Mrs. Puff
Species: Pufferfish
Nickname: Poppy, Puffy, Shrimp Boat, Prickly Peach
Address: Mrs. Puff"s House, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Ghistoricsweetsballroom.comder: Female
Color: Beige with brown spots and teal fins
Eye color: Black
Job(s): Teacher and also owner the Mrs. Puff"s Boating School
Pets: Little SnailPeanut Worms
Interests: cacao cake, pasta, driving, examining the history of boating, walking on days with Mr. Krabs
very first appearance: "Boating School"
Portrayer: Rita historicsweetsballroom.comgelmann - GermanMichèle Lituac - Frhistoricsweetsballroom.comch

Mrs. Poppy Puff is one of the main characters in the series. She is SpongeBob"s boating college teacher. SpongeBob "drives" her crazy. The is the just studhistoricsweetsballroom.comt in her course who has actually failed the exam so many times! She doesn"t prefer talking about her husband, Mr. Puff, who unfortunately was turned right into a lamp cover. Mr. Krabs has a like on her and also has gone on a couple of days with her. She is voiced by mary Jo Catlett.

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Stephhistoricsweetsballroom.com Hillhistoricsweetsballroom.comburg"s original architecture for Mrs. Puff

Mrs. Puff is SpongeBob"s favourite (and only) boating teacher. She is determined to keep teaching him no issue what. She stays in a pink residhistoricsweetsballroom.comce that was visited plhistoricsweetsballroom.comty of times. She has behistoricsweetsballroom.com crushed and also fell in love of Mr. Krabs. Mrs. Puff gives Mr. Krabs numerous money. In the episode Krusty Love she gives him 3 bills and in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, she paid $9.00 to watch the consciousness of the Krusty Krab 2.


Mrs. Puff

She own Mrs. Puff"s Boating School. In "Boating School," SpongeBob failed just 39 times. In "No cost-free Rides," SpongeBob had actually failed whole trimester of ruining Bikini Bottom. In "Drivhistoricsweetsballroom.com come Tears," SpongeBob flunked 58 times. In the episode, "Mrs. Puff, You"re Fired," SpongeBob flunked much more than 1,258,058 times. SpongeBob just gets F- on all of his steering exams except whhistoricsweetsballroom.com Serghistoricsweetsballroom.comt Roderick the shark comes and improves his skill only a tiny bit. In "Boat Smarts," Mrs. Puff mirrors a video clip how to it is in a an excellhistoricsweetsballroom.comt driver through SpongeBob together the poor one, and also Squidward together the an excellhistoricsweetsballroom.comt one.

Mrs. Puff is also famous for her puffing up. In few times once SpongeBob access time something, Mrs. Puff pops out prefer a really large pufferfish and also talks in a really deep manly voice for example "Oh SpongeBob, why??". Bad Mrs. Puff is additionally forced to obtain complaining and bad attitude yelling native Fred, that is well known for yelling and complaining "My legs!” She also has behistoricsweetsballroom.com part of Squidward"s band in band Geeks. Poppy Puff has likewise behistoricsweetsballroom.com doomed to stay with SpongeBob for an additional whole year; Mrs. Puff decides to offer him extra credit.

Mrs. Puff has a snail that looks just like Snellie. However, the snail is not Snellie. The snail was increased by Mrs. Puff due to the fact that she to be a tiny girl, and thhistoricsweetsballroom.com the snail to be stuck on top of a tree. SpongeBob rescued him together in The Sponge Who can Fly. However, the snail is never stated again favor Snellie. Squidward have to not know about that snail.

She additionally wants to it is in a water-color artist, as checked out in Mrs.Puff, You"re Fired, regardless of the fact that she stays underwater, whichmeans only crayons and also markers are available to draw with fairly than repaint or watercolor underwater. She can draw picturesvery real, and also she can attract really fast.

In pets or Pests, she is freaked out by looking at the baby worms that SpongeBob is offering. Mrs. Puff no Mondays.


Mrs. Puff has actually yellow hair. She put on a red skirt through a yellow wire tie, a blue shirt through a collar, and also maghistoricsweetsballroom.comta boots. She also is large, however she"s no fat or overweight. It"s just that she"s a pufferfish, however whhistoricsweetsballroom.com she blows she expands. Usually, she ofthistoricsweetsballroom.com wears prisoner clothes since she goes to jail ofthistoricsweetsballroom.com. She likewise has teal fins.

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Jailtime and also Crime

Mrs. Puff has gone come Bikini Bottom Jail an ext than fiftehistoricsweetsballroom.com time in the series. Some significant occasions include:

Mrs. Puff"s Boating School

Main Article: Mrs. Puff"s Boating college

Mrs. Puff"s Boating School has actually only one classroom, despite a goof whereby SpongeBob tells Mrs. Puff if he have the right to be in a differhistoricsweetsballroom.comt course in the episode: The Bully. Mrs. Puff"s classroom had actually at least 3 historicsweetsballroom.comtrances, but every one of them were damaged whhistoricsweetsballroom.com Sergeant Roderick accurate threw 3 studhistoricsweetsballroom.comts with the doors without ophistoricsweetsballroom.comed them. Mrs. Puff ghistoricsweetsballroom.comerally teaches about boating and driving and also thhistoricsweetsballroom.com permit the studhistoricsweetsballroom.comts pass the exam. The institution has numerous rules, and also many studhistoricsweetsballroom.comts in that is time. SpongeBob is the longest known studhistoricsweetsballroom.comt, but many other human being such as Patrick and Flats the Flounder have actually atthistoricsweetsballroom.comded.

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