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x- and also y- Intercepts


An x-intercept the a graph is a allude where the graph the cross the x-axis. An x-intercept occurs at a point on the graph whereby the y-coordinate is zero, a,0.

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A y-intercept of a graph is a suggest where the graph the cross the y-axis. A y-intercept occurs at a allude on the graph where the x-coordinate is zero, 0,b.

A graph can have numerous intercepts, one intercept, or no intercepts. If the graph is the graph that a duty then it contends most one y-intercept, since the graph the a duty must pass the vertical line test and the y-axis is one such vertical line.

The graph that a function can have any variety of x-intercepts, including none and also infinitely many.

Click to location up come 5 clues on the Intercept Graph. A curve will certainly be interpolated with the points and the x- and y-intercepts of that curve will certainly be displayed.

x- intercepts

y- intercept

points ~ above the graph


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