns don’t believe I witnessed the maximum possible bitrates because that 8k. Until we do additional testing, ours 8k numbers room estimates.


Video QualityResolution (pixels)Framrate (FPS)Bitrate (average)Data supplied per minuteData offered per 60 minutes


Some additional observations

These measurements are far from cut and dry. Our an initial observation is the a 30FPS, non-HDR video uses less data 보다 a 60FPS, HDR-enabled video. The is why our graph has ranges rather than precise numbers. Those watching low bitrate videos at 30FPS and no HDR have to clock in towards the bottom end of the spectrum. Obviously, those the town hall high bitrate videos at 60FPS and HDR will view significantly greater data usage rates.

Another fun little observation is exactly how YouTube loads data. It tons data in chunks rather than a consistent stream the data. In reduced quality video, this chunks are quickly identifiable since YouTube loads larger portions that the video all at once. Because that instance, in the 144p check YouTube loaded almost the entire video clip in around six very clean chunks (shown above). Meanwhile, the 4k video clip loaded in chunks so small that it looks like a continuous data stream. The 4k video also did no buffer as much into the video clip as the 144p did throughout our testing.

We did not correct ours data because that this behavior. The reason is because YouTube go this whether you desire it to or not. If you watch a three minutes of a 5 minute video in 144p, YouTube tho buffers almost the entire video. We could easily usage math to eliminate the overfill data and give girlfriend something closer to specific per-minute usage. However, that would be inaccurate come real-world use.

Live streamed videos and regular videos had around the exact same bitrates and also overall data usage, but live streams call for a stable connection to function.

We also tested during a livestream and the data usage was about the exact same there together well. However, that is consistent data consumption instead that chunks therefore those with less stable web connections may have buffer troubles also if her data speeds show sufficiently quick data come stream.

The last observation was how big of a variety the data intake is loved one to the resolution. At 144p, the variance end the food of an hour is a mere 60MB. However, the variance because that 4k is an ext than 15GB. Bitrates matter a good deal. However, YouTube offers a variable bitrate the makes precise numbers daunting to pinpoint.

It’s additionally interesting that the sizes can overlap. For instance, a short bitrate 480p video consumes much less data than 360p video with a maxed the end bitrate. Us recommend averaging the top and bottom numbers because that an idea of what you will do it use, but understand the number is very inexact and also it could vary greatly depending on the content you watch.


How to conserve data ~ above YouTube

This is relatively easy. Simply lower the resolution the the video clip you desire to watch. Going from 1080p to 720p can reduced your data intake in half. The uses about one 6th of the data dropping from 1080p come 480p. Those number get more absurd if you go from one even greater resolution. Merely tap the three-dot menu switch to pick your video quality.

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Some other noticeable choices encompass switching come WiFi anytime possible. This helps ease the use on your data cap, specifically for those with reduced caps. Additionally, part data conserving apps can assist even further. Google’s Datally app has together a feature and also you can additionally find it in the Settings menu of many Android phones.

Have you ever tried to measure your YouTube data speeds? If so, tell us your outcomes in the comments!