Navel oranges from California are probably the best eating oranges in the world. The navel is a seedless orange, oval through thick, easy-to-remove peel and segments that separate cleanly. Though not typically used as a juice orange, the Navel can be juiced, however the juice need to be used immediately or the will become bitter. The word navel comes from the advance of a second fruit at the finish of the main fruit, which causes a belly-button look.

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We cannot change citrus that is sent to locations with freezing temperatures.

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WeightDimensionsFree Shipping40LB NAVEL ORANGES
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The California Fruit Depot is located simply off that Highway 58 at the southern end of California"s mountain Joaquin Valley external of Bakersfield California. We are one of California"s smallest fruit packing infrastructure specializing in growing and also shipping premium high quality ORANGES and MEDJOOL DATES.

Our very delicious ORANGES are in your ar grown on our family-owned farm in the tiny town of Edison, California on the suburbs of Bakersfield. Our southerly San Joaquin Valley place is related to as a one of the many ideal citrus farming climates uncovered in the world. We believe the premium oranges we flourish in ours Bakersfield / Edison ar are few of the sweet Navel oranges girlfriend will ever before taste. America"s finest eating orange will certainly be accessible in late November, right now they are still contempt tart , however December and also January is the perfect time for our juicy navel oranges, proceeding into April/May. Each beautifully polished piece of fruit is inspected in ~ least five times, then very closely hand-packed into our beautiful, sturdy, greetings box, protecting it until it reaches your front door. Nothing be satisfied with simple 30 work old, supermarket fruit, or so called bargain gift fruit any longer. You deserve to give and also receive something worth remembering!

Our fresh chop of Medjool days are here and also ready to ship to your door. Medjool days make a wonderful gift for any occasion! our Medjool dates are grown in the near perfect desert climate of southerly California well-known as the Coachella valley to provide you v the sweetest ,most succulent and also full-bodied Medjool dates available.

"Wow!" is what you"ll say after your an initial bite!

The California Fruit Depot is dedicated to shipping the finest fruits and nuts grown in California. We will not ship any kind of oranges until the odor is thought about "WONDERFUL". You could wonder what kind of tools or graph we use to develop our rating. The prize is simple; we measure the sweet of our fruit by taste. We do prosper several various varieties that citrus and sell them come our commercial customers, yet we only ship ours premium grade fruit to our online customers.

Our shipping schedule varies from year to year, and we usually begin shipping roughly the very first of November come insure ours fruit is in ~ the top of freshness and flavor. You room welcome to order and also demand shipment on her schedule, but trust us, the moment of year our fruit is shipped provides a big difference in the taste.Most orange shipments and also gift packs will certainly be shipped VIA UPS. Every 11 lb. Crate of Medjool days will be transport VIA UPS also. We make no warrantees around the condition of the product at the time of arrival. We will certainly ship the end fresh fruit the is all set to be enjoyed.

REMEMBER we constantly strive to delivery the job after the fruit is packed. (Mother Nature sometimes transforms this policy when rain and also holidays acquire close).

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