What was Bruce Lee’s Diet Plan?

Bruce Lee’s diet mainly contained healthy Chinese food, protein shiver juicing and vitamin additional nutrition. According to his wife Linda Lee Cadwell, Lee started to take it his diet and also nutrition serious after he moved to the unified States. Bruce Lee’s human body depended an ext on what he didn’t have actually (body fat) and less top top what that did (muscles). The was key to his martial arts mastery and he refuse to fuel his body v junk food. Read on for much more nutrition info like the ingredient in a Bruce Lee protein shake, Bruce Lee food and Bruce Lee supplements.

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For the convenience of all Bruce Lee diet readers, links to buy modern-day equivalents that Bruce Lee nutrition supplements and also diet food indigenous Amazon.com have been included when appropriate. Every food, supplements and protein drink products provided below have an Amazon rating the at least 4 out of 5 stars.


Bruce Lee & Chinese Food

What was Bruce Lee’s favorite food?

Bruce Lee preferred Chinese or other asian dishes because of the variety of eastern cuisines. Bruce Lee’s favourite Chinese food dish to be beef in oyster sauce. He also ate shrimp or chicken with vegetables and tofu. For Bruce Lee, the larger amounts of rice, noodles and also vegetables often used in Chinese food room filled with more high-energy carbohydrates than western food sections that favor more fat and also protein. Return his diet mainly contained Chinese food, the was also fond that steak and, because that a time, ate liver as soon as a week. Bruce even went to McDonalds every now and also then. Inspect out the books listed below for Chinese food recipes and also cooking healthy and balanced meals.

Easy Chinese Recipes: family Favorites native Dim sum to Kung Pao

This 5 star Amazon.com the review Chinese food cookbook features over 80 great Chinese cooking recipes using ingredients discovered in local supermarkets. “Easy Chinese Recipes” is awesome because everything is clear and also every cooking recipes is conveniently accessible. This cookbook is very recommended for a Bruce Lee diet plan.


Mastering the arts of Chinese Cooking

This Chinese food cookbook showcases acclaimed cook Eileen Yin-Fei Lo’s step by step home cooking lessons. Features an ext than 100 standard Chinese food recipes.


Eat Chinese Food like Bruce Lee!


Did Bruce Lee Eat Meat? to be Bruce Lee a Vegan?

Was Bruce Lee a Vegetarian?

No, Bruce Lee was not a vegetarian or vegan. according to the standard Bruce Lee training book “The art of to express The human being Body” available in the Bruce Lee Books page, the ate steak, liver, shrimp, chicken and also beef. It is rumored the Bruce Lee ate a vegetarian diet for spiritual factors during quick periods that time, however he certainly ate meat.

Although Bruce Lee ate meat, he preferred vegetable-heavy Chinese food dishes. Bruce hated dairy and couldn’t understand why Western people ate cheese. He likewise used numerous vegetables in his protein shower drinks. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan trying to follow the Bruce Lee diet, over there are many non-meat protein substitutes you deserve to eat, like environment-friendly peas, beans, peanut butter and edamame, because that a modification Bruce Lee-type variation of a vegetarian diet.

Bruce Lee Diet arrangement Portions

Bruce Lee would typically consume four or 5 smaller meals a day rather of 3 huge meals. that would additionally eat fruit throughout the day to boost his metabolism. For extra energy in between meals, Bruce had actually his wife prepare congee, made by boiling rice come the allude of soup-like consistency, blended with organ meats like heart, kidney, mind or liver. Today’s bodybuilders have similar eating habits, eating around every four hours to ensure the body has a an excellent supply of nutrients to help build and also repair muscle tissue. Eating more often 보다 that is not good and deserve to put too much pressure on the digestive system, causing indigestion.


Foods Bruce Lee Avoided

Bruce Lee & Dairy

Bruce Lee walk not like dairy, therefore he supplied non-instant it is provided milk in his cereal and protein shakes. The non-instant selection of powdered milk supposedly has a greater concentration the calcium than other develops of powdered milk. Bruce knew he had to consume some kind of dairy, nevertheless of his taste for it, because of its muscle-building qualities.

Bruce Lee & Carbs

Bruce Lee avoided refined flour and baked goods, like cake or biscuits, describing carbohydrates as offering “empty calories” that did nothing for the body.


