There is something about being in the sun and feeling the cool water on her skin that enables you come let loose, and also spending the job on a pontoon boat could be one of the ideal ways to obtain on the water.

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Most manufacturers permit you make the boat your own with a selection of sizes, seating configurations, and also other choices like water slides and fishing pole holders.

When searching for a brand-new boat, there are a lot of interesting things to consider, like exactly how you will spend your days on the water. You’ll additionally want come think about how lot the watercraft weighs, particularly if you plan to tow your boat.

I’ve researched the weight of a few pontoon boat models tocome up through the answer, so friend don’t have actually to.

How lot Does a Pontoon watercraft Weigh?

How lot does a pontoon boat weigh? between 1,382lbs. And also 6,801 lbs., not including a trailer and depending ~ above the model.

Why is load important, though? one of the key reasons load is necessary is for towing purposes. Every car has a border to what that is able to tow, set by the manufacturer.

Staying well listed below the border will aid keep you, and others, safe on the road. We room going to go over every the elements that get in a boat’s load – dry weight, gear and fuel, trailer weight, and also gross trailer weight. By the end, you should have a great understanding of what assorted pontoon watercrafts weigh.

Avalon undertaking Fish – 14 Ft.

Avalon has actually been production pontoon watercrafts for a long time and also they have substantial lineup offering watercrafts from 14 Ft. Come 27 Ft. With alternatives in virtually every price range.

Even in their undertaking line, lock have watercrafts from 14 Ft. Come 22 Ft. Fishing features on the venture Fish 14 include rod holders, a live well, and plenty that room to actors from, and plenty of storage for your gear.

Dry load – 1,382 lbs. including a 40 HP outboard, despite a smaller outboard would decrease the weight.Gross Trailer weight (GTW) – approx. 2,232 lbs.

SunTracker bass Buggy 16 XL – 16 Ft.

The SunTracker bass Buggy 16 XL has a 16 Ft. Deck that’s 8 Ft. Wide, offering good stability while friend cast. There are additionally two fishing chairs ~ above the bow, pole holders, and a live fine so you deserve to keep your capture fresh till you get ago to the dock.

As among the many affordable pontoons top top the market, this is a good option for an entry level boat.

Gear and also Fuel load – approx. 340 lbs. The SunTracker comes through a smaller fuel tank (6.6 lbs.), maintaining onboard load to a minimum.Gross Trailer load (GTW) – approx. 2,355 lbs.

Crestliner 180 acceleration – 18 Ft.

Crestliner has actually been roughly for a long time, and the watercrafts they develop stay around and reliable because that years. Crestliner build both v-hull boats and pontoon boats, all out of aluminum.

They pride themselves top top building watercrafts of the best quality that will last because that years in some of the “harshest of waters and the worst weather conditions,” follow to their website.

The 180 Sprint has actually a couple of configurations obtainable – either four captains chairs and a lounge in the rear or 2 captains chairs and a lounge in the bow and stern. There are also options because that rod holders and live wells if the boat is going to be offered for fishing.

Dry load – 1,672 lbs. including 40 HP outboard. Over there is the alternative to have actually up to 75 HP, which would rise the load by about 100 lbs.Gear and Fuel load – approx. 335 lbs. The 180 Sprint has actually a 6-gallon fuel tank, maintaining the fuel load to just 36 lbs.Trailer load – approx. 630 lbs. because that a solitary axle galvanized trailer.Gross Trailer weight (GTW) – approx. 2,637 lbs.

Lowe watercrafts Ultra 200 Cruise 20 Ft.

With space for 11 people and also plenty the under-seat storage because that the gear you carry on board, the Ultra 200 Cruise could be simply what you are searching for in a pontoon boat.

At simply under 20 Ft. This watercraft offers comfortable seating through lounges in the bow and also the stern, many of room to move around, a 4 rung swim ladder, and a large platform on the bow.

Dry weight – approx. 2,020 lbs. including a 40 HP outboard. If you to be to go v the max HP for the boat (115 HP), the dry load would boost to 2,170 lbs.Gear and Fuel weight – approx. 340 lbs. The Ultra 200 Cruise has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank maintaining fuel load low. The rest of the weight is based upon other equipment you might lug on board.Trailer load – approx. 780 lbs. because that a solitary axle galvanized trailer.Gross Trailer load (GTW) – approx. 3,140 lbs.

