Samuel Edison and Nancy Elliott Edison (Parents of Thomas)

Samuel Ogden Edison, Junior, was born on respectable 16, 1804 in Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada. His grand John Edeson (which they pronounced Ae-di-son) to be a Loyalist during the American change and left brand-new Jersey for Nova Scotia in 1784. Transparent his life Samuel readjusted work several times, from splitting shingles for roofs, to tailoring, to maintaining a tavern. At some point after his marriage, Samuel relocated the family members to Vienna, Ontario, where four of his seven children were born.

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Ironically, Samuel Edison was not as loyal to the brother crown together his grandfather. In 1837, he join the Mackenzie Rebellion, a revolt motivated by democratic activist william Mackenzie in the south of Ontario. As soon as the rebellion fail Samuel escaped come the united States, wherein he live for the remainder of his life. His wife and also children later adhered to him come Milan, Ohio (pronounced MY-lan), wherein they had three more children consisting of Thomas Alva Edison, your seventh and last child. (The other kids were: Marion, wilhelm Pitt, Harriet Ann, Carlile, Samuel and also Eliza. Carlile, Samuel and Eliza all died in childhood.)

American-born Nancy Mathews Elliott married Samuel top top September 12, 1828. She father had actually been a Revolutionary battle hero. Unlike her husband, she was a devout Presbyterian through some official education. She put that education and learning to good use. Once “Al” left school, she taught him at home. Thomas Edison later remembered, “My mom was the making of me. She to be so true, so certain of me; and I feeling I had actually something to live for, who I must not disappoint.”

Nancy experienced from symptoms of mental illness late in life. She died in 1871, when her child was 24. Samuel lived long sufficient to clock his youngest boy succeed. He managed the structure of the Menlo Park laboratory. 3 weeks after ~ Nancy Edison’s death, he began a brand-new relationship v his 16-year-old housekeeper, mar Sharlow. Throughout their two decades together they had three daughters. Samuel passed away in 1896 in ~ the age of 92. “I to be a grasp of smoking, drinking and gambling, ” that claimed. “I have actually smoked and also drank whisky moderately when I needed it, and also have known to let it alone.”


Mary Stilwell Edison (First wife of thomas Edison)

Mary Stilwell was born in Newark, brand-new Jersey top top September 6, 1855, the daughter the Nicholas Stilwell and Margaret Crane. In ~ his subsidiary, the News report Telegraph firm in Newark, Edison had noticed the 16-year-old punching perforations into telegraph tape. She married the 24-year-old inventor ~ above Christmas work 1871. Even on his wedding day, Edison returned to his laboratory after the awareness to work-related on the share ticker.

Sadly, Mary’s health and wellness deteriorated and also she passed away on august 9, 1884 at the period of 29.

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Mary and Thomas Edison had actually three kids in their 13 years of marriage. However, because none of castle had children of their own, there are no living straight descendants the Thomas and Mary Stilwell Edison.