Bruce Lee Protein shake Smoothie Drink

Bruce Lee originally drank one or two protein shakes or smoothies a day, however stopped about 1970 to focus on developing toughness without bulk. When Bruce Lee did drink protein shower smoothies, he usually supplied wheat germ (or wheat germ oil), peanut butter, banana, eggs (sometimes with shell), brewers yeast (for Vitamin B and also releasing energy from carbs), Inositol and Lecithin supplements. Since Bruce hated dairy, he used non-instant powdered milk (which supposedly has a higher concentration of calcium than other creates of powdered milk) in his protein shakes instead of entirety milk.

His wife Linda recalls the he “drank his very own juice concoctions make from vegetables and also fruits, apples, celery, carrots and so on, all set in an electrical blender.” Bruce especially loved carrots, making use of them in fifty percent his drink to offset the bitterness that the parsley and leafy vegetables. The remainder that the shake to be split between other healthy and nutritious fruits and also vegetables.


Bruce Lee thought juicing enabled one’s human body to assimilate nutrients much more easily. The enzyme in juiced vegetables act as organic catalysts that rise both metabolism and also nutrient absorption. Bruce knew that many vegetable enzymes are destroyed when cooked, particularly in boiling, so he would certainly consume life veggies however he could.

Bruce Lee additionally used ginseng and royal jelly. They contain vitamins A, C, D, E, minerals, acetylcholine, plenty of amino acids and B-complex vitamins, consisting of a high concentration the Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and also Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), all good nutrients for Bruce Lee’s juice. Ginseng is often used in classic Chinese medicine to improve blood circulation, rise blood supply and enable for faster recovery time after physical exhaustion.

All ingredients in Bruce Lee’s drinks, smoothies and shakes would be mixed thoroughly in a blender.

Blend a Bruce Lee Protein Drink!

Ninja grasp Prep Blender

This Amazon.com top-rated 4 and a fifty percent star blender deserve to mince, dice, chop, blend and also puree something you deserve to throw in ~ it, also frozen fruits, when making any kind of smoothie.


Make a Bruce Lee Smoothie!

The various other Bruce Lee Drink

Bruce Lee regularly drank black tea, frequently with honey or sugar.

Drink a Bruce Lee Protein Shake!

Bruce Lee Diet and Supplements


Bruce was recognized to use the adhering to vitamins and supplements:

Magnesium Pills

Magnesium is just one of the body’s key electrolytes that participates in more than 300 reactions in the body, with an emphasis on those involved in energy production. They will also make friend piss more, because of this ridding her body the water weight and help your human body look more defined.

Nature do High potency Magnesium liquid Soft-Gels (400 mg, 150 count)



Inositol is discovered in many foods, specifically high bran-based cereals. It plays critical role in cabinet membranes health, particularly for the brain, bone marrow, eyes and intestines.

Jarrow recipe Inositol Capsules (750 mg, 100 count)



Lecithin is a fat mixture of glycolipids, triglycerides and also phospholipids. It is a vital building block of cell membranes. Bruce Lee believed lecithin boosts athletic power for trained athletes.

Now foodstuffs Sunflower Lecithin Soft-Gels (1,200 mg, 100-count)


Vitamin C

Vitamin C, is a potent antioxidant with increasingly diverse uses in health promotion and disease prevention. Few of the many uses incorporate improving physics endurance and also slowing aging.

Nature’s means Vitamin-C Capsules 1000 with climbed Hips (1,000 mg, 250-count)


Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is a mixture the the pollens choose up through bees together they fly from flower come flower. The is a well-known folk remedy for countless conditions, including sports performance.

Eden Pond Queen’s Magic bee Pollen Capsules (750 mg, 120 Count)

These necessary capsules likewise contain propolis (1,000 mg) and also royal jelly (1,500 mg).


Vitamin E

Vitamin E promotes heart health and also healthy circulation. The is additionally an outstanding antioxidant because that the immune system and skin.

Nature’s Bounty E-400 IU organic Pure “D-Alpha” Vitamin E Softgel Capsules (400 IU, 100-count)

Vitamin E promotes heart health and healthy circulation. It is likewise an impressive antioxidant because that the immune system and also skin. This softgels function the 100% natural “d-alpha” form of Vitamin E.


