Extreme temperatures, bug bites, and also contracting perhaps life-threatening conditions like dengue fever are simply some that the worries the contestants that Naked and also Afraid have to face. 

The hit fact TV present on discovery Channel launched the careers of mightily effective survivalists like Laura Zerra, Jeff Zausch, or Suzänne Zeta. Needless come add, it also spurred a selection of fear stories. So, perform the contestants the Naked and Afraid get compensation for their efforts? exactly how much perform they make? 

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Naked and Afraid shows everyday people at their many vulnerable. 

Whether the be around keeping away from wild animals or trying to survive a night there is no being consumed alive by a swarm of overly zealous mosquitoes, the contestants of the present have come be prepared for the worst-case scenario at all times. 

There's no shortage of chilling urban legends detailing the tragic experiences some Naked and also Afraid stars had to go through. Yet so, perform they receive money in exchange for your efforts, or ...? 


Unlike the winners of Survivor, who obtain the handsome sum of $1 million, those appearing on Naked and also Afraid are much more likely come be urged by the possibility of gift able to live come tell the tale. It's understood that Naked and Afraid contestants don't receive any kind of prize money. Follow to a rumor, however, they can receive a stipend to get them v the 21 days far away indigenous civilization. 


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The production team likely covers the flights, two nights in a hotel, and $5,000 in cash to compensate for lost wages, together per Nicki Swift. 

As a casting director called Kristi Russell described in a ahead interview through Channel overview Magazine, some contestants likewise receive training prior to being sent to a mystery location with only a radio transmitter and also a bag to view them through 3 weeks' precious of intense mental and also physical challenges. 

"We offered them each the amount of training the they would require so the they would have the ability to survive the end there, therefore fire, shelter, and also water," Kristi said the outlet in a 2015 interview. "Those are the three basic survival tools that you require to need to have a chance, and that’s what we really concentrated on."