Sylvan Mirage Cruise 822 LZ – 22 Ft.

Sylvan has devoted itself come the pontoon boat market since 1948 and also has positioned itself together a leader in the market. They have been innovators due to the fact that the beginning and also their commitment come excellence has kept them around.

The Mirage Cruise 822 LZ uses spacious wrap approximately seating in both the bow and the stern and two captains chairs in the middle, with plenty that room to move around. You will be ~ above the water in comfort and also style top top the Mirage.

Dry weight – 2,417 lbs. V 115 HP outboard. If girlfriend opted because that a smaller outboard, the dry weight would be less.Gear and also Fuel load – approx. 530 lbs. through a 38-gallon fuel tank, the fuel load on this watercraft will be greater than on some of the various other models we’ve looked at.Trailer weight – 890 lbs. for a solitary axle galvanized trailer.Gross Trailer load (GTW) – approx. 3,837 lbs.

Godfrey AquaPatio 235 SDB – 24 Ft.

Godfrey is another builder it is been roughly for a while and has committed themselves to building some the the ideal pontoon boats on the market. The line up indigenous Godfrey supplies a couple of more extravagant models, choose the AquaPatio 235 SDB, as well as more standard pontoons.

This watercraft includes every the conventional lounge seating you discover on other pontoons, it likewise has an upper deck, complete with water slide, and also a solid surface bar optimal with bar stools.

Dry weight – 4,502 lbs. consisting of a 425 HP outboard, the max because that this boat. Less HP would certainly power this boat well, and you might save numerous hundred pounds top top the dry weight.Gear and also Fuel load – approx. 670 lbs. – includes 270 lbs. The fuel.Trailer load – 890 lbs. for a solitary axle galvanized trailer.Gross Trailer weight (GTW) – approx. 6,062 lbs.

JC manufacturing Sporttoon – 26 Ft.

JC production is the designer and also builder that high-quality pontoon and also tritoon boats.

They have an nearly all in-house construction process where they design and also build many of their components in-house, an interpretation they have much better control over the quality of what they create than manufacturers that depend on outside suppliers.

The Sporttoon is built for speed and also performance and also has a architecture that certainly records the eye.

Dry load – approx. 3,742 lbs. including a 300 HP outboard.Gear and Fuel weight – approx. 794 lbs. with 294 lbs. Comes from the load of fuel and the rest coming native gear. There is room because that 16 human being on this boat, therefore the gear weight could include up quickly.Trailer weight – 1,160 lbs. for a tandem axle galvanized trailerGross Trailer load (GTW) – approx. 5,696 lbs.

Bennington maritime 30 QX SB – 30 Ft.

Bennington naval builds several of the best-looking pontoon boats on the water. Bennington offers high-quality materials and also they incorporate fiberglass where other pontoon manufacturers would opt for aluminum (i.e. The walls approximately the deck).

They likewise do a great job of making every little thing on their watercrafts flow seamlessly together, letting friend know every little thing was excellent on purpose. The 30 QX SB (Swing back) also has a rear-facing lounge top top the stern.

Dry weight – 6,801 lbs. including twin 450 HP outboards. 900 HP is the max HP, however less would push the watercraft through the water easily, and also you would shed some of the dried weight.Gear and Fuel load – approx. 1,000 lbs., with about 500 lbs. Coming from fuel.Trailer load – approx. 1,300 lbs. for a tandem axle galvanized trailer.Gross Trailer weight (GTW) – approx. 9,101 lbs.

Final thoughts

When it concerns the weight of a pontoon boat, there is a lot of variation and also a lot that goes into calculating the exactly weight. Discovering just how much your boat weighs will assist when it comes time come tow her boat.

Some that the watercrafts we talked around can be towed behind a smaller sized vehicle, yet others will call for a bigger truck or SUV come tow castle safely. Once it involves towing, the number you want to know is the gross Trailer weight (GTW), the total of everything on the trailer.

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Your automobile will have actually a maximum GTW the is able come tow that will be stated in the owner’s manual. Stay well below the max and you must be okay.

Choosing the right watercraft for friend will assist maximize your time ~ above the water. Get out there and also have fun making memories!