Decisions, decisions! Not only do you have to make up your mind about which subject Tests to take, you likewise have to decision how countless Subject Tests to take.

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In this guide we"ll look in ~ the most important considerations as soon as signing up for subject Tests therefore you deserve to be confident about your choice.

UPDATE: SAT topic Tests No longer Offered

In January 2021, the College plank announced that, effective immediately, no more SAT topic Tests will certainly be readily available in the united States. SAT subject Tests finished internationally in June 2021. It is currently no longer feasible to take SAT topic Tests.

Many students to be understandably confused about why this announcement happened midyear and what this means for college applications walking forward. Read more about the details that what the finish of SAT subject Tests method for you and also your university apps here.

How plenty of SAT topic Tests must You Take?

This isn"t as an easy a concern to answer as you might think; there space actually multiple factors to take right into consideration. To do it straightforward for you, we"ll go over every the key questions you have to ask yourself.

#1: What carry out the Colleges You"re using to Require?

The most necessary factor in comment this question is the necessity of your colleges.Schools require zero, one, two, or three subject Tests. The most selective colleges usually call for two topic Tests. Georgetown is one exemption that involves mind - they want to view three.

Click right here to learn an ext about SAT topic Test Scores for the Ivy League and also other selective schools.

If a university asks for two, you most likely shouldn"t send along an ext than two. If you execute take an ext than is required, the college must look at your greatest scores. It will also consider your greatest score if friend sit because that the exact same test an ext than once, but that might show up less strong to admissions officers if they watch you took several tries to attain a specific score.

Besides that required variety of Subject Tests, you also need to understand if the colleges you"re using to have any details requirements or expectations for which ones you take. topic Tests requirements might differ by scholastic program. An engineering program, because that example, probably wants to view math and also science. Technical schools like MIT and also CalTech call for one math and also one scientific research Subject check to apply.

Check the end our an extensive list of all the colleges the require, recommend, or think about the SAT subject Tests here. Remember, as soon as a university "recommends," but does not need the tests, it"s still a great idea to take them! It reflects that you"re putting forth extra effort and challenging yourself, along with demonstrating your scholastic strengths.

Plus many colleges appreciate subject Tests as a rather objective measure up of your learning. While high college classes and grading systems vary across the country, the SAT and SAT topic Tests room a nationally embraced standard meant to check students" academic knowledge ~ above a level play field.

Once you"re confident about the demands of her colleges, you deserve to reflect on her strengths and also interests.

#2: i m sorry Subjects perform You recognize Well?

Are you intrigued by the procedure through which plants revolve sunlight right into food? do you love discovering about populace flows within an ecosystem? room word problems fun head-scratchers, or would you rather be reading Jane Austen and Mark Twain?

By the way, if friend answered "yes" to any kind of of the above, my subject Test referrals would be biological Molecular, biology Ecological, Math, and Literature, respectively!

Reflect ~ above what friend know, what girlfriend like, and also in what subject locations you can perform well. Subject Tests space your possibility to display that you"ve studied and gained significant knowledge in a details area. Choose wisely so that you not only get a high score to include to her application, however you also add another dimension to the story of who you are and what girlfriend like.

For more on this, examine out our professional guide: Which subject Tests have to You Take?

If you feeling you excel in several subjects, you might want to take 3 tests in sooner or later (the maximum, unless there room Listening exam involved). Then, time permitting, girlfriend can select your greatest scores and also send them follow me to her colleges. However, you don"t want to provide yourself unnecessary anxiety or rubbish time examining for a check you don"t need. When Harvard claims they want two tests, they want two - no four!

To discover what provides a good score for each subject Test, inspect out the full breakdown here.

Another important consideration in choosing and also preparing for the topic Tests is exactly how much time you can realistically devote to studying.


No should over-commit!

#3: just how Much Time do You have to Prep?

As I discussed above, there"s no have to over-commit yourself and also exceed requirements. Admissions police officers are liven looking at hundreds of applications. They want to watch the number they require or recommend: no more, no less.

Since you deserve to take up to 3 in one day, you may feel the taking three will advantage you. If that"s the case, make certain you have a kind study arrangement in place. girlfriend wouldn"t desire your prepare time come take away from studying for the general SAT, AP exams, or finals.

At the very same time, periodically Subject Test and AP prep so carefully align that you can kill 2 birds v one stone. speaking of all these various other tests you need to take, when must you right in the subject Tests, anyway? Click below for tips and strategies for choosing your SAT topic Test dates for 2015 and also 2016 and also planning an reliable study schedule.

To sum Up...

Just how numerous SAT subject Tests perform you have to take? Most selective schools require two topic Tests, but check with your college of interest to do sure and also find out about any unique instructions. Some colleges have certain tests in mind, others desire to check out a variety of subjects, and also others differ relying on the routine to which you"re applying.

While you may feel like no subject Test requirement method you"re off the hook, your school can still introduce them. For all intents and also purposes, let"s just analyze "recommends" together "requires." unless you have a really good reason or the tests present a jae won barrier*, you should still abide by her school"s "recommendation" and also send along your scores.

*If finances do it daunting for girlfriend to take the tests, speak v admissions officers and investigate whether you qualify for an satellite fee waiver.

What"s Next?

All the topics Tests space one hour in length, but the number and form of concerns you need to answer in the hour differ by test. because that a malfunction of exactly "how long" every test yes, really is, check out this article here.

For much more on the differences in between the tests, find answers to all her questions about "What space the SAT topic Tests?" here.

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Do you understand yet if you"re acquisition the sat or the ACT? This short article offers a complete technical break down of the differences between the two tests so friend can figure out which one is finest for you and your university applications.