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Just curious reason I heard 50 come 70 ish pounds. Is that right, because the horsepower difference is precious the extra pounds if that"s the case?

straight line? yes the large block putting out the exact same hp/cubic inch will outperform the lighter small block. If you"re in search of the ideal weight distribution, that"s a different story.
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There is around a 100 lb difference. However, if girlfriend furnish the huge block with aluminum heads, it will certainly remove around 70 pounds. Climate you deserve to put ~ above a mini starter (-14 lbs), aluminum flywheel (-12 lbs) and also aluminum water pump (-8 lbs). Of food you have the right to go even further come take turn off weight however with just these mods, it will currently be simply as light as a stock little block but with much an ext power potential. The ZL1 was even lighter than an iron tiny block due to the fact that of the aluminum block. One original big block with iron heads and also intake, etc. Weighs a ton. There are plenty of ways to take weight off the front finish so don"t be at every concerned around weight distribution. My "68 is significantly lighter 보다 a small block vette and also I have actually a 454 in it.

as SADISTIC stated the usage of components like aluminum water pumps,aluminum entry manifolds,headers vs iron exhaust manifolds, aluminum headscan considerably reduce the load differance in between the two engines,and an all aluminum bbc can quickly weight much less than a share iron sbc and even useing an iron block and mostly aluminum components the large blocks weight is typically vastly over rated, the much better flowing heads obtainable and potentially far larger displacement allow a well built bbc to run circles approximately a sbc.the only real advantages a sbc has is the smaller size allows much more engine compartment room around the engine to work-related on it and include acessories and its lot cheaper to build if your only looking to obtain into the 400-500hp range, but once your exceed around 550hp the price differance fads fast, by about 600 hp the bbc beginning to be the far better bargin, and also over the , you will do seldom/if ever before see a sbc cost less 보다 a bbc constructed to the exact same power levelsnow I understand you did not really ask, but you might want come look at this,its a previous short article on an every aluminum bbc, its a turbulent idea still needing careful parts equivalent checks, prior to finalizing Corvette Dream engine, the principles to acquire 700hp before the giggle gas injection, feel complimentary to allude out potential problems its still a turbulent draft idea at this suggest TALL DECK 4.5 boring Block #083111 heads #020750-4 …….345cc intake solitary plane dominator style crank 4.375 hit hard roller electronic came lifters rockers pistons RODS/ 6.8” eagle dominator carb, 1150cfm 500hp nitrous straight port injection oil pan yeah, that is a 14:1 cpr 555 bbc, yes the pistons space .058 out above deck ,unless machined, if the decks at minimum, they will certainly be tradition fitted or changed with practice made
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