Are girlfriend curious exactly how much a gallon of repaint weighs? Stick approximately as we will certainly share the answer in this article.

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Planning come freshen up your walls by repainting them? Eyeing to conduct a creative art job that will show your artistic skills?

Before friend start any of these, purchase gallons of paint is the first thing you’ll have to do.

However, this is likewise where the problem starts. If it’s easy to select what color you’ll it is in using and also what brand you will do it be purchasing, knowing how much paint you’ll it is in needing could present a challenge.

You must likewise take the load of the paint right into account, depending on how you plan to transport the paint you need.

In this article, we will look at both political parties of the equation: how to determine just how much repaint you need, and how lot that repaint will weigh.


Normally, paint is measured in gallons. In local stores, you can usually acquisition them in differing sizes, with one gallon and also five gallons being the most typical you are likely to see.

However, the load of the repaint depends totally on what type of repaint it is.

In bespeak to determine the weight of paint, you need to know the particular gravity of that particular form of paint. Certain gravity is a compare of material to water. Some paint manufacturers perform the specific gravity the their paint on the label.

If they’ve excellent so, you deserve to then uncover the weight by multiplying by 8.345 to discover pounds per gallon.

If friend don’t feel choose doing the math, though, right here are some of the most usual paint species and their weights:

Latex Paint: 11.3 pounds every gallonAcrylic Paint: 11-12 pounds every gallonOil-Based Paint: 6.7 pounds per gallonEnamel Paint: 11 pounds every gallon

Of course, all of these dimensions still rely on the brand, this are just estimates.

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The Bottom Line

Ready to begin your painting mission? even if it is you merely want to offer life come your inner or plan to express yourself with massive wall art, knowing exactly how much repaint you have to be purchasing and how much that repaint will weight will help prevent suspending your work simply to go earlier to the nearest hardware come buy an ext paint, or do multiple trips for all the repaint you need.

Skip the feasible mishaps and give a good guess top top the number of gallons you need for the job. Depend on the calculations pointed out above! i hope you appreciated our explanation of how much a gallon of paint weighs. Cheers!