Dragon Ball: The characters With The most Resurrections, Ranked From least To most Resurrections are a clip of Dragon Ball, one easy way to bring ago beloved characters who met your fates at the hand of one of many villains.

Resurrections space a staple of Dragon Ball, one easy method to bring back beloved personalities who met their fates in ~ the hand of among the many nefarious villains. There are times it"s overused, washing away what to be a very poignant and also meaningful moment, if on various other occasions it to be a necessity.

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The many surprising part of resurrections in the collection is how few times they"ve been used on villains. It"s practically exclusively a heroes thing as most villains often tend to fade off as soon as they"ve served their purpose (besides one) or end up transforming to the side of great as Vegeta and so many others have.

Both Future Trunks and also Kid Trunks have met their end once, one at the hands of Cell and the other from Buu once he go out up the planet. Future Trunks" death had far an ext of one impact, bring about Vegeta going all out against Cell and also solidifying their bond together father and also son. The latter fatality was an ext of one also-ran moment, a catch-all for Buu"s display of pure power. By that suggest in the series, you knew all the world who passed away were going to come back, making the entire display moot in the end.

Very couple of people got revitalized in the original series, understand Roshi being one of the only main characters to receive the therapy after the failed come seal Piccolo Daimao away with the Mafuba. This was among the first times the Balls had actually been provided to revive someone, make the minute feel earned. The second time he was brought back was throughout the Buu arc after gift turned to chocolate and also consumed by the pink blob, a far less stellar means to walk out.

no of Android 17"s revivals has had the exact same level of impact as few of the rather here. He never grandly sacrificed himself, no one did he have the typical turn right into a great guy moment as his other android did.

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His deaths come from Buu"s devastation of the planet and when cabinet died, as result of being inside of him. Thankfully, his personality goes with some pretty strides in Dragon sphere Super, do his revivals fine worth it.

7 Yamcha– 2 Times

civilization think the Krillin once they think of jokes in the Dragon Ball universe, but that location is always going to belong come Yamcha. Native Dragon ball Z onward, he"s treated as nothing much more than chump who can"t also get the dignity of being eliminated by the main villains. The Saibaman incident he was restored from gift the most notable moment. His 2nd resurrection came during the Buu saga wherein he to be snacked top top unceremoniously.

Forever underused, Tenshinhan has met his fate twice, among which was during the Saiyan saga throughout a fight that doesn"t get nearly enough credit for how an excellent it is. His last ditch effort versus Nappa after losing his eight was fantastic, virtually as an excellent as exactly how his partner met his end. It to be the minute where the soot of the collection truly ramped up. The 2nd time was a small less mainly as he"d fallen into sideline territory throughout the Buu saga.

5 Vegeta– 2 Times

couple of characters have had actually as poignant and also fitting deaths as Vegeta, proof the the overuse the Dragon Balls isn"t constantly a poor thing. The first time he to be brought back as was after Frieza killed him, letting the Saiyan Prince show his very first glimmer the good.

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The speech he gives before being put out of his misery is top-notch. Somehow, his self-sacrifice versus Buu is also better. It"s the personality coming full circle and also still one of the ideal moments in the whole series.

because that the main hero of the show, Dragon round Z go a great job that making goku fallible, having actually him shed fights and also even die on occasion (far from the case in Super). The an initial time he"s brought ago is ~ Piccolo takes out both him and also his brothers Raditz with Makankosappo in a step that allows you know the Saiyan arc was walking to build off the maturity that had actually been building since the Red Ribbon army arc. The 2nd time was after the sacrificed himself throughout the cabinet Games.

3 Chaozu– 3 Times

for someone that has never been much more than a next character, Chaozu"s had some pretty emotional send-offs, none more so than as soon as he go out himself increase to avoid Nappa. It"s a scene that"s highly underrated and still holds up well today. The wasn"t the first time he died heroically either. In Dragon Ball, he was taken out by King Piccolo just before he might wish the demon away. The 3rd time was a little more lackluster as it came with the Earth"s destruction at Buu"s hands.

because that as renowned a character together Piccolo is, the man dies an awful lot. 3 of the deaths have led come him comes back, once during the Buu saga and also twice while conserving Gohan. The an initial of those sacrifices was versus Nappa, solidifying not just that he was a good guy now together with the solid bond the had forgerd with Goku"s son. It"s a touching minute that for whatever reason they decided to rehash during the gold Frieza arc. The whole scene felt prefer it to be nothing more than pandering come the audience through nostalgia (just as many of the movie is).

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1 Krillin– 3 Times

If you"ve ever watched the collection at all, you know who was going to finish up number one top top this list. Krylin is forever the punching bag for numerous villains, a reality that plays out just around every arc the Dragon round Z. The main baddies constantly pummel him prior to Goku or someone concerns save the day. He"s downed through Tambourine (Piccolo"s son), blown increase by Frieza, and also eaten by Buu. The just villain that never ever seemed that interested in death him was Cell.

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