With a complete of 19 children, the Duggars space bound to have at the very least one set of twins — right? think it or not, the count On brood has two!

Jana and John David are Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s very first set that twins. They were born on January 12, 1990, and also are the couple’s second and third children. They were conceived quickly after the duo competent their first miscarriage.

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Courtesy the Jana Duggar/Instagram

These days, john David is the proud owner the a pilot’s license and also he is still getting readjusted to his new role of gift a first-time father. He invited a baby girl through wife Abbie Duggar (née Burnett) named Grace Annette in January 2020. 

As because that Jana? She is enjoying her solitary life and also still lives at her parents’ home. Ago in January 2019, Jana told fans she had actually the choice to relocate to one more room, yet liked share a room v her sisters.

“The evenings are the best. We sit about talking and catching increase on every others’ ,” she wrote via Instagram. The fact star also has a enthusiasm for drawing and also gardening!

Michelle and Jim Bob’s second set of pair are most likely a little easier to guess, just due to the fact that of how comparable their surname are: Jedidiah and Jeremiah. The boys — number 10 and 11 in the Duggar line-up — were born top top December 30, 1998. 


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Courtesy of Jedidiah Duggar/Instagram

“They’re the exact same as Jana and also John David the their characters are virtually opposite,” Michelle previously said in the very same TLC interview. “One took turn off fast, and the various other one was an ext steady and slow. Now they’re fifteen and also they perform things with each other all the time because they’re both boys. They have the very same interests and also they’re really close. Jed and also Jer are constantly doing points together. They’re practically opposites in personality though.”

So, what’s new for the twin boys? Jed and Jer revealed they moved out of your mom and also dad’s residence in the July 21 illustration of counting On.

“We had some travellers over, ours brothers, and they finished up cooking the enjoy the meal for us,” Jed quipped. “Me and Jer aren’t married, so us don’t understand everything about cooking. We’re gonna have to get far better at that. Or just obtain married. Among the two.”

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