Are girlfriend planning ~ above siding or residing her house, shed, or weekend getaway? Considering even if it is to carry out it yourself or hire the pros? If you’re wonder how many pieces of siding in a box and also how plenty of cartons you will do it need, we can help.

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The length and also width the the vinyl determine the number of pieces in a box. A carton of siding contains in between 14 and also 24 pieces and will covering 100 ft² or 200 ft². A box might contain twenty 6”x10’ lengths, twenty-five 8”x12’ pieces, sixteen 12”x12’-6” panels, or various other dimensions and also quantities.

In this guide, fine identify different sizes the vinyl siding, how many pieces room in a box, just how much a crate of siding will certainly cover, and also what a box will cost. We’ll additionally explain how to number out the quantity of siding you will do it need and also how to transform that come boxes, and we’ll work-related through some instances with you. This guide will assist you in calculating the rough price of a DIY possibility.


To estimate the number of boxes required, recognize the square footage of the surface to be covered. Some home builders take the perimeter the the building and also multiply it by the elevation of the walls, and then include the area that the gable ends.

Remember to find the linked surface area of doors and windows and subtract the from the surface area of the walls. It’s advantageous to sketch the building’s shape or what each wall surface looks choose and include the measurements as you gain them.

Siding ~ above walls longer than the sheet needs to it is in overlapped through an inch or more. If installing on hot days, include 3/8” to the overlap together the vinyl will contract as soon as it is cold. Additionally, over there is a waste factor of 10% come 15% depending on distances in between openings and also corners, and wall surface lengths. Most vinyl siding suppliers have a material calculator, but it still calls for the measurement information, therefore doing the calculations yourself is a an excellent start.

Once you have actually the surface area to it is in covered, have actually subtracted the area that openings, and added the 10% or 15% garbage factor, you’ll have a unstable estimate of square feet to it is in covered. Since siding come in boxes of 100 ft² or 200 ft², division the surface area by 100 or 200 to determine the number of boxes. Remember come round approximately the nearest complete box. Unless it is a special order, most retailers will certainly take undamaged returns.

For example:

A 24’x24’ 2 just garage through 8’ high walls, a hipped roof and also two 2’x3’ windows requirements siding.

The math: 24’ x 4 walls = 96’ x 8’ high wall surfaces = 768 ft²

2 garage doors 8’x7’ = 112 ft²

2 windows 2’x3’ = 12 ft²

768 ft² – (112 ft² + 12 ft²) = 644 ft²

Increasing the by 10% is 708 ft² and also 15% is 740 ft² (This also includes the overlap)

The unstable estimate would certainly be 7 or 8 box of 100 ft² or 4 box of 200 ft²

Vinyl Siding Calculator Square Footage

Calculating the square footage of vinyl siding calls for the size of each wall to be clad, less the area that the windows and also doors. Most suppliers offer online calculators to assist with estimates. Some providers also carry out the business for totally free in the hopes you’ll buy native them, while others charge for it and deduct the charge if you purchase from them.

When choosing an digital calculator, look because that one that calculates separation, personal, instance walls and also requires home window and door dimensions or area, not just the variety of openings, castle are more accurate. A great calculator additionally identifies extr siding components that will certainly be forced for the job too – an essential consideration if the color isn’t frequently carried.

How much Siding execute I require for a 1,200 Square Foot House?

The dimensions of the house, wall surface heights, home window and door openings, and roofline all add to the quantity of siding required. A 1200 ft² home may be rectangular or ‘L’ shaped, have countless combinations the dimensions, add to the wall surface heights might be 8, 9, or 10 feet. Gable end are regularly clad in the exact same siding, so likewise need come be included to the calculation.

Accurate measurements will produce better estimates, which method use a ice measure and don’t count on guesswork or eyeballing. Measure up the length of each wall and multiply by the height to it is in clad. Most 1200 ft² residences with 8’ walls selection from 1120 ft² to 1280 ft² of wall surface. Those with 9’ walls from 1260 ft² come 1440 ft². Gables may include another 80 ft² to 150 ft² too.

Patio doors, windows, and access doors don’t need to be sided, so space subtracted native the area to be covered. Again, mindful measurement is important. Each house is distinctive – although some subdivisions defy that assumed – so execute the calculations. A home with one entry door and also a 5’ patio door, plus conventional bedroom and living room windows might have in between 100 ft² and 150 ft² that openings.

Depending ~ above the wall heights and lengths, add to gable ends, less the area for openings, to add the 10% or 15% because that waste, a 1200 ft² house will require between 12 and 15 squares or 1200 to 1500 square feet of siding. It’s exciting to note that the 10% or 15% the the wall surface surface, the quantity you include for waste, cuts, and also errors after subtracting the area that the openings from the wall surface area, is pretty lot what friend subtracted because that the openings..

How lot Will Siding cost for 2,000 sq ft House?

A 2000 ft² house can be a single- or two-story structure, next or back-split, rectangular, square, or ‘L’ shame plan, or some various other configuration. The wall heights or elevations and lengths, plus gable locations determine the coverage required. Window and door areas are subtracted indigenous the coverage area, and also the 10% or 15% added on for cuts, waste, or errors.

The expense of siding for any kind of home relies on the area to it is in covered, the profile, and also the expense per square of that profile top quality which frequently runs indigenous $90 to $250 a square. A 2000 ft² structure might require between 16 and also 25 squares, which, depending on all factors, could variety between $1,440 ~ above the low finish to $6,250 or more.


The variety of pieces of vinyl siding in a box depends on the width and also length the the pieces. A carton commonly contains between 14 and also 24 panels and covers 100 ft² or 200 ft², or 1 or 2 squares, and also will price from $90 to $250 a square.

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Hopefully, you have a much better understanding of the measurements and calculations required to estimate just how much siding your job will require and also its cost.