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Just curious reason I heard 50 to 70 ish pounds. Is that best, bereason the horsepower difference is worth the added pounds if that"s the case?

straight line? yeah the massive block placing out the very same hp/cubic inch will certainly outperform the lighter tiny block. If you"re looking for the ideal weight distribution, that"s a different story.
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Tright here is around a 100 pound difference. However before, if you furnish the big block with aluminum heads, it will remove about 70 pounds. Then you have the right to put on a mini starter (-14 lbs), aluminum flywheel (-12 lbs) and also aluminum water pump (-8 lbs). Of course you can go even even more to take off weight however with simply these mods, it will certainly now be simply as light as a stock little block however through a lot even more power potential. The ZL1 was even lighter than an iron little block because of the aluminum block. An original massive block via iron heads and intake, and so on weighs a ton. Tbelow are many type of ways to take weight off the front finish so do not be at all pertained to about weight circulation. My "68 is significantly lighter than a small block vette and also I have actually a 454 in it.

as SADISTIC pointed out the use of parts prefer aluminum water pumps,aluminum intake manifolds,headers vs iron exhaust manifolds, aluminum headshave the right to substantially mitigate the weight differance in between the two engines,and also an all aluminum bbc can conveniently weight less than a stock iron sbc and also useing an iron block and also mostly aluminum components the huge blocks weight is typically vastly over rated, the much better flowing heads obtainable and perhaps far larger displacement enable a well built bbc to run circles approximately a sbc.the just real advantages a sbc has actually is its smaller size allows more engine compartment room around the engine to job-related on it and include acessories and also its much cheaper to develop if your just looking to gain into the 400-500hp range, yet once your exceed around 550hp the price differance fads fast, by about 600 hp the bbc starts to be the much better bargin, and also over that , youll seldom/if ever before see a sbc cost less than a bbc developed to the exact same power levelsnow I recognize you did not really ask, yet you can want to look at this,its a previous short article on an all aluminum bbc, its a turbulent concept still needing mindful components equivalent checks, before finalizing Corvette Dream engine, the ideas to gain 700hp before the giggle gas injection, feel totally free to point out potential difficulties its still a stormy draft concept at this suggest TALL DECK 4.5 bore Block #083111 heads #020750-4 …….345cc intake single aircraft dominator style crank 4.375 stroke solid roller electronic camera lifters rockers pislots RODS/ 6.8” eagle dominator carb, 1150cfm 500hp nitrous direct port injection oil pan yeah, its a 14:1 cpr 555 bbc, yeah the pisloads are .058 out over deck ,unmuch less machined, if the decks at minimum, they will be practice fitted or reinserted with custom made