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cubic foot

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››Quick conversion chart of quart to cubic foot

1 quart to cubic foot = 0.03889 cubic foot

10 quart to cubic foot = 0.38889 cubic foot

20 quart to cubic foot = 0.77779 cubic foot

30 quart to cubic foot = 1.16668 cubic foot

40 quart to cubic foot = 1.55557 cubic foot

50 quart come cubic foot = 1.94446 cubic foot

100 quart come cubic foot = 3.88893 cubic foot

200 quart to cubic foot = 7.77785 cubic foot

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››Definition: Quart

The united state dry quart is characterized as 1/32 of a us bushel.

››Definition: Cubic foot

The cubic foot (symbols ft³, cu. Ft.) is a nonmetric unit that volume, used in U.S. Customary units and also Imperial units. That is identified as the volume that a cube v edges one foot in length.

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