Garden the Life Vitamin password Raw Vitamin E (125 IU, 60-count)

If you feel choose spending a little much more money on entirely natural, untreated and organic ingredients, then examine out this Garden of Life vitamin E supplements that room raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, non-GMO and also contains no binder or fillers. They’re made of a probiotic and also enzyme blend together with a life organic fruit and also vegetable blend for added nutritional support.


Rose Hips (in liquid form)

Rosehips are packed complete of vitamin C and also other antioxidants, vitamins, and also minerals. They also contain a substance the fights inflammation.

VoilaVe Organics 100% Pure and Organic Rosehip Oil


Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is extract from the germ that the wheat kernel and also is an especially high in octacosanol, one exercise and physical performance-enhancing agent. That is also a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

Now foodstuffs Wheat Germ Oil Soft-gel Capsules (1,130 mg, 100-count)


Natural Protein Tablets

Protein is the building block the muscles and essential because that repair and also growth of muscle after ~ exercise. Research mirrors that protein consumed before exercise and within 30 minutes of finishing her workout will assist with growth and also recovery.

Nature’s Blend love husband Flavor Protein tablet computers (500 mg, 200-count)



Acerola-C is acquired from a tiny shrub indigenous to the West Indies. It is just one of the wealthiest sources of vitamin C and likewise contains vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and also bioflavonoids.

American health Super Acerola add to Chewable Berry Wafers (500 mg, 100-count)



B vitamins provide essential nutrient for the cardiovascular system. They encompass vitamins B-1 (thiamin), B-2 (riboflavin), B-3 (niacin), B-5 (pantothenic acid), B-6 (pyridoxine), B-7 (biotin), B-9 (folic acid) and also B-12 (cyanocobalamin).

Nature’s Bounty at sight B-Complex Vitamins through Folic mountain Plus (multi-mg, 150-count)

A keep in mind to Bruce Lee additionally readers:

The supplements the Bruce used were popular amongst bodybuilders during the 1960s and also early 1970s. Few of the health and wellness supplements in an original Bruce Lee diet may now it is in usurped by brand-new ones i m sorry produce far better results. Any kind of supplement can have side results if required to excess. Please carry out your own research before making any dietary changes and also consult a physician or licensed medical professional before beginning a load training or load loss diet.


Modern Supplements

For ours Bruce Lee diet reader who want more modern-day nutrition, below are 3 (3) extr supplements typically used by the today’s ideal athletes in your workout routines:

Please keep in mind that Bruce Lee walk not use the 3 supplements detailed below because they one of two people didn’t exist as soon as he was alive or there was no proof that he offered it. The three items listed below are simply presented below as modern-day supplements that are an extremely popular amongst gym rats choose Bruce Lee.


Clinically-proven, creatine aka creatine monhydrate helps acquire size and also strength as well as cut recovery time. Bruce Lee walk not have actually creatine about when he to be alive, yet most believe he would have used the in his diet.

Optimum Nutrition Unflavored Creatine powder (600g, 114 servings)


Omega-3 Fish Oil

Omega-3 are important fatty mountain the person body doesn’t create on its own. The aids the joints, heart, brain and eyes in addition to many more benefits.

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Nature do Omega-3 Fish Oil Soft-gel Capsules (1,200 mg, 300-count)


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential for solid bones and helps the human body absorb calcium native food.

Nutrigold Vitamin D3 Softgel Capsules (5,000 IU, 360-count)


Start taking Supplements because that a Workout boost Like Bruce Lee Did!

A note to ours Bruce Lee Diet readers:

Bruce Lee provided a wide range of exercises including weight training, body stamin training, circuit training, isometrics, ab workouts, stretching, diet and also cardio fitness. He offered the best training devices available to acquire that muscular Bruce Lee human body in his classic martial arts movies. Bruce Lee’s perfect body, wisdom, charisma and kung fu skill inspired books top top his life, viewpoint & martial arts!

Visit the Bruce Lee exercise homepage because that a complete break down on all the Bruce Lee training programs and workout routines. Workout like Bruce Lee!


Practice good Nutrition favor Bruce Lee using:

Supplements! Protein Shake! Chinese Food!