I'm going to be drinking this weekend v some guys that have reasonably high tolerances. Ns rarely acquire drunk, however I do have actually a beer or two every night through dinner so my human body isn't fully unused to alcohol.

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I hear civilization say every the time about how lock downed 30 shots that liquor at a party, and also there room those videos on YouTube of people chugging entire gallons the vodka in like 30 seconds. Those amounts seem stunner to me but maybe I'm just a lightweight?

I to be 6'3, 155 lbs. How plenty of shots can I take and not risk dying? no that I'll target for that number, however I want to understand what limits to continue to be in.

Thanks for any kind of help!


downed 30 shots of liquor in ~ a party, and there room those videos top top YouTube of civilization chugging whole gallons that vodka in like 30 seconds.

This is a terrible idea.

Drink slowly, drink water, and also when you begin to feel uncomfortably inebriated, stop drinking. It's walk to depend on too numerous factors to give you a number.

Don't drive.

Forgot come mention, nobody of united state will it is in driving, there will be snacks yet no huge meals, and it will be over the food of 3 or 4 hours.

Depends on far too many variables.

How much you've eaten, just how much water you're drinking, the type of shots, ect. But really simply drink in ~ a comfortable pace. It's not a race, and everytime who sets the end to "drink a bunch the shots and test their limits" they typically have a poor time.

I'm a girl and 135 pounds and I to be seriously screwed ~ 7. I was mentally lucid, yet I wasn't able come walk well and I vomited. Simply listen to your body, pace them well, and also drink water if you get sick.

My Ex of 2 years was pressured come drink by part friends, woke up in bed through a male only remembering the she was crying and saying stop and not much of noþeles else and they're together now while I'm as with 'WTF?'.

Sooo yeah, be mindful OP. You might end up in bed v someone arbitrarily or finish up fucking someone else's BF/GF.

shots are negative in the matter, since you can drink then means too fast and also just an alert later just how much lock really influence you and that's no fun since you will be fairly drunk really sudden. If girlfriend really want to get drunk drink a shot, 보다 take your time drink a beer drink it slowly and also after the take the following one and tell them when you have actually enough, don't shot to drink as lot as they do. Mental you get as drunk together they do spending much less money. Source: I'm german

DRINK come WIN! no haha no at all. Have 3 drink then wait while to see how you feel, then store drinking slowly and also just be conscious of exactly how your human body is acting.

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Also, keep tract the how countless drinks you've had. If at anypoint you i do not know remember or can not to count that high, prevent drinking you've had actually too much. Also don't text anyone, cause it will more than likely be miscellaneous offensive.