This activity would it is in a an excellent to carry out towards the end of a particle unit, as soon as students have already learned about what a seed requirements to grow and additionally seed dispersal. I love the relationships made and the discussions that often happen here, also with really young students.

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Start out by asking students come predict how many seeds castle think are in a cherry tomato (hold one increase to help with the predictions).

Cherry Tomato (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Record predictions on the board and tell student we room going come look inside a cherry tomato to discover out how many seeds. Reduced each tomato in half, for this reason they can check out the insides easily. For older students, friend will require one tomato every student. If you have younger students, you could want to give each student half, to do counting easier and more manageable. When I have actually done this, we generally found in between 60-90 seeds per cherry tomato. I like to hand the end little paper plates for the student to usage to spread the seed out on when counting. ~ students complete counting, permit them to document their results on the board for anyone else come see.

Compare predictions v actual amounts. If your course is old enough, you may want to figure out one average number of seeds every tomato. If you space working v younger students who counted fifty percent tomatoes, compute the number on seed in one tomato ~ above the board for the college student to view (by adding the number’s from every half).

green cherry tomato Houston, Tx (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next, if you have a cherry tomato plant in the garden, check it to check out how countless cherry tomatoes are farming on the one plant (if friend don’t have actually a cherry tomato plant, you might want to show a photo of one and also count the tomatoes farming in the picture). Ask her younger students come imagine exactly how there must be SO numerous seeds on the tree right currently with all those seed inside all those tomatoes. For older students, girlfriend can compute how many seeds are situated on your tomato plant (ave. # of seeds per tomato times the # that tomatoes).

Now friend can obtain so part really rich discussion….

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Ask student if they think every single seed will turn into a plant? Imagine if every seed turned right into a plant, what could the garden look like? Ask student why execute they think the plant creates SO many seeds? Why won’t few of the seeds turn into plants? comment on the feasible reasons seeds might not turn right into plants (they acquire crushed and eaten, lock land on concrete (no soil), lock land in a desert (no water), lock land in the water (no air), castle land in a zero (no sun), etc…). Allow input and also questions indigenous students, and also you’ll it is in surprised by the connections and understandings castle create.

This could be a an excellent point to read “The small Seed,” through Eric Carle, a book about a seed travelling through a big group that seeds, many of which carry out not finish up cultivation up as plants, for miscellaneous reasons. I favor to end the publication by saying something like, “good point the flower developed so many seeds, since only one of the seeds endured to develop a new plant…” and also then I can ask, what if there was only one seed from the flower?