The cheapest iPad Air, despite priced in ~ $499, still gives only 16 gigabytes that space, i beg your pardon leaves part buyers wondering if that’s yes, really enough.

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hard state storage is awesome. Besides its speed, which much outpaces mechanical drives, hard state uses packaging benefits. The cd driver are tiny and have the right to be assembled in different configurations come fit different devices. Tablets and smartphones together we know them today simply couldn’t exist if mechanically drives to be the just choice.

over there is a downside, however. Heavy state storage is expensive, so devices usually don’t offer much. The cheapest iPad Air, though priced in ~ $499, still provides only sixteen gigabytes the space, i m sorry leaves part buyers wonder if that’s really enough.

Let’s check out what a 16GB iPad deserve to handle.

how Much Storage do You actually Receive?

an iPad, like any device with an operation system, need to devote several of its warehouse to that is OS. In the case of a 16GB iPad air this works out to around 4GB, leaving her 12GB come play with.

This is a non-negotiable. Unlike a Windows computer where there’s a ton of alternatives and functions to revolve off or un-install, the iPad has a little suite the apps and also none that them can be removed. You’re going to have to address the reality you’ll have about 75% of the advertised space available.

In fairness to the iPad, though, this is typical. Part 64GB Windows tablet computers have fifty percent their difficult drive consumed as soon as they leaving the factory.

how Much Music deserve to I Store?

The amount of music you deserve to store on her 16GB iPad counts on the format and bitrate, however assuming a common 128kbps bit rate, you’re walking to be looking at a tiny less 보다 one megabyte per minute. Round off that off to a megabyte every minute because that simplicity’s sake, you end up v a maximum of 12,000 minutes of music, or around 200 hours. No bad, really; that’d quickly store 200 albums.

However, the iTunes traditional is 256kbps, and also not everyone desires to transform their music to a reduced bitrate because that storage purposes. This will placed you in ~ a tad much less than two megabytes every minute of audio, which cut storage to around 6,000 minutes, or 100 hours. That’s still enough for a center music collection, but those who can’t go a moment without access to your favorite tunes may easily fill up their device.

You deserve to mitigate the concern with iTunes Match, an iCloud service that lets you store your music in the cloud, including music friend did not buy top top iTunes. The company is $24.99 every year for approximately 25,000 songs stored (and song you’ve purchased indigenous iTunes nothing count versus that limit).

However, user satisfaction v iTunes match seems iffy, as there"s a most complaints about songs no uploading correctly and improper tune recognition. Don"t forget that this is a cloud streaming service, for this reason you can only access your music so lengthy as you have actually a data connection.

exactly how Much video Can i Store?

one iPad, with its beautiful Retina display, is a an excellent video player. But limited storage space can damage your experience.

I’ll do this easy; if you want to clock high-resolution video, and also you can not or don’t want to currently it, a 16GB iPad isn’t because that you. HD movies are very storage-intensive and, depending upon compression, a single television display with a operation time that 45 come 60 minutes can consume a few gigabytes. A two-hour feature film will consume roughly four or five gigabytes.

even SD content requires far-reaching space, together a two-hour film will need roughly a 1.5GB. This way a 16GB iPad, with 12GB of actual space, have the right to only organize three HD movie or eight SD movies.

that’s fine if you simply want a movie or 2 for a cross-country trip, but it’s absolutely not going to job-related if you desire to keep a tiny library. Buyers that can"t walk without their TV-IV should jump directly to the 64GB model.

How numerous Games have the right to I Store?

Some world use your iPad largely for games, and also if that sounds like you, you’ve obtained a lot come consider. Gamings vary extremely in size, so an estimating your needs deserve to be difficult.

speaking generally, textures are what yes, really balloon a game’s paper size. Upset Birds HD, with its straightforward art assets, demands only 44 MB. Eclipse: brand-new Dawn because that The Galaxy, a strategy title based off a plank game, requires 158MB. But 3D fighting game Infinity blade III requires 1.8 GB due to the fact that it attributes a huge number of detailed art assets.

If you just play 2D gamings you"ll most likely never have to worry about storage even on a 16GB iPad. Presume 100MB per game, you"ll have room for 120 titles, i beg your pardon is way more 보다 anyone needs mounted at once. Cell phone gamers that love wealthy 3D experiences need to opt because that a 32GB model.

What about Everything Else?

every little thing else? You typical photos, books, contact lists, and also so on? the stuff doesn"t yes, really matter.

Okay, okay, it could matter. However consider this; I have actually 1,000 image on my iPhone, and also that just takes up around 1.5 GB. One thousands photos! I could simply delete a lot of them, yet there’s no real require when they take up so little space. You have to be seriously into iPad photography to make storage one issue.

In various other words, there are absolutely special situations. You might be the male who wants to keep one thousands .PDFs, or the gal who wants to take it panoramas of absolutely everything, or the human who think a tablet should dual as a flash drive. Yet these demands are niche. Most people just must worry about music, movies and also games.


The answer come this article’s question is "it depends." The information over will help you make an educated guess around how lot storage you’ll need, but it’s still a guess. Remember that it’s good to leave part buffer, therefore if you think you will certainly be close to the limit, it would be wise to opt for the 32GB model.

exactly how much storage execute you have on your smartphone or tablet, and also how much of it have you actually used? let us know in the comments.

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