Many think the lactation in the mare is no that important, especially compared to the dairy cow, indigenous which milk is taken directly for human consumption. However, the prestige of lactation in the mare must not be underestimated. Indeed, some

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Many think the lactation in the mare is not that important, especially compared to the dairy product cow, indigenous which milk is taken directly for human being consumption. However, the prominence of lactation in the mare should not be underestimated. Indeed, some cultures do collection milk indigenous mares for human being consumption, yet normally mare milk production is only indirectly obvious in the development and breakthrough of her foal. Together such, that warrants consideration in part detail. An knowledge of lactation is essential to carry out the best start in life because that the foal. Anatomy the the Mammary Gland Milk is created in the udder or mammary gland of all mammals (hence the hatchet mammal). Various mammals have a differing number of mammary glands located in pairs follow me the abdomen top top either next of the midline. Some mammals, such together pigs, have actually up to 20 (10 pairs), whereas primates have only two. The mare has four mammary glands (two pairs) situated in between the hind legs; castle are defended by a layer of skin and hair that covers the totality surface that the glands. In the area of the teats, the skin is hairless and particularly sensitive in stimulate to reaction to the foal’s suckling. The mammary gland together a whole is sustained by, and attached to, the human body of the mare by sheets of ligaments (Figure 1). In most mammals, each gland has actually its very own teat, for this reason in the mare friend would mean there to be 4 (like a cow). However, the mare is fairly unique in the each pair of glands on either next of the midline join together and also exits via a solitary teat, therefore the mare has only 2 teats (Figure 2). The milk-producing tissue within the mammary glands is consisted of of millions of alveoli and also interconnecting ducts. The alveoli room grouped together and are associated via a network that ducts, which at some point join together and empty right into the gland cistern, the milk warehouse area over each teat. This setup can be compared with a bunch

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Mina C.G. Davies Morel, BSc, PhD

Mina Davies Morel, PhD, is head that the equine team at the institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural sciences at Aberystwyth college in the joined Kingdom. She has details interest in steed reproductive physiology and its application to stud management, and she is the writer of a number of scientific papers and also text publications on the subject. She is a leisure rider and also owner of Welsh Cob section Ds.