Searching because that a versatile brand-new SUV v plenty of internal room come accommodate the requirements of your cultivation San Antonio family? Friends and also neighbors may have recommended the Ford Explorer, but how many seats does it have? The 2021 Ford traveler seating volume maxes the end at 7 passengers, v a total passenger volume of 152.7 cubic feet. This way that even when you have every seat occupied, everyone will have abundant room to gain comfortable. Get the full story ~ above the Ford explorer dimensions, below!

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Interior Ford traveler Dimensions

The Ford traveler seating area accommodates as much as 7 passengers, but what around the Ford explorer cargo space? whether you’re moving sports equipment to new Braunfels or packing because that a week-long vacation, girlfriend won’t have to leave anything behind through the 2021 Explorer! The Ford traveler cargo room provides 18.2 cubic feet behind the 3rd row, 47.9 cubic feet behind the second row, and 87.8 cubic feet behind the first row.

Looking for much more details on the Ford traveler dimensions because that passengers? take it a look in ~ the headroom and also legroom specs transparent the cabin:


First heat – 40.7 inchesSecond heat – 40.5 inchesThird heat – 38.9 inches


First row – 43 customs maxSecond row – 39 inchesThird heat – 32.2 inches

Make the many of the Ford traveler Cargo Space

If you have to keep all three rows the seating in their upright position, there are plenty of attributes designed to aid you do the most of the Ford explorer cargo room in the tribe alone:

Cargo hooksFirst-row facility floor console through wrapped armrest and also storage binOverhead console with dome/map lights and also sunglasses holder

Comfort-Focused functions in the explorer Interior

The 2021 traveler makes it simple to accounting rear-seat occupants during trips from san Antonio to Boerne! when you emphasis on the roadway ahead, her passengers have actually several alternatives to remain entertained, including:

Ford SYNC® infotainment systemFordPass Connect™ 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspotSiriusXM® Satellite Radio

Test the end the Ford explorer Seating in mountain Antonio

Are the Ford traveler seating and cargo areas an ideal for your family’s needs? periodically the best means to make your decision is with a check drive! contact us come arrange an appointment at Northside Ford. After her test ride, you can fulfill with ours finance specialists to discuss leasing and also financing options.