When it concerns running in sports, some have actually it worse 보다 others. Football player in soccer’s world Cup, for example, operation an approximated seven miles every game. (And the refs will run also more!) Here’s how that compares come athletes in various other sports.

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Baseball: .0375 miles


This is a quite generous estimate that equates into approximately 198 feet every game, taken from the 2015 statistics that the current major League Basebal star Mike Trout from the Los Angeles Angels. The distance in between each base is 90 feet. Adding all of the complete bases (singles, doubles, triples, and home runs) and stolen bases the Mike Trout logged throughout the 2015 constant season, the full distance run comes to just more under six miles. (Obviously, as a centerfielder he covers a the majority of extra soil on defense, together well.) Those no as successful at the key log even less mileage—or much more accurately, feet.

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Football: 1.25 miles because that receivers and cornerbacks


Football players don’t have actually a lot of time to travel an extremely far. According to the wall surface Street Journal, the mean NFL game consists of only 11 minute of actual play time. Receivers and cornerbacks operation the most at just over one mile a game. That’s quiet an outstanding feat considering 11 massive and also highly trained athletes would prefer they run as tiny as possible.

Basketball: 2.55 miles


Cutting-edge tracking modern technology has permitted coaches and statisticians to monitor NBA player power in actual time, consisting of the street traveled every game. (Our typical is a turbulent estimate the the peak 10 players in distance per game throughout the 2016 NBA season.) according to the website NBAMiner.com, which tracks advanced player statistics, to run the most throughout the 2016 season was Jimmy servant of the Chicago Bulls at 2.74 miles every game.

Tennis: 3 miles


Distance traveled depends greatly on play style and also the duration of a match, however competitive players deserve to expect to shuffle and also sprint almost a 5K if chasing down balls. During the longest recorded tennis match, at Wimbledon in 2010, it’s approximated that man Isner and also Nicholas Mahut each ran around six miles during 11 hours and five minutes of play.

Field Hockey: 5.6 miles


According come Tribesports, field hockey players travel much more than athletes in virtually any other sport, chasing and defending the sphere for almost a 10K throughout 70 minute of play.

Soccer: 7 miles

A large field, a fast moving ball, and also rare substitutions typical soccer players can expect to log in some hefty mileage end 90-plus minutes. Midfielders have tendency to run the most, sometimes reaching practically 9.5 miles, follow to SportVU.

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