Nintendo consoles have actually been around for decades, indigenous handheld come on the large screen — yet how do the weights compare?

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A collage of near up images of the Nintendo Switch and also DS
selecting the "best" Nintendo console is a spatu choice, but what if we went in a various direction? rather of ranking just how to feel around the Japanese video clip game giant's history, it's time to affix something much much more tangible: just how much castle weigh. That right, it's time to collection nostalgia aside for an objective, albeit cheeky concept.

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weight matters much more or much less for the consoles below. No one appreciated trying come travel with the digital Boy if anyone was unfortunate enough to try. While the weight of most consoles never adjusted anyone's mind, the low weight of the original video game Boy blew simply as numerous minds on release as the does today.

A supervisor Mario brother Game and Watch handheld console
The lightest Nintendo device weighs .07 kg (.15 lb), and it's likewise the company's an initial handheld. The game & clock brand launched in 1980 and also sold 43.4 million devices until it ceased manufacturing in 1991.

The product got its surname from video game designer Gunpei Yokoi since it included both a watch and also a game on its LCD screen. After ~ generations the making play cards, this breakout hit set the Japanese firm on its trailblazing path.

A picture of a GameBoy Color
The video game Boy color weighs .14 kg (.30 lb), and also it introduced in Japan in October 1998 as component of the fifth generation the consoles. Nintendo made the handheld till March 2003 and also sold 118 million devices of this and also the original.

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that is most famous game (Pokemon Gold and also Silver) sold over 23 million units approximately the world. While girlfriend still wouldn't want to play this one in a dimly lit room, this maker helped the handheld market leap toward the new millennium.

A picture of a video game Boy Advance
The game Boy breakthrough also weighs .14 kg (.30 lb), and it released in Japan in march 2001. Nintendo do the handheld until 2010 in phibìc America and sold over 81 million units.

The GBA didn't reap the exact same sales together its predecessor because it came at a hefty price v some questionable style choices through its engineers. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't have its fair share of hidden gems because that retro video game collectors.

A picture of the original game Boy
The original video game Boy weighs .22 kg (.49 lb), and also it introduced in Japan in April 1989. Nintendo drained this rock until it reached the last drop the blood in march 2003.

when it's no the video clip game giant's an initial handheld, it proved that a portable gaming system might not only thrive however smash ahead records. The game Boy is the proof of concept for an entire industry today.

The 3DS weighs 23 kg (.51 lb), and also it launched in Japan in February 2011. After ~ its huge unveiling in ~ E3 2010, Nintendo make the handheld till 2020 and sold 75.77 million units.

while it's a hard console with numerous merits and also a great collection of limited edition designs, the novelty of the 3D effect didn't wow enough people to convince them the price of entry to be worth the hard-earned cash. Once Nintendo manages to create a handheld an equipment that screens 3D pictures for the naked eye, human being will look ago fondly in ~ this device.

The DS weighs .28 kg (.61 lb), and it launched first in phibìc America in November 2004. Nintendo made the handheld v 2013 and sold a staggering 154 million units.

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While many would have actually written off handheld consoles entirely before its release, the Japanese company proved when again the it fills a need civilization didn't understand they had prior to they introduced a new product. A brand-new generation the people, both young and old, rediscovered the joy of quality mobile gaming v this device.

The Nintendo switch lite weighs a breezy .28 kg (.61 lb, and also it launched in September 2019. While it hasn't took pleasure in the exact same success together the original, it marketed 10.37 million units by September 2020.

A cheaper variation of the handheld the doesn't dock paid off for Nintendo during the last couple of vacation seasons. While it's a transition maker between console generations, it meets the right require as lengthy as the games you want to play room compatible.

The switch weighs .29 kg (.66 lb), and it launched in many of the human being in march 2017. Speculation swirls in 2021 around a possible "Nintendo switch Pro" notice after marketing over 70 million consoles around the world.

Skeptics doubted the wisdom of creating a hybrid device, but no one can deny the threat paid off big for that is creator. It's tough to imagine a human being where Nintendo didn't blaze its route through the critical console generation v this gem that a device, and there's plenty to look front to in 2021.

The online Boy weighs .76 kg (1.67 lb), and it launched in Japan in July 1995. This infamous flop the a "handheld" console thankfully ceased production the following year.

Nintendo is known for releasing commodities ahead of your time, however this black sheep of the family members arrived long before the technology was ready. The digital Boy was a rare misstep for a firm that takes pride in its top quality control.

The supervisor Nintendo Entertainment system weighs .96 kg (2.12 lbs), and it very first launched in Japan in November 1990. Nintendo contended with Sega with this lover console native the 16-bit era come the 32-bit generation.

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The SNES sold nearly 100 million units before its discontinuation in 2003. When the NES changed the video clip game see forever, this console regulated to conquer its competitors and make everyone miss the 90s also more.

The Nintendo 64 weighs 1.09 kg (2.42 lb), and also it launched first in Japan in June 1996. It sold 32.93 million units an international before its discontinuation in 2002.

Nintendo's an initial 3D console didn't perform practically as well as its Sony counterpart, however it remains a historic and also beloved item of video clip game background nonetheless. The stubborn refuse to move past cartridges cost the beloved video clip game agency and this console suffered since of that choice.

The Wii weighs 1.2 kg (2.7 lb), and it launched an initial in north America in November 2006. Nintendo discontinued the massively successful residence console v 101.63 million units sold.

The video game large proved the its insistence on doing things their method pays turn off in the end, even if they may not compete too with its last generation the innovations. The Wii catapulted Nintendo ago into home video clip game relevancy v a fun design that withstood the test of time.

The Wii U weighs 1.5 kg (3.3 lb), and also it released in phibìc America and also Europe in November 2012. While it didn't reach digital Boy level of infamous notoriety, the didn't sell well at only 13.56 million units.

Nintendo mainly failed to market anyone beyond its loyal pan base ~ above the merits that this console the deserved an ext love than it received. The building blocks of the Switch's success are on full display, however unable come take advantage of the opportunity.

The Nintendo Entertainment device weighs 2.27 kg (5 lbs), and it first launched in Japan in July 1983. The NES marketed 61.9 million units, and also it ongoing to it is in made until 2003 in the land of the rising Sun.

Nintendo verified that the previous video clip game crash was only an possibility for the right company with a top quality product to step up and seize the market. As Atari faded, the Nintendo Entertainment mechanism rose the end of the ashes to make an entire world fall in love through gaming.

The GameCube weighs 2.4 kg (5.3 lb), and it first launched in Japan in September 2001. If it got a confident reception indigenous critics, fans didn't gain behind it as lot at only 21.7 million devices sold before its discontinuation in 2007.

Nintendo suffered from being as well "kid-friendly" during this generation that consoles and lost the end to grittier titles the took advantage of arising technology. While the company finally relocated away native cartridges, it wasn't prepared to let walk of its tight on younger audiences and forgot come pay attention to its enlarge fans.

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